AMC Update Monday 9/2/02

All My Children Update Monday 9/2/02

By Lori

Leo and Trey appear to be bonding as brothers and Greenlee is upset about it. Leo tries to calm her down and she agrees to accept it for now. As Trey prepares to leave, Leo asks him if he has discovered who his father is. Maybe they are full siblings, he says. Trey says he hasn't even thought about that -- all his energy has been on finding Vanessa. Trey says maybe they do have the same father. Leo says probably not because that's not the way Vanessa operates. Why stick with one father of her children when she could have three, he says. After Trey leaves, Leo confides to Greenlee that he's just pretending to believe Trey is his brother. He says he doesn't know if he is or not, but it doesn't matter either way. All that matters is that Trey leads them to the $10 million. He says then they can start their life in Paris. Trey, now alone, places a call to Vanessa and tells her that Leo wants to help him deal with his mistakes. He hangs up the phone and says Vanessa is going to pay for what she's done.

Erica is angry at Chris for standing her up for a business photo shoot. Chris tells her that he got an assignment from Chief Devane and had business of his own to attend to. Erica is livid that he stood her up for Anna Devane. Chris tells her that he would like to spend all his time with her, but he can't give her every single hour of his day. Erica says she offers that to him, so why can't he do the same. Chris tells her that his work pertains to her. He is closing in on the person who burned her house down. He says he doesn't know who it is, but he knows why. He says the person who set the fire stole his Proteus files from the house then burned the house down to cover the theft. Later, Erica and Chris go to her office, where the photographer is waiting. Just before the photographer begins, Chris gets a phone call, which angers Erica. When the photographer tells them to smile, they say they won't. Chris then picks Erica up, which calms her down and gets her to laugh. The photographer shoots away.

Edmund tells Hayley and Mateo that Maria is alive and David Hayward knew about it. They can't believe it. He says David wasn't the only one who knew. Brooke knew, at least for the last six weeks. Hayley tells them that Brooke tried to tell her Maria was alive but Hayley told her she was imagining things. Hayley is upset that she wouldn't let Brooke talk about it. Mateo is not sympathetic toward Brooke, saying this is her fault. Edmund also doesn't hide his anger toward Brooke. He says she married him knowing that his wife was still alive. He says he doesn't care what Brooke is going through now. He just wants to find his wife and daughter.

The police are closing in on Maria, who is with Maddie and Aidan. Sirens are blaring and Maria is scared. Police arrive and grab Aidan, who shoves an officer. He is handcuffed. Anna gets Maddie, but Maria is gone. Anna asks Aidan what his involvement with Maria is. Aidan tells her that Maria has been living on the run for years. He says she is not a kidnapper and hasn't done anything wrong. He says she was scared away by the sirens. Anna says the sirens should not have been sounding. Police take Aidan away and call Edmund to tell him that Maddie is safe. They return Maddie to him and he is thrilled to have her back. Hayley takes Maddie to bed and Edmund goes out to look for Maria. Mateo decides he needs to call his mother to tell her about Maria. Edmund goes to the stable to look for Maria. He has a flashback about a time he and Maria were kissing in the stable. He turns around, and Maria is standing in front of him.  

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