AMC Update Tuesday 9/10/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/10/02

By Glynis

Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Kendall is in her robe when JR comes to see her with a bouquet of flowers. When she answered the door, she wasn't expecting to see his rosy little face. Man, this boy must have it bad for her. She is terribly surprised as she thought that she had made it clear to him that nothing at all was going to happen between them. Yes, they kissed and yes, it was nice, but nothing is going to come from it. It is clear from the look on his face that he doesn't share the same idea of ending things with her. All he says is 'Hey!' She says 'Hey!' back to him. He tells her that the flowers are for her. The bouquet is huge. It must have cost him everything that he has. He gives them to her and she invites him in. She seems beautiful to him with her shocking pink shorty satin robe. Even first thing in the morning, she is something to behold. She offers to let him in so that he can have breakfast with her. She offers to make some coffee bragging that hers is the best in the world. He doesn't really care about breakfast, but he accepts her offer. He just can't stop thinking about her and tells her so. She knows that she better get dressed if they are to have any sort of discussion with a level head, and she walks into her bedroom to change, leaving him to wait.

Bianca comes to see Maggie. She knocks on the door to see her and when Maggie comes to the door, Bianca can see that something is terribly wrong. Her face is practically down to the floor and so are her spirits. Maggie tells her that she is leaving this stupid town today. She already has her suitcase packed and is putting more and more things into it as Bianca watches. Bianca tries to find reasons for Maggie to stay. Maggie doesn't want to stay. Everything has changed for her now. David is gone now. He had built her up so much with hopes and dreams of them all being a family. Now she knows that will never be. Maggie explains what David did to Maria. He knew that the woman was alive and he sat in the audience and watched Edmund marry Brooke. He had contact with Maria for years and didn't tell anyone. He took advantage of her not having her memory and kept her running and hiding from everyone. That changes how she feels about him, even though he was good to her once. Bianca didn't know all this and is shocked to hear it all. David is gone and Anna has enough problems right now, Maggie feels. Bianca thinks that she should stay at her home. In spite of what has happened to Maggie, this is her home and she owes it to everyone to stay there and be with them as that makes her happy.

This isn't home to Maggie, she says. It is just another stopover in her life. David is gone and Leo is married and she is sure that Anna wants to get rid of her. Now that David is gone, why would Anna want her hanging around?  The marriage that they were to have was going to bond Anna and Maggie together and now that is gone, too. Anna doesn't need the constant reminder of David hanging around. Bianca doesn't believe that. She knows that Anna loves to help people and that she wouldn't let Maggie go if she knew what the girl was planning. Maggie thinks that she has been an idiot believing in David and his hopes and dreams for their family. He forced her to buy into his fantasy and he is the one that has abandoned it. Bianca reminds her that she has a friend. She will always have Bianca. Bianca thinks that Maggie is all that she could ever want in a friend and she doesn't want to lose her. Bianca reminds her that when they split nachos, Maggie gives her all the hot sauce and that is what being best friends is all about. The example isn't that great, but Maggie knows what she means. Bianca wants nothing from her, but that she sees that she has made a life for herself and she shouldn't turn her back on that. Bianca is going to help her, even if it means patching up her freaky family for her. Maggie wonders if Erica would freak out if Maggie called her mom. She laughs at that idea. Maggie decides to go and wash her face as she has been miserable all morning and knows that she must look a mess. After she leaves the room, Bianca heads to the phone and leaves a message for Tim to come and see them. She turns around and finds Maggie standing there. Maggie is angry. Why doesn't Bianca keep doing that to her? Every time that she turns around, Bianca is forcing her to get with Tim. She doesn't need Tim or anyone. She starts packing again. Bianca knows that she has made a terrible mistake once again, but she only did it because Tim is a friend. She wasn't trying to fix them up like before. Tim has been kind but he is not what Maggie needs right now. She knows that now. She is not in for the Tim show right now. All he wants to do is laugh his way through life and she isn't interested in that. She is not going to do this with him.

Edmund is alone and he raises his head to see Brooke standing before him. She wanted to be gone before he got back but she is still there. She fell asleep putting the kids to bed. She turns to leave and he stops her. Is that all that she has to say? She is still trying to understand what she did herself. He thinks that she will never understand what she did. She opens the door to leave and the press start taking her picture and hurling questions. Tad arrives and Edmund pulls Brooke back into the house. Tad closes the door. He is there to check on Brooke. She can't take this anymore. She has to get out of there. She goes running out into the crowd. Tad closes the door behind her. He asks Edmund. Is this how it is going to be? Tad pleads with the man to see Brooke's side of things. Edmund thinks that Brooke and Tad in fact defrauded him. He thinks that Brooke would do anything to get what she wants. Does he really not love her anymore? He has to defend her. She made a mistake that was colossal. Edmund knows that she knew what she was doing. Tad asks him how many times has he done something that needed to be forgiven. Edmund assures him that this will not be forgiven. Tad thinks that she has given everything that she has to this man. Edmund tries to walk away but Tad grabs him and tells him that the only reason that Maria is there is because of Brooke. Edmund almost killed his brother once. He knows what Brooke is feeling. He shouldn't just turn his back on Brooke forever.

