AMC Update Thursday 8/29/02

All My Children Update Thursday 8/29/02

By Glynis

Leo comes out of the room and sits on the couch.  He is strangely calm and quiet.  Greenlee comes home angry and upset.  She shakes her hair out and shivers thinking of the place where she has just been.  It is not the cleanest most inviting place in the world that is for sure.  Her feet itch and her head hurts. She has been at the Hall of Records to get information on Trey and she doesn't even know why she is doing it.  Leo is strangely quiet.  She notices that and asks him about that.  Something seems to have happened.  She would like a full update.  He is sorry that she had such a terrible time.  She learned that Trey's father handled lots of cases but everything seems to be in order. He was fine until Trey died. Then he stopped working. They have to keep looking for answers.  Nothing new to report on Nessa though.  Leo remembers grabbing Trey and trying to throw him out, but Nessa shouted out that he was her son.  Greenlee demands to know what is being kept from her.  She won't force the news out of him if he doesn't want to tell her. She trusts him.  When he didn't tell her about Simone, she knows that he was trying to protect her and she knows it.  No one has ever loved her that much.  He loves her and the way that she is. They hug.  They sit down and have nuts from their honeymoon.  The wedding day was the most perfect day ever.  Leo is going to make sure that everyday is special for her.  They remember the honeymoon that they had. 

It was perfect.  Walking in the courtyard with the pigeons all around visiting gardens, riding in a horse and buggy, driving  remote sailboats in the river, riding in a row boat, having lunch together, going to restaurants, running through the park, bike riding, tree climbing. He did such wonderful thinks on that trip. They looked at art, had water fights, watched the swans, visited historical buildings and monuments. They are done reminiscing now. 

They are dressed for bed and Leo moves to her and removes her shoulder strap.  Then he kisses her passionately and they lie on the couch together to make love.

Tad and Anna are driving and she has just told him that she is pregnant. She didn't mean to. She just blurted it out while they were talking.  She is trying to keep her mind on the road, but Tad keeps talking.  Tad refers to the baby as 'Rosemary's Baby'.  She doesn't like that but she knows what he means.  She has a lot on her mind now.  Her husband hasn't been acting right and she can tell that he is in on this Maria thing up to his neck.  She begged him to tell her the truth, she even threatened him, but he still didn't comply totally with her.  She knows now that she can't totally trust him. She doesn't answer his questions about it.  It really isn't any of his business.  David is going to be a daddy it seems.  David doesn't deserve her and Tad tells her that.  He has screwed up the lives of every woman that he has touched.  Maria, Dixie and now Anna.  Tad feels bad for her.  Anna gets a call with a tip on David.  He has taken off.  He has drugged his guard and left.  Seems that he had a syringe somewhere.  Tad is not surprised at anything that this guy does anymore.  Anna calls for an APB to be put out on David Hayward.  She wants him not to be apprehended at any costs. He is not to be picked up.  She is to be alerted and told where he is the second that he is found.  Tad doesn't understand her. How many times is David going to get away with this?  Even God rested.  David seems to be working overtime to screw up and mess with doing serious jail time.  He destroyed Tad's life and Dixie ran and she is dead now. What about Maria and her children?  What is going to happen to them as a result of what David has done?  There is nothing that is good enough to make David pay.  He sure is consistent though, you have to give him that.  He gets off on manipulating good women. Anna tells him that he can't tell anyone about the pregnancy.  She hasn't shared the news about the baby with David. She may never tell him.  Tad hopes that she doesn't.  He doesn't deserve to have control of the life of an innocent little child.

David is at Liza's house banging on the door.  He hasn't got much time.  She answers the door in her robe.  He has awakened her from her sleep.  What does he want, she wonders?  He gives her discs telling her that she has to hide the discs now or they will both go to jail.  She has no idea what he is talking about.  She tells him to go but he goes into her house telling her that they have to handle this now.  He shows her the disc telling her that this is research that will revolutionize the world.  He can't let it get into the wrong hands or they all will be in big trouble with the law.  She isn't going to be in any trouble.  She hasn't done anything wrong.  The discs are illegal and she is his partner because she funded his research. It is true that she gave him some money, but she had no idea that he was doing anything illegal with it.  She surely can't be held accountable for that. This doesn't involve her and she wants him to go now.  She even offers to talk to him the following day about his troubles. That is not good enough. He shows her an affidavit stating that Chandler Enterprises funded and knew about his research.  The document is a lie.  He is trying to implicate her in his mess and he is willing to drag the whole company with him.  She grabs it from his hand and reads it.  He wasn't lying.  It is an affidavit alright.  He is really playing dirty pool now.  He can't do that to her, but he already has.  This whole thing is bogus, but Liza signed all the checks for the research and she more than anyone else involved in the company is going to have to answer to these charges that David has laid at her feet. Chandler Enterprises is going to be dissected in the press again if she doesn't cooperate with him. She has to have a safe to hide the discs.  He tells her to put them in there.  If he needs protection, she is to get him the best lawyers that money can buy. That is part of the deal.  She has to help him if he needs it.  He can't tell her exactly what is going on for her sake, nor does he have the time to do that right now. She picks up the discs and starts walking off, but David wants to know where the discs are going to be kept.  He is not going to let her walk off with them and hold the secret of where they are all to herself.  She doesn't trust him and that is why she is going to hide the discs and keep that secret to herself.  He is not going to hold all the cards.  She returns a short while later.  He thinks that it is good that they are helping each other.  He heads to the door, but she stops him.  Her cooperation is going to cost him.  He turns to her with a knitted brow. What is she getting at?  She is not afraid of David. She has been married to Adam Chandler for heaven's sake.  She reminds him that he owes her and he is going to pay her.  That is not a threat. That is reality. She tells him that now he can leave her house.

