AMC Update Wednesday 9/4/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 9/4/02

By Glynis
Edited by Nicole

Kendall has just kissed Aidan for no good reason. He knows that she is the most self-centered person that he has ever met. She is always playing games with him and he doesnít like it. She thinks that he is attracted to her and keeps playing games to prove that to herself. She really made him angry this time.  She found out that he was keeping Maria hidden and she called the police and the press to make herself look good and to make him look like a kidnapper.  Anna didnít believe a word of it and Aidan was soon released but Maria took off and he has not seen her since.  He told Kendall that she wasnít even thinking about his kids.  Once Kendall had him alone, she kissed him and told him that she was sorry for what she had done.  She pretended once again and that makes him angry.  He canít stand her and she better play her sick games with someone else.  She kissed him but can tell that he liked it.  She feels that she can reel him in and out at will.  She starts talking about Maria and he doesnít like that.  She can see the attraction, but he tells her that she is way off base.  She is sure that the police will find Maria and then he will have to find some other babe who is in distress.  He thinks that she wants him to come after her.  He brings up Ryan, but she doesnít want to talk about him.  Why is that?  She should be afraid of him as she called him a kidnapper. She put a desperate woman on the run and he can see straight through her.  She used him to break into her motherís place, but this is a new low.  She should get over it as there are others that would like to be in her place in this world.  Ryan was willing to give her a break and she ran him around and now she has no one and that is her fault.  He turns and leaves her. She sits quietly on the park bench to think over what he has just said to her.

JR is showing Laurie his place. Liza said that he could live there and he is having full reign of the place.  She is impressed with his house as it is so big.  Her whole family could fit into this room alone.  He not only has his own room, he seems to have his own wing there.  He is not all that impressed with the place as she is.  A big house isnít everything in life.  He tells her that his father is on a fishing trip with his sister. He didnít go because he wasnít invited.  She thinks the he should stay with Tad if he isnít happy with Liza, but Tad hasnít been around too much, so going there to live at his house, doesnít really mean anything in the way of happiness, even though Tad is a great guy.  At her house, her family is crammed together.  She hates it.  She has no privacy and puts on her earphones to get away from her family.  He thinks that her house is cute.  He has seen it and it doesnít seem that bad from the outside.  Everyone is at each otherís throats all the time at her house, she says.  JR wishes that he could shut off the family sometimes like she does with her earphones. She is sorry that he feels bad about his life. She wishes that things were better for him.  She kisses him and he likes it.  Soon they are lying on the couch kissing.  Liza bursts in, ďWhat do you think you are doing?Ē  JR explains that he was giving a tour of the house.  She could see that he was taking a tour all right, but not of the house.  JR is embarrassed by her behavior.  She calls him junior and he hates that.  She tells him that he is just like his father.  She is shouting at him and carrying on for absolutely no reason.  She cares because this is her house.  She doesnít want him doing things that are of ill repute in her house.  She tells him again that this is her house.  He reminds her that this is his house and that is what she told him.  She is worried as he is a teenage boy and his hormones are in overdrive. He looks for a moment at Laurie with humiliation.  Liza will control what happens in the house and no one else.  He knows that she is just angry as she is mad as Adam and wants to take it out on him.  How does he know that, she wonders?  She learns that JR spoke to Adam after he left.  When?  Where?  Adam has been calling him privately to make sure that he is okay.  Liza had no idea that Adam was talking to his son at all.  Liza wants to know everything that Adam said to him.  What about Colby?  Is she okay?  He tells her that Colby is fine and that they are coming home soon.  She breathes a sigh of relief and sits down in the nearest chair. This really has been a strain on her.  He is glad that she is happy now, as the kid that she really cares about is coming home.  She wants him to understand that she really does care for him.  JR doesnít buy that she loves him as much. To him, the way that she feels is clear by her behavior. She only brought him there because she was upset that his mother died.  She didnít mean it in her heart that she loved and cared for him.  He is sure that she doesnít want him there.  He isnít going to believe her about caring for him anymore.  Why should he?  Look at the way that she acts.  He thinks that she really doesnít want him around and so he must leave.  She is shocked to hear him say that and would like to sit and talk to him a while about it.  She tells him that she shouldnít have said what she did. She admits that she has been taking her anger out on him because she is really mad at Adam.  He tells her that he is leaving and doesnít want to listen to this anymore.  He has nothing more to say to her.  He turns and leaves.  Laurie apologizes and follows JR out of the house.

