AMC Update Tuesday 8/27/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/27/02

By Glynis

Trey is home and he is freaking out.  He was talking to Nessa earlier and then she told Leo that he was her son.  He takes a book and throws it at the wall next to the door where Kendall is staying.  Kendall comes out of her room to ask if he is out of his frigging mind.  He tells her yes, and asks her what she is going to do about it.  She can see that right now, he is nuttier than ever.  He orders her to move out of the apartment right now. She is not leaving.  He owes her after screwing up her case.  If he throws her out, she will go to the Bar.  He doesnít care that he will be disbarred. He gets the phone for her and gives it to her.  She thinks that he is bluffing.  He is not in the mood for this.  He has been outed.  He tells her that he is the long lost son of Vanessa Courtland.  Kendall doesnít believe that for a minute.  Why would Trey joke about that? Where is the punch line? She is sure that he is making all of that up.  He must be building a fantasy and moving right in.  She wonders who is hurting him.  He says that no one hurts him.  Kendall tells him that the world doesnít care about his rules. He tells her that Leo is probably talking about him and denying their connection.  Kendall has been where Trey has been.  Trey is sure that he is the only one of his kind.  Trey has done his time and prison will be easy compared to his life.  People tried to break him in foster homes, but he only waited it out.  He knew that he would be free to level the playing ground one day.  She thought that he had great parents.  He chose the parents that he had.  He made them up. He didnít know who his mother was. He imagined what she would be like.  He thought that they would have lemonade and talk about taking trips, but reality is that his mother is a psychopathic woman.  None of this makes any difference.  Kendall found out about her mother when she was 14.  That was how old Erica was when she was raped.  Kendall takes a step back from him. She wonders who his father is. Trey has no clue.  Vanessa had lots of lovers back then.  Kendall thinks that he should be glad that his father wasnít a rapist like hers.  He apologizes for being mean to her before.  Her mother Alice used to tell her that she shouldnít lie, but Alice was lying to her all along.  She said later that she wasnít lying to her daughter as much as she was lying to herself.  Kendall thought that Alice was warding off evil. She was afraid that Kendall would turn out to be just like her evil father.  They have a lot in common.  He comes on to her and she stops him.  He is glad that she did.  He wasnít thinking.  They are sharing a space and that isnít cool to cross wires like that.  He turns to the mirror and she heads to her room but stops asking if he still wants her to move out.  He tells her that she can stay.  She has really helped him out with some things that he had to deal with.

Edmund and Brooke are at the chapel still.  She knows that it is all going to come out now. She canít hide the truth any longer.  She decides to tell him the truth finally.  She tells him about the trip to Nevada.  She tells him about why she has been sneaking around with Tad all this time.  They really were keeping a secret.  She says that the person that she saw wasnít a mistake.  Edmund thinks that she is wrong as the picture from the fax told him that the woman that they were looking for wasnít Maria.  She only looked like Maria.  Brooke tells him that picture was not the real Maria, but a woman that worked at the same hospital.  She only resembled Maria, but that is not the woman that Brooke is talking about right now.  The woman that she is talking about is the real Maria.  Brooke tells him that she actually saw her.  She actually saw Maria up close. She survived somehow.  She didnít perish in the crash.  Edmund canít believe what he is hearing.  How could this all be happening now?  The first time was at a distance in a hotel in Nevada. It was really hot and she hadnít eaten and later she talked herself into thinking that the heat or her mind was playing tricks on her. She didn't want to believe that Edmund was going to have the option to have his first wife back.  She knows somewhere in her heart that he would choose Maria any day over her.  She showed the picture to the hotel manager and he said that he didnít see anyone that looked like that, so she and Tad went home.  She lied to Edmund over and over about seeing Maria. She was close to Maria and she talked to her and saw her face and heard her voice.  It was really her.  Maria didnít recognize her though.  Brooke is not sure why.  If that is the case, then how can Brooke be sure that the woman was who Brooke thinks she was?  Brooke can be sure as she was the last one to see Maria alive and she remembers her eyes as she asked that Maddie be taken off the plane.  She remembers vowing to take care of that child and promising to come back and bring help for Maria.  Brooke believes that Maria is alive. After all these years, Maria has come home.  Edmund backs away from her slowly and then he goes running off.  Brooke watches him and slowly follows. They head to the crypts and Maria is gone.  She might have been there before the guards come and Edmund tells the guard that he thinks that his wife was there earlier.  Maddie said that she saw her mother and Edmund believes her. He wants all the guards to get moving and find that woman.  The guard leaves.  He asks what day this is. How did they get here?  How did this happen?  She hasnít got the answers.  Maybe Maria followed Brooke there. Edmund is terribly confused now.  Maria must have survived when the plane went off the cliff.  Brooke tells him that she is his wife and the woman that loves him.  They go over her story again.  Tad spoke to a woman alone and that wasnít Maria, so he thought that Brooke had made a mistake.  She hadnít. She spoke to the woman and she knew that the woman was alive.  Then she came back home, looked Edmund in the eyes and she then lied to him.  How could she do that?  She was so tired of losing and having people that she loved wrenched away from her life. She couldnít face anymore heartache or goodbyes.  She didnít want Maria to be alive.  She could deal with a ghost, but what chance did she stand if Maria were to come back?  The thought of losing her life with Edmund was unbearable.  She told herself that Maria was nothing but a memory. She knew that she was lying to herself.  She knows that he would look into her eyes and there would be no recognition of him and she didnít want to put him in that pain, in that hell.  She loves him too much.  He gets a call and learns that Maureen has been found.  Terror spreads across Brookeís face.  Edmund has to see for himself what is going on. She knows that he has to. She takes his cell phone and promises to call security if she comes. She tells him again that she is sorry.  He only turns and runs off.  She is not sure where she stands now.  Brooke thinks to herself that if she had been the one that was sitting where Maria was, she would have died.  Maybe Maria would have lived.  Maria would have saved her and maybe brought her back to her family.  Brooke should never have thought that she could take Mariaís place.  Edmund has had a shock and he is confused but he will be okay. This was supposed to be the most beautiful day of his life and he will be happy when he sees Maria and sees that she is alive.  He made room in his heart for Brooke, but he never stopped loving Maria and he never stopped missing her. She goes over to the stone with Mariaís name on it.  This is a day that Edmund will never forget. She is sorry. She is so, so sorry. She heads back into the chapel and slowly walks up the aisle. She thinks that she hears someone behind her.  She sees Maddie walking out with Maria behind her holding her shoulders and just staring at her.  Brooke looks like she has seen a ghost.  Maria stares at her coldly as she follows the child.

