AMC Update Thursday 8/22/02

All My Children Update Thursday 8/22/02

By Glynis

Brooke is dressed and ready for her wedding. She is staring out the window and looking very nervous indeed.  She reaches for her bouquet and then stops moving without touching them.  Hayley walks in and starts gabbing about the wedding and how everyone is dressed to a tee.  No one is going to be better looking than Brooke she says.  Edmund is a very lucky man.  Brooke tells her not to say that as Edmund really isn’t lucky at all.  Brooke looks likes she is about to cry and she turns her head from Hayley’s open-mouthed stare.  Brooke wants to marry Edmund more than anyone in the world. She is torturing herself because being in the house that Edmund wants her to call her own is getting to her.  This is about Maria and Brooke being in her shadow.  Maddie  comes in and brings a gift for Brooke.  Phoebe is there too in her wheelchair. The present is a tattoo that can be stuck on. There is a card from Maddie.  The tattoo is a heart tattoo and she would like her new mother to put it somewhere special.  Brooke is going to put the tattoo somewhere secret.  Hayley gets something for Brooke too.  She hands the box to Brooke and Brooke opens it to find something blue and sexy.  Phoebe is next with her little memento.  It is a little velvet box and inside is the most exquisite piece of jewelery.  Phoebe wore these same earrings when she married Langley.  Maddie whispers to Hayley and Hayley has to agree with the child that her idea is perfect.

Edmund is talking to Maria’s memorial stone on the property.  He thought this day wouldn’t come, but he is happy now. When he married Maria, he was sure that he wouldn’t and couldn’t love anyone else better than he loved Maria.  When she died, that was a great loss to him.  He tried to find the same happiness with Anna, but that wasn’t meant to be.  Now he will be with Brooke and he is sure that she is the right one, the only one for him.  He knows that Maria is happy for him and the rest are happy for him to.  Brooke could never fill the hole that Maria left, but the kids will always love her and so will he.  Tad finds him talking to Maria’s ghost.  Tad understands what he is doing.  There is a part of him that longs for Maria and needs her blessings today.  She had something that he thought that he wouldn’t find again.  Seems that Tad does understand him.  Edmund thinks that this day is going to be hard for him as the chapel was the place where Tad said goodbye to Dixie.  If Tad wants to bow out, Edmund will understand.  Tad will be sad, but he will be remembering his marriage with Dixie.  Edmund has scored big. She is the kind of woman that is hard to forget and Edmund knows that.  Edmund is still suspicious of him, but the truth is that Brooke loves Edmund and always has.  Tad has caused them a lot of time together.  Tad will stay out of their way. He is not going to deprive Brooke of a happy life and Edmund is going to hold him to that. They shake hands.  They are friends.  What now?  Edmund is going to head over to the chapel now and make sure that everything is where it should be. 

Bianca has just told Maggie that she isn’t going to the wedding as she is overwhelmed.  Tim arrives at the office in a suit.  He is there looking for Maggie.  He asks her if she is ready for their date.  Maggie looks over at Bianca longingly.  Bianca calls their outing a date.  Maggie doesn’t think of it as a date.  It is just 2 people going out together.  That is why Maggie wanted Bianca to come with them.  Bianca refuses to go with them. She has things to do.  Tim wants them to decide what they are going to do.  Bianca can’t understand why Maggie wants her to go so badly.  She will make the wedding if things lighten up later.  Bianca points to Tim and tells Maggie that she should just go ahead and enjoy herself.  Bianca leaves the room and Tim asks Maggie if she is scared.  Maggie finds that to be a strange choice of words.  Tim thinks that she might be scared of him.  She thinks that he lives in an amazing fantasy land.  He thinks that she brings Bianca everywhere for protection.  Tim knows that Bianca doesn’t have to be everywhere that they go.  She seemed cool about them going out together.  This is Maggie’s big chance to show him that she isn’t scared of him at all. She takes his hand and walks off from the office with Tim.  Bianca returns to the office expecting to see her friends there, but they are gone on their date.  Bianca turns and sees on her desk a yellow flower.  Bianca knows that Maggie left that for her.

Anna is looking for David again and can’t find him.  Anna gets a call about someone name Maureen Gorman.  They are trying to trace the woman and they followed her to the airport.  The woman wasn’t alone though, she was with Anna’s husband.  David arrives home and sees his wife on the phone.  He knows that he is in trouble and he comes in with a table that he wheels in with things for them to eat today. He tries to get information from her on the job that she has been doing, but she knows that he is fishing and she gives him nothing. She was waiting for him for a while but he said that he had a medical mix-up to straighten up.  He says that everything is over now and everything is right in the world.  He would like to look to the future now.  He starts kissing her and she moves away. He will never stop. This trusting thing is hard with him.  She really wanted to question him about why he was at Wildwind, but she didn’t.  David tells her that they are pulling off a good sane marriage and no one thought that they could do that.  She could feel closer to him, if he asked her a couple of questions.  He asks her about her case.  She says that she has been on a troubling case.  The case is about a woman named Maureen Gorman.  She tells how the woman lost her purse and she got the mugger that stole it.  David listens to her and then remembers that there was something that Anna wanted to tell him the night before that was good news, but they never got around to discussing what that was.  He would like to know the news now. She tells him that she was talking about a case, and it went cold.  David is sorry to hear that.  She tells him that when she solves the case, he will be the first to know about it.  He tells her that he is very much interested in her work.  Even that case that she is working on with the purse snatcher is exciting to him. She knows that he is hiding something. They have to get ready for the wedding now.  David would like to stay home and work on their personal goals.  She tells him that he really should go and get dressed. They are already late.