Brooke is home now and she goes to her room and gets a bag to start packing. Jamie comes in and asks her, "If you are going away, what happens to me?"  She stops and stares at him. She was going to tell him that she was leaving.

Leo and Greenlee are talking to an old couple in town where they have been caught making out in their limo. They feel that Leo and Greenlee have violated some laws of the town and the man happens to be the law keeper and will not tolerate such behavior. They were seen in town making love in a car and consequently busted. Leo explains that Greenlee is a goddess and he couldn't help himself. Leo knows that the law man knows what it is like to love a good woman. He looks over to the man's wife as he points this out. The woman is shocked by the young man and his boldness in talking to her husband. The minister will not admit to Leo's suggestion as that is none of his business. The minister wouldn't embarrass his wife this way by admitting that he tried to get a quick one in a place that wasn't properly designated for that purpose. The man orders them to stay there until they are arraigned by a judge. Greenlee is not going to stay in this jailhouse. These 2 blue-haired creatures are not going too tell her what to do. All she did was have some intimacy with the man that she loves. So what?!!! She tries to walk out and makes it all the way to the door before the law man warns her that the next step that she takes is going to put her into a cell. She stops dead in her tracks not sure if she should take the challenge or not. Leo stops her from leaving saying that they never meant to embarrass anyone with their actions. The minister tells him that they are not used to that behavior in this town and they are not going to tolerate it. Leo explains that Greenlee has just lost her father, and that his mother tried to kill her, so they were just seeking some happy time together. There was no harm to the things that they did together. The man sees how someone could be frustrated by Greenlee though. No wonder the young man's mother wanted to off her. Leo will not tolerate talk like that about his true love and tells the man so. The law man doesn't apologize to Greenlee, but he lets the mudslinging slide by. Leo offers to work this out another way. He digs in his pocket to get some money and the man warns him that he is opening another pot of trouble by doing that. The law man is above the law and taking a bribe is unlawful. Leo didn't help anything with his offer. It is at this point that Leo and Greenlee learn that the man is a minister. Even though they are already married, they offer to marry again, making the act in the car a little more understandable to the old couple. Finally, a way to work things out.

Kendall is back and dressed and she starts making coffee for herself and JR. He didn't mean to barge in. She tells him that they have to act like the night before didn't happen. They were both feeling low and that was all it was. He knows that they kissed, but they can still be friends and hang out he thinks. She is still stuck on Ryan, but he would like to just hang out with her once in a while. He looks down at the floor and sees a man's running shoe on the floor. He picks it up. You have a boyfriend? Already?!  She smiles quietly to herself. She tells him that the shoes belong to her roommate, Trey. That is all. He feels stupid for overreacting. He really does believe in her. He thought that she was going to be with Ryan forever, but Kendall is not good with forever. It still hurts her to talk about him. Ryan never cared about JR's screw ups and he made JR feel like he really matters. Ryan had a way of doing that. Kendall acts the same way towards him too. JR never felt as connected to anyone as he did to Kendall the night before. They connected the night before, but she is not going to let it go anywhere else. He has embarrassed him, but she is so beautiful. She thanks him for saying that. She finds him adorable, but no matter how good this felt, it is never to happen again.

Leo and Greenlee renew their vows with an old couple as witness and minister. They skip the traditional stuff and get to the love and cherishing as long as you both shall live. They both say their I do's. They kiss and it is official again. Leo gets so carried away that he kisses her much longer than necessary. The old couple leaves the room happy that the couple really loves each other. Leo is going to spend every minute loving her, he tells her. They are never going to be apart again. They are going to have nothing but adventures from now on. The old woman gives them a basket as a gift. She tells them that they can slip away right now as their wedding present if they do it without the old man coming back to be paid. Leo and Greenlee are thrilled that she is being so kind to them. The woman asks about David and Anna as this couple married them long ago. They felt that David and Anna were a couple that showed great love for each other and they hope that has continued since they said their vows to each other. Leo and Greenlee pause before giving a report on Anna and David, and then they say that they are doing just fine.