David talks to the attorney that Liza has set up for him.  The man tells David that he will handle his criminal problems, but he will have to get someone else to handle his divorce.  David didnít realize that he was getting a divorce.  He better talk to his wife as soon as possible if other people know.  The attorney leaves and David tries to talk to Anna, but the officers will not let him through to her office. They advise him that he should just go.  No one wants to talk to him there.  He refuses to leave until he talks to his wife.  She hears him shouting and comes out of her office.  He turns and Anna is suddenly before him.  She can see that he has heard that she wants a divorce.  She doesnít want to be married to him right now or ever.  He asks her how she can do this to him?  He thought that she would surely be the one that would protect him.  This isnít about him she reminds him again.  A woman was kept from her family for a very long time.  She didnít have her memory and she could have gotten help years ago if it werenít for her husband.  He never stops to think about what he does to her or anyone else.  He lies to her and puts her job in jeopardy on a constant basis. She doesnít understand why he keeps doing this.  He is the monster that everyone says that he is.  God she has been such a fool.  That time that he went to Dixieís funeral and he was talking about loving Dixie in front of Tad, she though that he was just insensitive, but the truth is that he was intentionally cruel and evil.  He should have brought Maria back to her children.  That would have been the only right thing to do.  There is more to the story, but he will not fill in the blanks for her.  She could have gotten back to her husband, but instead  she was out there and all he can talk about, is how this affects him.  He doesnít care about anything.  She doesnít  know the whole story and she knows that he will not tell her the truth no matter what. He has made that painfully clear.  He thinks that he can get her to keep his butt out of jail, but this time, she is not going to do it.  They are on separate sides this time and from now on.  She canít even stand to look at him.  Here she is with a wonderful child in her belly and she canít even tell him about it.  He would only destroy that child too.  He only spews lies.  She thought that there was a shred of decency in him, but he has fallen short again.  He would like to explain but she tells him that she thought that he was a decent person.  He offers to move out and give her some space.  She only wants to hear the truth about Maria.  She wants to hear it from him now.  He tells her that he will tell her the truth, but first he has to know who is asking him the questions.  His wife?  Or the Chief of Police?  She tells him that she is not his wife anymore.  She is crying now.  It is over.  That is fine. Then if all that is left between them is legalities, then he will not say another word without a lawyer.  She asks him why Liza sent him a lawyer.  He tells her that he doesnít have to answer thatÖ.ĒChiefÖĒ  He walks away and Anna doubles over in pain.  She remembers when she found out that she was having a baby and she was so excited. She only wanted to get to David and tell him the good news.  Someone knocks on her door and Jackson walks in.  He knows that David was just there.  She is okay now.  He tells her that they have found Maria.  Anna jumps up to go and see her.

Laurie and JR are sitting in his car and talking.  She is okay with being alone with him now.  She would like to spend time with him, but it canít be about his stepmother, it has to be about them. She is going to give him a chance to prove how he feels about her next week.  They are in front of her house. She is worried that he is mad, but he assures her that he isnít. He is looking forward to seeing her again.  She gets out of the car and walks off.  He turns the radio to the news.  He hears that the search for Maria has ended.  He puts the music back on and listens to that for a while.

