AMC Update Monday 9/9/02

All My Children Update Monday 9/9/02

By Lori

Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Trey is demanding a nurse to look for Vanessa. Joe walks in the hospital room and tells Trey that he will get an explanation later as to Vanessa's whereabouts. Later, Trey is asking another nurse about Vanessa and Joe tells him to stop harassing staff. He says if he wants answers, he has to talk to Chris Stamp.

Greenlee is banging on the windows of the limousine demanding to know where she is being taken. Leo opens the window and tells her he was stealing her away as a romantic gesture. Greenlee is not amused. She says she has been the target of kidnappers her whole life and this freaked her out. Leo says he was looking for a way to keep their marriage from going stale. Leo's cell phone rings. It is Trey telling him that Vanessa is still missing and the police have not been called. Greenlee grabs the phone long enough to hear that Vanessa is missing. Leo takes the phone back and asks Trey to keep him informed. Greenlee is worried now that Vanessa is missing but Leo promises to protect her. Greenlee decides to drive the limo, saying it's her turn to kidnap Leo. As she drives, Leo can't stop kissing her. "You asked for it," she says as she pulls over. As they start to have sex in the back seat, someone knocks on the window and says, "Knock it off you too. You're busted."

Chris knocks on Kendall's door and says he has some news. She jumps to the conclusion that Ryan is coming back. Chris says he's sorry to disappoint her, but Ryan is not coming back. He's there to talk about the fire that destroyed Erica's home. He says he knows the motive of the arsonist was to get his Proteus files to find the missing money. Kendall says it is because of him that she lost Ryan. If it weren't for his files, she wouldn't have been charged with arson. Chris tells her that she would have broken Ryan's heart anyway. Kendall opens the door for Chris to leave but first he tells her he needs her to help him. Trey is coming home and hears Chris tell Kendall that she needs to tell him anyone who has had access to her apartment. Trey walks in and tells Kendall not to answer that. He's still her lawyer and she shouldn't give him the chance to ruin her life again. Kendall tells him he is only asking about the fire at Erica's house. Trey turns his attention to Vanessa, telling Chris that she's escaped and he knows where she is. Chris says she's being held on a federal warrant as a material witness. Chris tells Trey he'll tell his mother he's worried about her. Chris again tells Kendall to start thinking. She must remember that whoever set the fire set her up. Kendall tells him she'll try to think. After Chris leaves, Trey warns her not to help Chris. He walks into another room and Kendall has flashbacks about Trey telling her that her lighter was found in the fire. "Oh my God. It was you, Trey," she says to herself. "You set me up."

David is passed out and tied up in a chair in a room at the Pine Cone Motel. He awakens and finds Aidan standing over him. David calls him a psycho. Aidan refers to himself as a domestic terrorist. Aidan tells David he cost Maria five years of her life. David insists he saved Maria's life and gave her back decades she would have lost. "What about Anna's life?" Aidan asks. He has ruined her life as well. Aidan picks up a hammer and David asks what he's going to do. Aidan says he is trained to stamp out evil. He flings the hammer toward David, who screams, but the hammer hits the table. Aidan then unties David and tells him to get out of town. David says he'll leave town if Anna wants him to. Aidan grabs David by the throat and threatens him.

Tad is talking to Jake and Anna about David, and he wonders if any clues have been found in Maria's file. Anna tells him to let her know what he finds out. Tad tells her he wants to track David's whereabouts after Maria's plane crash. Anna tells him that she'll make sure David pays for what he's done. Maggie hears Anna from across the room. After Tad leaves, Maggie approaches Anna and asks if David is going to jail. Anna says he probably will. Maggie tells Anna she should try to save David. She asks if he knows she's pregnant. Anna says she hasn't told him and she urges Maggie not to tell. She hasn't decided what she's going to do. Maggie decides she needs to get an explanation of David's behavior from David. She goes to his room at the Valley Inn and sees him packing a suitcase. She tells him she has heard everyone else's side but his. David says it doesn't matter if anyone hears his side. But he says he stands by what he did. He tells Maggie to take care of Anna and he walks out. Anna comes to the room just in time to see him leave.

Maria thanks Brooke for saving her daughter during the crash. She says that night she gave Brooke her daughter and now she's given her back. Brooke says Edmund deserves the credit because he's been the perfect father. Edmund tells Brooke that Maria is right. He says they can't thank her enough. Brooke leaves and runs into Isabella and Mateo, who want to see Maria. Isabella asks why Brooke was in her daughter's room. Brooke just walks away. Jake tells them that Maria is fine, other than her memory loss. Isabella wants Jake to tell Maria that her mother is there. Jake asks Maria, who tells him that she won't know them. But she says they should come in because they've waited long enough. Isabella breaks into tears at the sight of her daughter. Mateo watches in what appears to be stunned silence. All he can say is, "We've missed you." Maria tells Isabella that she knows her. She says she remembers hearing her in the mausoleum. Isabella says that now she knows nothing is impossible. Maria seems overwhelmed by their attention, and Jake says that they better leave for now. Isabella resists but Mateo tells her they can come back later. After they leave, Maria tells Edmund that they are all strangers to her. Isabella breaks down in the hallway as Mateo questions Jake about Maria's memory. Jake says he doesn't know if Maria will get her memory back. Isabella sees Aidan approach Maria's room and wonders who he is. Edmund walks out and allows Aidan in. Edmund tells Isabella that Aidan is a friend who is comforting to Maria right now. Maria is glad to see Aidan, a face she remembers. He tells her she needs to relax and sleep. She says she'll only wake up to face the strangers tomorrow. "Those strangers and me," he tells her. He leaves and Maria goes to sleep. Jake and Frank bring Sam and Maddie to Edmund, who is standing outside Maria's room. Maddie says she wants mommy Brooke to take her home. Edmund asks Brooke if she minds taking the kids home and Brooke agrees. Edmund looks in on Maria as she's sleeping. "I love you," he says. "We will love each other again."

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