Edmund returns to the chapel and learns from Brooke that Maria and Maddie were right there earlier, but then they left.  She is gone now and she has taken Maddie with her.  Edmund calls for the guard to come and help them. He has some directions that he wants followed to a T.  Brooke tells him that Maria had questions and Brooke answered them. That worries Edmund.  She remembers nothing about her accident or even who she is.  Brooke told her the truth. She knows now that she is Maria and that Maddie was her daughter. Brooke told her of her husband that loved her.  She also told Maria that she married Edmund. That might have been too much but she wanted to know. Edmund thinks that Brooke took on more than she should have by divulging that news to a woman who has no idea who she is.  She might not be able to hand the news.  Brooke is sure that they can find her.  Edmund asks her how she could do this to him.  He is angry, but trying to hold it in for now. He has to concentrate on getting his daughter back to where she belongs and getting his wife back so that her safety will be guaranteed.  The guard arrives and learns that Maria is back and has Maddie.  The guards are to find Maria and not frighten her.  She is to be treated with the utmost gentleness and kindness.  Brooke knows that her world is unraveling.  As each second goes by, she can feel herself being pulled farther and farther away from the man that she loves. That man that she had already lost once, and had vowed not to lose again.  She has messed up horribly. All she can do now is throw herself at Edmund's mercy and hope that he will forgive her one day. There is no question that the marriage is over before it even began. She is such a pathetic figure in her wedding gown standing before him.  Who knows where she will go or what she would do.  Brooke is sure that Maria will not take her children from their home.  Edmund suddenly remembers Sammy.  He goes running out.  Brooke sits in her gown in a pew and asks God in heaven what she has done.  She asks God to punish her.  Edmund returns and hear her praying for everyone that has been hurt. She only wants everyone to be okay. She turns to find Edmund staring at her.  Sammy is asleep with a guard in his room.  Brooke would like to help.  Edmund tells her that the stood there before God and vowed their love and trust for life. She tries to explain, but he won't let her. She has been his stepping stone for everything that is good and now.  She doesn't want to ask anything of him, but she wants to help.  She begs him.  Anna and Tad arrive at the chapel and they update each other. Maria has been living under an assumed name.  David has been responsible for Maria's disappearance.  They want to know how he is involved.  Seems that everyone else knew that Maria was alive but Edmund.  Edmund is getting angry now.  Brooke begs him to stop.  He knows now that Brooke knew for weeks that Maria was out there lost.  When Edmund finds out the truth, she even lies some more. That picture that was a picture of an impostor, what was that?  Tad tries to explain but Edmund tells him to shut the hell up.  He turns to Brooke.  She married him knowing that the woman that he was married to first was still alive.  She had Maddie call her mommy and she knew that her real mother was still alive.  What kind of woman is she? She desecrated her vows.  She wanted to deny his children a future with their mother.  Brooke admits that she lied.  She is crying now. She tells him that he has his miracle now.  His wife is alive and she is his soul mate.  She didn't' want to believe it and didn't want it to be true. She thought that it wouldn't be such a bad lie.  She would be able to let Maria live the life that she had created and Brooke thought that she could finally have the life that she felt she deserved. She is going to pay for this for the rest of her life.  He thinks that she is only paying now because she was caught.  She wanted a second chance for herself, but was denying Edmund and his wife a second chance.  Tad goes to Brooke and tells her that it is time to go now.  On the way out, Tad tells Edmund to go find her.  Go and find Maria.  Edmund is alone now and he goes to the altar.  He sees the handkerchief with Maria's initials embroidered on it.  He kneels and prays to himself.

Maria takes Maddie to the park and sits her on the bench. She is sure that Edmund is looking for them.  Maddie wants to know who her real mommy is now. Maria has no idea so she just hugs the precious little child to her chest. Maria can see that the girl is smart. She is Maria's miracle baby and now her mother is a miracle too. They have a lot in common.  Maria explains to her that she is going to stay for a while.  Wherever she goes, she will keep the child safe.  "Maureen?"  Maria turns to find Aidan standing behind her. Maria clutches the little child to her tighter.  Maddie tells him that this is her mommy.  Maria tells her to lie down on the park bench for a minute. Aidan gives her his jacket as a blanket.  Maddie starts counting the starts. Maria goes to Aidan and asks what he wants.  She thought that he was going to sic the cops on her.  He wants to know what has been happening.  She doesn't know where to begin.  He heard the child call Maria mother.  Maria tells him that the girl's name is Maddie and she is her daughter.  Maria spoke to Brooke and got a story.  Maria learned who she is and that she is a mother.  She has to get out of there.  She knows that she needs some help. She asks Aidan for some help.  Sirens are heard in the distance and Maria turns to Aidan accusing him of leading the cops right to her.  The sound goes away. She tells him that she used to live in Wildwind and then she was thought to be dead.  They were having a celebration that night and she was there.  Maria doesn't remember the child and doesn't feel anything for her right now. She wanted to know her daughter and have her daughter know her. She has no plan.  All that she could think of was running.  That would be kidnapping but she is a mother.  She has wasted enough time already. If he isn't going to help her, he could at least give her a 5 minute head start. She goes over to her child who is sleeping now.  She moves to wake the girl up, but Aidan stops her and picks up the child for Maria.  Of course he will help her.  They walk off.

Aidan takes Maria and Maddie to a motel and watches over them. The child is sleeping now and Maria turns to him and smiles to show her gratitude.

David opens the door to Liza's house to leave and finds Anna there ready to knock. He goes outside and tells her that he is happy to see her.  He would like to go home and hold her in his arms to find whatever happiness there is left. He touches her face to kiss her, but she grabs his wrist and twists it behind his back and she snaps the bracelets on him.  "You are under arrest!"

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