AMC Update Thursday 9/12/02

All My Children Update Thursday 9/12/02

By Glynis & Suzanne
Proofread by Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Mia talks to Liza, telling her that Adam is coming home.  He will be there that very day with Colby.  How does Mia know that?  Liza thinks that maybe Mia has some information that she didn't share.  Liza suspects that Mia has been talking to Adam behind her back. She asks her the question point blank.  She really would like an answer to this question, as she has been trusting her sister and telling her things that she wouldn't want Adam to know.  What if Mia has been talking out of turn?  What if she has been divulging secrets to Adam about her?  Mia is tired of taking sides.  Liza tells her that Adam is going to make her choose sides.  Mia is going to choose Colby, as someone needs to put her first.  Liza knows now that she is a traitor.  JR comes in and he and Liza get into a stupid argument.  Adam comes home to find them all bickering.

A woman comes into the hospital asking for Dr. Hayward.  She is on a stretcher and needs cardiology help right away. She is out of breath and clutching her chest as she speaks.  Joe knows that David doesn't have privileges at that hospital anymore and he tells the woman that. The woman needs a cardiologist and will have no one else but David.  Maggie is around the corner and she hears what the woman is saying.  She knows that David would help if he could, but he isn't even in the hospital and it is clear that Joe isn't going to call him.  She calls David and tells him that there is a woman there asking for him to come and help her.

Anna is home looking at her sonogram when a knock is at the door.  It is Tad and Jake.  They have information to tell her about David. Tad tells her that David went to Baltimore for some reason after the crash.  Then he came to Pine Valley in a car.  He might have passed the crash and found Maria, who should have been dead from the crash.  They think that David may have experimented on her.   They have no evidence that he did any experimentation on Maria. She needed surgery at the time and transfusions and the hospitals didn't take in anyone like Maria.  That means that David stole Maria's life.  What can she arrest him for?  She was on death's door and then she lived alone for 5 years by herself.  Some of the statutes for these crimes have expired. She is looking for options, but they don't have any.  Jake has to get back to the hospital and he leaves.  Tad wants to look at the other options that they have.  She shows him a sonogram. She wasn't supposed to be able to have another child but that is wrong.  How ironic.  She was never afraid of complicated things. When she was pregnant with Robin, things were never perfect, but she had her daughter and that was the best decision that she had ever made.  To hell with David. She is going to have that baby.  Tad makes the suggestion that it would be best if David could get put away until her child is an adult.  She wishes that were true...  Later, David comes home and finds Tad there.  He is suspicious.   She lies that they have an airtight case against him and he'll get a stiff sentence.  So she suggests that he flee now before he gets prosecuted.

Maria is at the hospital and Mateo is trying to help her.  She doesn't want help from Mateo.  Aidan tries to stop Mateo from freaking her out.  Edmund comes into the hospital room wondering what is going on.  Maria is dressed and ready to go.  Edmund demands to know what is going on.  Mateo tells him that Maria wants to leave.  Maria is used to being on her own. She wasn't like that before but she is like that now.  Aidan thinks that she needs some privacy.  She is only dying to be alone.  Edmund, Mateo and Aidan leave her alone in the room.  Outside, Mateo decides that he needs to leave now.  He goes and Aidan asks Edmund if he would like to have a coffee.  Edmund only wants to know more about the man.  Does he have a job?  Why is he here all the time?  Aidan tells him that he is only a friend.  Edmund asks him point blank.  Are you sleeping with my wife?  He explains that he found her in the park and she was a wreck.  Most guys would leave her there, but not Aidan.  He is her friend and he is trying to be the best one that he knows how.  Edmund asks him to back off and let him spend some time with his wife.  Her family cares for her and Edmund loves her.  She has no idea that she needs them, but they need her and he knows that she needs them. They had a full and happy life and he would like her to have that back.  He asks Aidan not to stand in the way of that and fight it.  Aidan says that he will stand clear of her, but he needs Maria to know that he is still there for her as she may not be able to find her way out.   Jake comes in and tells Maria that she is healthy but he wants to run more tests to find out why she has amnesia.  She doesn't want to, but Edmund pleads with her to do it for the children, so she agrees. They chat a bit and he admits that he asked Aidan to give them some time alone. She goes out to get some air and runs into Opal, who overwhelms her with chit-chat.  Then Opal lets slip that Maria was a great doctor, which shocks her.  Meanwhile, Edmund tells Mateo that he fears that one more thing will push Maria over the edge and they will never get her back.

Opal comes to Kendall's door to drop off Petey.  Kendall is with JR and she doesn't want Opal to see her with JR.  Kendall stalls opening the door.  She puts JR in the back room telling him not to breathe.  Kendall goes to the door and finds Petey there with his mother.  Petey comes in and wants to play hide and seek.  Kendall has some activities for him scheduled in the apartment.  Opal tells Kendall that she wouldn't let Kendall take care of the boy if it weren't for Palmer.  Opal tells Petey that if he needs her for anything, he should call her right away.  Opal heads out the door and Kendall gladly closes it behind her.  JR comes out and Petey asks her if she baby-sits everyone in the family now.  Kendall tries to change the subject, but Petey won't let her.  JR tells him that he is not in need of a babysitter.  Kendall says that JR is helping her with tile. She gets this idea from looking at a magazine on the table.  She says that Opal is critical of her and so Kendall didn't want her to know what was going on.  JR knows that this is time for him to go.  Petey tells him, "See ya around."  JR leaves the apartment and Petey tells her that he knows that JR wasn't laying tiles. She says that JR was really helping her.  Petey knows that there were making out.  There is a knock at the door.  JR slips out while Palmer arrives.  Petey blackmails Kendall into giving him $50 so that he won't tell Palmer about her and JR.  He lies to Palmer that she is teaching him French.

David arrives at the hospital to learn that his patient is in the hospital.  Joe tells him that he can't work on the woman in the hospital. He has wrecked his career, but Joe isn't going to let him pull the hospital down with him.  He has the security guard take David out of the hospital.  Maggie stops the exit of David for a moment to talk to him.  The guard gives them a moment.  Maggie wants some answers.  The things that Joe has been saying about David's career seem to be true.  He tells her that the medical genius in the family doesn't have to end with him.  Maggie is shocked at what he is saying.  Does he know?  He says that he does know. She tells him to do something.  Soon she realizes that he is talking about her being the medical genius in the family and not Anna's baby. She knows that Anna isn't happy with him but she wants him to go to Anna and fix things.  He tells her that Anna is not happy with him and he can't fix things.  She has thrown him out of her life.  Maggie will not accept that.  She tells him that he is wrong.  He's surprised at her determination.  She talks about things being better now.  He can see that there is something going on with Anna that he doesn't know about.  He asks her.  "Is there something going on with Anna that I don't know about?"  Maggie covers and says that she doesn't know anything, but suggests that David follow the advice he always gives her, to follow his dream.

Tad finds Aidan in the hospital and introduces himself.  He asks him if Maria ever told him anything about David that might help them put him away.  Aidan tells Tad that David brainwashed Maria and told her that she had killed someone.

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