Edmund and Tad talk about Brooke. Edmund has taken a hard edge on this deal and seems to be staying that way. Tad would have liked it if Edmund could have made things easier for Brooke, but so far he has not been able to do that for her. Edmund is sure that Tad is going to be right there for Brooke if she needs him. He has always thought that Tad had an extra soft spot in his heart for her. He gets a call from Brooke who says that she is going away. Tad is very concerned about that, as Brooke has been dealt with very hard and she hasn't been dealing with all that has happened to her very well. He is not sure that she should be alone at this time. He demands to know where she is going, but she refuses to tell him. She will not tell him where she is going but wants Tad to take care of Jamie for her. Of course Tad will take care of the boy. He can tell that she really needs to go and that he probably can't do anything to stop her from leaving. Edmund listens on to Tad's end of the conversation disinterested. Edmund can guess what is going on. He knows that Tad is talking to Brooke. He has not much more to say about her decision. He is dealing with it the best way that he can.

Brooke wants to make sure that her son is okay with her leaving town. This is something that she has to do. He doesn't fully understand her leaving him this way, but there is nothing that he can say to change her mind. She has suffered greatly by what she has done, and he has too. He only wants her to promise to come back to him. She loves him and that will never change, she wants him to know this. She promises him that they are going to be okay later on. He hugs his mother and is very close to tears over her leaving him this way. There is nothing else for him to say to her. Suddenly, he rushes from the room. The emotion is too much. She asks herself what has she done to her son. She feels that she has destroyed everyone that she loves with her selfishness.

Maggie and Bianca talk and Bianca apologizes for trying to get her with Tim again. She only did it to show Maggie that there are people around town that love her. She shouldn't leave town now. Some things have gone wrong in her life, but that can be dealt with. Maggie has been freaking out about David and Anna and she wanted to get out of town, but Bianca stopped her. The break-up between David and Anna really left Maggie hurting and not believing in family once again. Leaving is all that she has ever done. When things get bad, she just moves to the next place to start over. She thought that getting a clean fresh start was all that she wanted, but then she met Bianca who made a difference in her life. Maggie tells her that her dad left her and her mother was in a bottle, so she never really had a family. She learned that the best way to go was solo in life. That was how she survived all this time. Maggie against the world. Works for her. Bianca has changed her mind to leave with all her talking and she can see that. Maggie realizes that if she puts Anna and David aside, she feels safest with Bianca. Maggie says that she has to stay as she is the only friend that Bianca has. Maybe if she tells herself that she is doing this for Bianca, she will feel better. The first time that Frank heard that Bianca loved her, she freaked out, but when you love someone, you should tell them, Bianca feels. Bianca loves Maggie and that is just the way that it is. She means that as a friend by the way. Maggie knows what she is trying to say and she isn't worried about it, but is Bianca worried about it? Bianca is only worried that Maggie may walk out the door. Maggie asks her to help her unpack. Of course, Bianca is going to help her friend. What are friends for?

JR and Kendall have a discussion about being together as a couple. She thinks that he is a major hottie and some girl is out there for him. She is sure that she is not the one for him. He has to understand this. She knows that he likes her but that doesn't matter. He thinks that nothing matters but them being together. She reminds him that she messes up people's lives and she doesn't want to do that to his life. JR thinks that his life can't get much worse than this, so he is willing to take a chance on Kendall. What more could happen to him? She knows that she is capable of a terrible disaster, and that he isn't thinking straight as he will probably run to the hills to get away from her. She tells him that they can be nothing more than friends, no matter what. He still isn't ready to accept that. He tells her that he has to go, but he would also like to tell her that her coffee is lousy. They laugh over that. She thanks him and kisses him on the cheek. He is such a sweet boy to her. She finds it adorable that he wants her for his girlfriend. He quickly moves his face into a position so that they are kissing on the lips. She tries to pull back, but he has her firmly in his grasp.

Edmund is alone now and he picks up the picture of his family that Maddie has drawn. There is a mommy, daddy, brother and sister. All the figures have been named. The mommy has originally been labeled 'Brooke' but now has been stricken out as the mommy, and Maria's name now sits at the bottom of the mommy figure. He takes the picture and heads to the stairs to sit and think of the mess that his life is now.

Brooke is alone and ready to go on her trip now. She has packed everything that she thinks that she will need, and she takes her bag and takes one long last look at her room before she leaves it for a good while. She shuts out the light and walks off leaving the door open.

Leo and Greenlee are in their car and they contemplate taking off. They look at the signs before them announcing that this is the way to New York. To New York it is. They drive off.


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