Maria has gone into the chapel where Edmund and Brooke are to be married. She looks around and touches the pew.  Someone knocks on the door and she goes running behind some flowers to hid.  She hears someone talking, “What do you think you are doing?”  It is the florist.  He is decorating and he sees Maria telling her that she can help him.  He suddenly thinks that he knows who she is.  He assures her that he will not tell anyone that she is there.  He tells her that she has to tell him where to put the flowers.  She knows that she shouldn’t be there, but the man insists that she help him.  He has her confused and thinks that she is the bride.  That shocks her.  He thinks that she is the future Mrs. Edmund Grey.  Her mind starts working again. She hears women’s voices and runs to hide while the florist’s back is turned.  Edmund comes in and talks to the florist who tells Edmund that his bride was just there but seems to have left.  Edmund gives a couple of instructions and things start moving again.  His son comes in with a telegram. It is from Alex and Dimitri wishing all the best and hoping that they can all meet up soon.  The boy doesn’t understand about his mother being away. The boy looks dashing and didn’t want to wear a flower but she made him where it anywhere.  Jamie has to wear the flower too.  Edmund tells the boy that he can ditch the flower after the ceremony. He is going to have a new mom soon.  He shouts out that he doesn’t need a new mom as he already has one.  He likes Brooke, but doesn’t want to hurt Maria’s feelings by calling someone else mom.  Edmund explains that there  is no way that he can hurt his real mother’s feelings. There is enough love for everything.  His mother wanted to love him everyday for always, but she couldn’t do that.  Brooke on the other hand, is going to be able to give the boy everything that he has been missing. That is why it is okay to call Brooke mom.  Things are cleared up now.  The priest has arrived. He has taken care of most of the family proceedings and Edmund is glad to have him.  It is time to start the wedding.  Edmund goes and opens the chapel doors as there are already people gathering for the wedding.

Maria has found herself near another room near the house. She hears Hayley and Brooke talking and soon Maddie is there too.  Maddie has brought Brooke something else.  Brooke opens the box. It is a handkerchief from her Christening.  Maria hazards a look at her daughter and she sees the girl hugging Brooke.  That makes her very happy.  Hayley leaves the room for a moment and Maddie shows her the initials of Maria Santos Grey. She remembers telling ‘Maureen’ that she had the same initials as the woman that is supposed to be dead.  Brooke thanks the girl for her thoughtful gift.  Maddie leaves to get the headband.  Brooke remembers taking the baby from the crash that night and showing her to her mother.  Maria talked to the child, for the last time, knowing that she was going to die.  “Mommy loves you very much…mommy loves you…”  Brooke remembers promising to return for her to help to save her.  Hayley sees her thinking to herself.  Brooke never thought that she could be Maddie’s new mommy if Maria could…  Hayley is really interested now.  “…if Maria could what?”  Brooke still feels weird about marrying Edmund. She feels that this is all too good for her.  Hayley tells her that she deserves this.  She is going to be someone’s mom once again. She has to hold on to that and every other good thing that is going to happen to her. She deserves it.  Brooke will hold on to this with everything that she has.  The next time that she gets the doubts, Hayley wants her to forget about it. She is giving Edmund and the children everything that they deserve. She will succeed.  Maddie comes in and wants Brooke to help her with getting ready.

Maggie and Tim arrive at the wedding and Maggie runs off. She isn’t all that interested in Tim.  Bianca arrives at the wedding and Tim tells her that Maggie has run off, but now that Bianca is there he is sure that she will be running right back…Maggie has seen Anna and wants to know about the test results.  David is behind Anna and asks her what test results Maggie is talking about…Brooke shouts out about her dress being stuck and she needs some help with it.  Hayley will help her in a minute.  There is another problem though.  Maddie has forgotten her bouquet at the house.  Hayley sends the girl to get the bouquet at the house.  She tells her to run as fast as possible there and back.  Maddie runs off.

Maria is in the house and she is looking around. She sees the bouquet that Maddie will be using for her wedding. She picks it up.  She smells the flowers and smiles to herself. 

The music starts and Jamie comes to get his mother. She is ready.  It is time.  Her dress has been fixed but Maddie isn’t there.  They can’t start the wedding without Maddie.  She has gone to the house to get her bouquet. What is keeping her?

At the main house, the bouquet that Maddie is to use is on the floor.  It is in the middle of the carpet and Maria is gone!

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