Tad is in the park and he gets a visit from his friend who has contacts with the police force. The contact tells him that Maureen was in the park and got her purse snatched. Someone else saw her at the airport with David Hayward.  He was saying goodbye to her. What the hell does David have to do with this.

Anna tells her husband that she knows who Maureen Gorman is. There is more to the story.  She asks him to tell her. He isnít up for 20 questions.  Anna can tell that he knows this woman.  She tells him that he has 5 minutes to tell her everything that he knows.  Starting now!  He tries to talk his way out of this, but she is not buying anything that he is saying. She tells him that the purse snatcher that she caught had a phone and it rang.  She dialed *69 and got Davidís number.  David denies that he was the one that got the call.  She demands to know who is this woman to him and how does he know her.  She suddenly gets dizzy and stops to hold her head.  She tells him that everything that they are or will ever be, is riding on his answers to her now.  His answers will leave consequences.  He tells her that he has taken an oath and that he canít answer her questions.  He admits that he knows the woman. She was a patient.  Now any questions that she asks are going to be covered by confidentiality.  She is treating him like a suspect. She checked on his service and he didnít get a call to go to Wildwind. So what was he doing there?

Someone is at Anna and Davidís again.  David starts freaking out when he hears Tadís voice again behind the door.  It is Tad and he is mad as hell. David tries to slam the door in his face, but Tad pushes it back open demanding to know what he has to do with Maureen Gorman.  David wants to throw him out, but Tad is already talking to Anna. He says that a woman was at the airport and David was with her.  He starts denying it and then admits it.  Tad learns that the woman is a patient of his. He has a national reputation and has patients all over the  world.  She canít be a heart patient Tad knows, as she was an organ donor. David canít answer that. Anna learns that the woman was really Maria.  Edmundís dead wife.  David wants to drop this as it is getting late.  Tad goes to the door. He isnít satisfied yet, but he will be.  Tad leaves and Anna tries to put this all together.

Tad is in the hall and tries to reach Maureen Gorman at the hospital where she was working.  They tell her that she has quit.  He needs more information on her quitting date.  He isnít sure what he is looking for. They tell him that the woman that he has been talking about is not Maureen Gorman. If that is true, then who the hell is she?

Now she asks again what he was doing at Wildwind.  He doesnít answer. She gets right on him. The woman is real and Anna can see that woman is a threat to him.  There is knocking and it is Tad again.  He is laughing. He knows that he is getting closer.  David is mad as hell now.  The picture that he asked to be sent to him wasnít Maureen Gorman.  David jumps on Tad and tries to fight him.  Beep.  Anna and Davidís fax turns on and Tad tells him that a fax is coming through from the hospital where Maureen Gorman worked and he should take a look at it. They all turn to the machine and listen to it accept the fax and print it.  David turns to Tad and the both of them start fighting.  Anna gets a call as the men are fighting.  She asks Edmund if his wife has ever used an alias.  Tad makes his way to the fax and gets Mariaís picture with a different name labeling it.  He shows it to both Anna and David.

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