AMC Update Monday 8/26/02

All My Children Update Monday 8/26/02

By Lori

Leo can't believe what he's hearing from his own mother that Trey, whose real name is Ben, is her son. He asks the two of them when they cooked up this idea. Nessa asks Trey to tell Leo what he just told her. Trey says there's no use because Leo will believe what he wants regardless of what he says. Nessa asks Trey to do it for her, but Trey says he doesn't owe her anything. Nessa sympathizes with Trey, saying that Vanessa is the one who threw him away. She says she thought of him as a miracle but Vanessa didn't want another baby. Leo will have none of this. He refuses to believe that Trey is Vanessa's son and his brother. He calls Trey a criminal for taking another person's identity. Nessa says Trey can't be blamed because he had such a bad childhood. Nessa shows Leo the paperwork Trey gave her his birth certificate and a letter from James Kenyon, who adopted him then gave him up. Trey says he was shuffled between 12 abusive foster families and spent his life looking for his real family. Now that he's found them, he says he sees no reason to be with them. "I can think of 10 million reasons," Leo says, referring to Vanessa's hidden drug money. Trey admits he'd like to get his hands on the money, but says Leo would do the same. He says Vanessa owes him big time for what he's done to her. Nessa says she wishes she knew where the money was because she'd give it to them to share. Angered by Leo's reaction toward him, Trey walks out. Nessa tells Leo that she's wondered so long about her lost son, and now that he's back she doesn't want to lose him again.

Edmund and Brooke are being congratulated by their guests. Even David wishes them happiness, which makes Anna curious. After David and Anna walk into the next room, he tells her he wants them to go on a trip together. He excuses himself and tells Anna to come to the Valley Inn to pack. Anna starts to make a phone call when Maggie interrupts and asks again about the results of her pregnancy test. Anna tells her she is pregnant, and that they are going on a trip. Despite everything, Anna is more reluctant than happy. She overhears Tad and Joe talking about Maureen Gorman and wants to know what Tad knows about Maureen. Tad wonders why she's asking, but Anna says it's a police matter. Tad can't understand how a hospital worker from Nevada would be involved in a police matter in Pine Valley. Anna is interested in hearing that Maureen is a hospital worker. It makes her wonder more about David's relationship with Maureen. After Anna excuses herself from Tad, Tad calls a police buddy and asks for whatever information he can find on Maureen Gorman. At the Valley Inn, David is leaving a telephone message for "Maureen," saying it is good that she's left town and he'll soon arrange for her to see her daughter. Anna walks in and David knows something is up. She says she has something to tell him. David puts two and two together and asks her if she's pregnant.

Maddie sees Maria in the mausoleum and calls her "mommy." Maria touches the little girl's face as tears well up in her eyes. "Why do you think I'm your mommy?," Maria asks her. Maddie says she knows it by the pictures in her room. Maria shows Maddie the photograph of Maria holding a baby and asks who is in the picture. "That's you and that's me when I was a tiny baby," Maddie says. Maddie says her daddy told her that angels are invisible but she can see her. Maria tells her it's she who looks like an angel. Maria asks her for her name. "Stop teasing. I'm Maddie, silly," Maddie says. Maria thinks back, recalling the plane accident in which she told Brooke to take Maddie to safety. She remembers Brooke holding the baby up for her to see. Maddie leaves to tell her dad that her mom is back.

Brooke and Edmund are in the chapel celebrating their marriage. Edmund says this is just the beginning of a lifetime of happiness. They start to dance when Maddie runs in and tells Edmund that she's seen mommy. Edmund asks her if she was looking at pictures. Maddie insists she has seen her mommy and wants Edmund to come with her. Edmund tells her that angels are invisible and she did not see a real person. Maddie says that her mommy is talking and everything. Edmund tells her to stop this right now. Brooke, listening to the exchange with a pained look on her face, tells Edmund to stop this. Edmund sends Maddie away then apologizes to Brooke. He tells her that Maddie loves her and is just playing make believe. Brooke says this is not in Maddie's imagination. "Maria is alive," she says.

Maria is looking at the picture of her holding the baby and refers to her "beautiful little girl." She looks at Maria's tombstone and feels guilty that she took Maria from her children and is now finding her own children. She wants to call the police and gets up to leave but hears someone coming. She hides when Maria's mother walks in and starts talking to Maria's tombstone. Maria recalls David telling her that she killed Maria by running her over with her car. She listens as her mother talks about how much she misses Maria. "I wish you had never gotten on that plane that took you away from me," her mother says. Maria cries as she listens.

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