AMC Update Friday 9/6/02

All My Children Update Friday 9/6/02

By Lori
Proofread by Nicole

Greenlee and Leo are discussing David's latest legal problems. Greenlee can't understand why he would not tell anyone that Maria was alive. Leo says he thinks David is actually sorry for what he's done, but he gave him permission to walk away from him and that is what he's doing. He says if someone had kept Greenlee away from him for all those years, he would never forgive him. Trey knocks on the door and Greenlee tells him he must prove that he's not playing them for suckers. Leo says he wants Trey to lead them to Vanessa's drug money. Greenlee explains that Leo needs the money so he won't be charged as an accessory in Vanessa's crimes. Trey says he has no idea where the money is but suggests that he and Leo work together to find it. Trey says if he finds it, maybe the district attorney would go easy on him once it is discovered he stole a man's identity. Leo and Greenlee agree, and they all shake on the deal. Leo and Trey decide to go talk to Vanessa.

As they open the door, Simone is there. Greenlee says she invited her. Leo can't understand why Greenlee would invite Simone over. After all, they hate her. Greenlee says she hopes to patch things up with Simone. After Leo and Trey leave, Greenlee says all she wants is for Simone to tell her everything she knows about Trey. Simone says she doesn't know much. But one thing stands out, she says. Trey seemed accident prone. She says he would return home limping with bruises. Once he had a bad burn on his hand and he wouldn't discuss it, she says. Greenlee thinks this is not very important information, and says thanks for nothing. She wants Simone to leave, but Simone is hoping they can go to lunch tomorrow. Greenlee tells her to forget it. The phone rings and Greenlee is called into work. She says a car is being sent for her. She escorts Simone out.

Edmund goes in to see Maria, who is talking with Aidan. Edmund says he doesn't want to push her. Maria tells him she's not rejecting him but Aidan accepts her for who she is now. Edmund tells her she is free to have a friendship with Aidan. Aidan refers to Maria as Maureen, prompting Edmund to tell him to call her Maria. Jake walks in and tells them that there is no evidence of brain trauma. Edmund says he hopes that means that she will get her memory back. Jake says it's possible her memory may never return. Edmund tells Maria that he will hire every specialist possible to help her.

David is berating Brooke in the hospital lobby for concealing the fact that she knew Maria was alive. Tad is defending Brooke, who stands speechless. Tad says David did something far worse, prompting David to say all he did was save Maria's life. Tad turns to Brooke, calls her sweetheart, and tells her to find Edmund and Maddie. David takes note of the "sweetheart" remark, and says he guesses Tad's feelings for Dixie are dead and buried. He is dishonoring Dixie by going after his ex. Tad shoves him.

Anna is talking to Dr. Clader about her options. She says she had wanted the baby but now with her marriage in shambles she is not sure what she wants. She says she doesn't feel emotionally prepared to make any decisions. Dr. Clader tells her that they'll meet tomorrow and discuss options. Anna asks him not to say anything about this to David. Anna finds Tad and David arguing in the hallway. Tad tells Anna that David has Maria's medical file in his hand. Anna takes it, gives it to a nurse and orders it be locked up. David objects, saying that he's Maria's doctor. Jake approaches and tells David that he's no longer on staff at the hospital. David insists on a hearing before the board. Anna says the board has already ruled against David, upon her recommendation. David asks Anna why she has turned on him. He wonders how she can dismiss everything that they mean to each other. He thought that she was coming around to his side. Was she giving him false hope. Anna says now he knows how she feels. Aidan walks up as the two are fighting and he tells David to back off. David tells Aidan to back off. Anna tells David that she will pursue a divorce and she walks away. Aidan follows and tells her that David will tear her life apart just as he has done to Maria.

Brooke finds Maddie and the little girl hugs her and calls her mommy. Later, Brooke goes into Maria's room. She apologizes for interrupting but says Maddie needs attention. Maria angrily asks Brooke what she has done to her daughter. Brooke says that Maddie is simply confused and afraid that her angel mommy is going to leave again. Maria wonders why this is any of Brooke's business. Edmund tells Maria that Maddie was asking for her mommy Brooke and he called her. He says he'll tell Maddie the truth about him and Brooke when the time is right. Brooke says it would help Sam and Maddie if they were allowed to see Maria.

Maria is scared just before the kids come to visit. When they arrive, she reaches out to Sam and asks if he remembers her. He says she still smells like flowers. Brooke is holding Maddie and tells Maria that she's sorry it took so long to bring her back where she belongs. Maria tearfully hugs Maddie. Maria tells her children that they are probably wondering why she was gone so long. She says she was in an accident and was hurt badly and was lost for awhile. She says she wasn't gone because of them, and Edmund tells them that she never stopped loving them. The kids show Maria some drawings they made. Maddie asks Edmund if they can keep both mommies now. Edmund says whatever the kids want to call them, both will always love them. Maria tells her children she'll never leave them again. Edmund leaves with the kids. As Brooke prepares to leave, Maria stops her, saying that they are not finished.

Jake and Tad are talking about David and Maria's medical file. Tad wonders why David wanted the file. He says David keeps talking about how he saved Maria, but he doesn't say how he saved her. He wonders if there's something secret in the file that David doesn't want anyone to know.

Trey and Leo go to Vanessa's room and find that she is gone. Leo goes to find security and Trey hauls a nurse into the room to show her that Vanessa is missing. Outside the hospital, Aidan attacks David from behind, causing David to pass out.

Greenlee is in a limousine being driven to work, or so she thinks. She can't see the driver, who is hidden behind a painted window. But she notices the driver isn't going to work. She demands to know where she is being taken.

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