Edmund is at the hospital and Frank comes out to tell him that Maria is fine. She passed out and that is all that Frank can tell her.  Edmund tells him that he would like to talk to her, but Frank tells her that he shouldnít worry as they are going to take good care of her.  He leaves and Anna and Jackson appear.  Edmund tells them that Maria found him and doesnít remember anything.  She is very jumpy. Edmund was trying to make her remember the past, but she collapsed and he brought her there.  He was asked if she had taken any drugs, but Edmund didnít know. The Maria that he knows would never take any drugs, but he doesnít know her anymore.  Edmund wants to see her but he canít go in yet.  Edmund let her out of his sight once and he lost her.  Jackson knows that he isnít going to lose her.  Edmund will find Joe or Jake and see if they can help him.  Edmund runs off.  Jackson canít imagine what Edmund is going through.  Anna gets nauseous and exhausted.  Jackson sees that. He tells her to go and get some sleep.  They canít question Maria right now anyway.  She would love to go home, but she doesnít have one of those anymore.  Her home was a hotel room anyway.  He tells her to go to his place and he will call her if anything develops.  Her husband isnít a problem for him anymore.  She tells Jackson that the night that she was looking for David, he was over at Lizaís.  What is the connection there?  Is she in on this deal?  They donít even know what he did to Maria.  Edmund comes back saying that some tests are being run on Maria.  He has told Mariaís family that she is there and they are on the way.  Edmund runs off to do something else.  Anna thinks about Mariaís children and the precious moments that she isnít going to get back.  Jackson asked about the years that she lost with her daughter.  David knows what that did to her and he did it to another woman.  She screwed up.  She should have sensed that David was capable of doing this.  She had no idea that Maria was even alive. How could she have stopped this? She thought that she could have handled David, but she couldnít.  Jackson knew that this was a mistake from the beginning. She doesnít have to worry about him beating up on her as she is doing a good job beating herself up.

Liza is calling around looking for JR.  She knows that it was her fault that he left, but she would like to talk to him.  Someone is at the door.  It is David.  He comes in and wants to talk.  He has made bail thanks to Liza.  He tells her that the police know that she is the one that hired his attorney.  That means that the cops will be over soon to tear the house apart.  He wants his research back so that he can stash his evidence somewhere else.  She refuses.  She is going to get some control on the situation that David has brought to her feet.  He canít believe that she is doing this.  She tells him that the research is going to stay in her hands and it isnít going anywhere else.  He warns her that she doesnít want to get him angry.  He steps to her and tells her that he can be a very dangerous enemy.  She isnít afraid of him.  He sold her out to protect himself.  If she is going down, he is going to down too.  He thinks that he can stop them from being charged.  He gives her his word that if she gives him the research, he will make sure that Ö.  She doesnít want to hear it.  She tells him that she wants Adam to pay for the things that he has done, so she is going to make him help her.  David starts laughing. He shouldnít have underestimated her in the first place.  JR comes into the house and sees David there. ďWhat the hell is he doing her?Ē  First she yells at him and now she brings this piece of crap into the house.  David is the reason that his mother is dead and now her father has to deal with this guy into the house.  He even hurt Edmund Greyís wife. The sight of them makes him sick. He hopes that they are happy together.  He turns and runs off.  Liza canít seem to get through to that boy.  David warns her that kid better not open his mouth.

JR is in the park looking for a friend called Warren.  Kendall comes out of the bushes and she tells JR that he shouldnít be there trying to score drugs.  She heard him calling for Warren and she knows that guy used to be his dealer. She tells him that Ryan wouldnít be very happy knowing that JR is out there scoring drugs.  He doesnít want any advice from her.  She is the reason that Ryan is gone in the first place.  He realizes that he is being cruel to her and he apologizes. She knows that she has done stupid things, but that was the worst.  He tries to comfort her.  She is crying now.  He holds her and she turns to him.  She kisses him and then jumps back in horror at what she has done.  He says that was his fault, but she is sure that it was hers.  She is the only person that has ever been nice to him.  No one has ever said that to her again.  He knows what Ryan means to her.  He gets high because he canít be around people without screwing up.  She feels that he should cut himself a break.  She means it.  He grabs her and kisses her madly.  She holds on to him too and they continue their passionate kissing.

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