AMC Update Tuesday 9/3/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 9/3/02

By Glynis

Pictures by Juanita
Edited by Nicole

Leo and Greenlee are home deciding what to do.  They want to just lie together in each other’s arms and have a quiet night in.  He is thinking how crazy his family is.  His mother is a nut with personalities, his brother can’t stay out of trouble, Trey isn’t really Trey but his long lost brother and he still isn’t sure who his father is.  Greenlee tells him that she doesn’t want to spend the night going over his troubles with his family.  She has heard enough of it and thinks that he has heard enough of it as well.  They should just concentrate on each other.  He sure does love her. The phone rings and Greenlee runs to the phone.  She would have ignored it, but it might be about business and she can’t miss those calls with the recent developments in her company.  It is news that she wasn’t expecting.  It was someone from the Bulletin.  David has been arrested.  Leo at first, suspected that the brother in trouble was his new brother Trey, but no, it has to be the good brother, David. What now?  Leo feels that he needs to help his brother out and reaches for the phone.  Greenlee thinks immediately that David has done something else to screw up.  Leo still feels that he has to help him.  He is sure that David would be there for him if he screwed up.  He can’t let his brother rot in jail.  Greenlee begs him to let Anna deal with this.  She reminds him of her father dying because of her mother.  That scares her.  Leo is not going to let anything happen to her.  His brother needs him and he is going to be there.

David is in jail pacing when Anna comes to see him.  He thinks that he is going to get out every time that he sees her.  He tells her over and over that he has done nothing wrong with the Maria case.  They look at each other through the bars.  The cops have found Maddie and Maria is still missing. He wants to go home, but she wants him to tell her where Maria is.  She believes nothing that he has to say to her now.  He swears that he has no idea where the woman is.  She turns and leaves.  He has to be lying.  He has been the one person that has had contact with Maria throughout the whole time that she has been missing.  Of course he knows where she is.  Leo comes to see his brother and David tells him to get lost and stay away from the family.  That is the best chance that he has for survival.  Leo tells him that Trey is their brother.  Now David doesn’t have to be the black sheep of the family anymore as Trey is worst than Leo and David put together.

Kendall is in the police station watching Aidan trying to talk to the cops about Maria.  He is upset that Kendall has gotten herself involved and has caused Maria to run the way that she did.  The cops are going to find her.  Aidan blames Kendall for this all going wrong.  Anna comes to Aidan and tells him that he will be able to get out of the police station soon.  Kendall pipes up and Anna has to wonder why she is still there.  She thinks that she has been helping but in fact she was trying to get Aidan in some kind of trouble.  She didn’t know what she was doing, but that doesn’t mean that she meant well.  She gets her phone out and makes a call.  She calls the press who comes right away. She tells the reporters that she cracked a kidnapping case.  They ask her questions and she answers making herself the hero.  She tells the story of Maria Grey and how she caught her running with Maddie.  She foiled a kidnapping.  She got close to the kidnapper by playing on his attraction to her.  Aidan hears her talking and comes out to tell the press that Kendall is lying and that they shouldn’t believe a word of what she says.  She asks that Aidan be brought back to his cell but he has been given bail.  Kendall says that she has only been telling the press the truth.  Aidan thinks that Kendall is not helping Maria at all.  Kendall tells him that Maria has a husband to protect her and doesn’t need Aidan.  Aidan tells the press that he is not going to let the press scare Maria anymore.  One day, Kendall is going to know what it is like to be hunted like an animal and Aidan hopes that he is going to be there to see it.  Greenlee shows up and Kendall stands with her as the camera flash.

Brooke is home looking out the window and wondering where her life went wrong. Someone knocks at the door.  She thinks that it is Phoebe, but the person says that it is housekeeping.   She doesn’t want to talk to anyone right now.  She wants to just think of her life and the way that it has turned out.  She can tell that Tad is disguising his voice to get in. The door is open and he walks in.  He tells her that Maddie is home safe and sound.  She is happy to hear that.  What about Maria?  Tad tells her that there is an APB out for her and soon they will catch her.  He goes to her to comfort her.  She moves from him.  He thinks that she is acting brave.  She doesn’t feel brave at all.  She seems together but she can’t be.  Her heart has been broken, but she knows that she doesn’t deserve any sympathy. She feels that she is getting everything that she deserves. This was more than a mistake.  Everyone understands, but she doesn’t believe that.  She thinks that she will not be forgiven.  Tad thinks that she should give this more time.  She thinks that what she did was terrible and cruel.  She feels that she is capable of anything now.  She trashed her hotel room. That was her waging war with her conscience.  She should have gone to Edmund and told him the truth, but she had a devil on her shoulder telling her to forget about Maria and take Edmund for herself.  She thought that she was trustworthy and honest.  She shook hands with the devil.  Tad finds her melodramatic.  He reminds her that she told him of Maria.  She regrets that she told him anything. She wished that she had let Maria stay dead. She was hoping for a second chance for herself and not Maria. That was easy to do. That was because she was sick and tired of never crossing the finish line. She wanted to take her happiness. She took a chance and she lost. She doesn’t want to hear him say that he is sorry. She doesn’t deserve tears or sympathy.  Tad tells her congratulations.  He says that now she is an official screw up.  “How does it feel to be in my world.”  She doesn’t want him trying to get her off the hook for this.  That is fine with Tad.  He wants her to go easy on herself.  She is not evil incarnate. What kind of person does what she does?  A person that makes a mistake every once in a while.  She is no worse than him and she shouldn’t be a fool. If there was a  chance that Dixie was out there, he would sell his soul too.  She feels that what he feels and what she feels is not the same.  He assures her that it is.  He has been with her and has watched her from the beginning. This has cut her up a lot.  This is just life giving her a test.  He thinks that she is a class act for even going out there and looking for Maria.  She faced impossible choices. She doesn’t want him to whitewash what she did or make her into a martyr.  She is only a human being.  She wants to be alone tonight and Tad agrees to take Jamie for her for the night.  He is proud of her and loves her very much.  That is never going to change.  Brooke heads to the desk when she is alone. She takes off her wedding ring and gets some paper to write a note.  She scribbles…”Dear Edmund…words cannot begin to express how very sorry I am…”

Edmund has found Maria.  She calls his name and he walks to her and hugs her, kissing her hair and head.  She is surprised by this greeting but the man was her husband, she shouldn’t be surprised.  He is so glad to see her.  He knows that she is scared and has been lied to. She tells him that she isn’t Maria.  Maria is gone and has no memories left. She doesn’t know her surroundings and she doesn’t know Edmund.  She is sorry for that, but she doesn’t remember this man.  Everyone told her who he was to her.  He thinks that in her heart, she must know that Maddie was her little girl.  When she hugged the girl, she didn’t …the smell of her hair…nothing brought back the memories for her.  She loves a child…she nurtured them and that was her gift. She knows that he wants something from her, but she tells him that nothing is going to happen for him.  She is not the woman that he remembers.  He wants her to remember him. It is like someone gave her a part in a play.  People are giving her cues and giving her lines and nothing is happening.  No matter how many times that people tell her what her life was, that doesn’t connect for her.  She was everything to him.  She is sorry for that.  She knows that this torture for him, but it is torture for her too.  He looks at her and he sees her.  She looks at him and she sees a stranger.  He wants her to look closer and she would like to, but he looks directly into her soul and he makes her feel very naked and very scared. He would like to help her.  She tells him no.  This was a mistake for her.  He will not accept that.  He knows that she cannot forget their love and he is going to prove that to her.  She can’t remember anything. She would trust him and he is going to prove to her that she is Maria.  He asks her why she came there.  She was tired of running but Edmund thinks that this place had special meaning to her.  One night they made love there for the first time and he feels that their love brought her there.  She can’t remember.  He makes her close her eyes and thinks back to a warm day in March.  It was their wedding day. They cried during their vows. They rode off in a carriage and that was the beginning of their life together.  It wasn’t perfect, but the bond was perfect. They had the best of times and the worst of times.  He holds her hand and she lets him.  Their life together was never as perfect as it was then.  He is sure that she can feel it too.  The connection that he feels is not there for her.  He thinks that one day she is going to remember the connection.  He waited five years for her and he is not going to give up after 5 minutes.  He wants to take her fear and make her feel like the place is home. That could take a long time and could never happen.  Edmund is sure that the love that they have will find their way back.  He is sure that she is going to wake up and know what it is to feel loved.    She can’t do this. She can’t put everything in his hands when there are so many questions, like, “Where does Brooke English fit into this happy ending that he is dreaming up?”  He tells her that he never stopped loving her.  She suddenly faints and he catches her in his arms.

David has an attorney come in to work for him.  Anna is surprised that the man is there. The man was contacted the night before. That means that David was expecting some trouble.  Anna tells him that he might be very busy.  She tells the man that he should tell his client that his wife will be filing divorce papers in the morning.

Kendall goes to the park later and Aidan finds her there. He wants to scold her for the things that she has been doing. She tells him that she is sorry for what she has done and that she was jealous and that was the reason for her acting the way that she did. They kiss.

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