AMC Update Wednesday 8/21/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/21/02

By Glynis

Leo has been trying to find answers to the questions regarding Trey and his involvement with Vanessa.  He is like a man possessed and she is the only thing that is on his mind.  Trey is always at the hospital and wants to know now what Vanessa is up to all the time.  Leo finds out where Trey’s father lives and he goes to talk to him.  He tells the man that he is works with Trey and would like some information on the man. The old man punches Leo dead in the face.  Leo’s head goes flying backwards and he falls over in pain.  The man quickly slams the door in Leo’s face.  How dare he come there with a line like that? Leo comes back to talk to the man.  He knocks on the door and the door opens again.  The man knows that no friend of his son’s would play a lousy trick like that.  Leo doesn’t understand.  The man tries to slam the door again, and Leo stops him with his hand.  He steps into the room.  He came there to get some answers and he isn’t going to leave without them.  He admits that he doesn’t work with Trey. He needs some information about the guy.  The man freaks out and tells Leo to stop saying Trey’s name.  “My son is dead young man, my son is dead.”  Leo’s jaw drops to the ground.  Leo had no idea.  Trey has been dead for years.  His mother left after he died and his brother and sister blamed themselves for his death.  When Trey died, things ended for all of them.  Leo asks to come in for a moment.  There are some things that the man needs to know. That man lets Leo in.  Leo looks at the certificates on the walls.  The old man is a lawyer and Trey was too.  Leo explains that he is from a family and there are some legal things that were dealt with by this man.  He asks if the man ever represented Vanessa Courtland.  Mr. Kenyon doesn’t remember anyone with that name.    Leo sees a picture of the old man with his son. The old man explains that was Trey just before he drowned.  The man feels that his son  was working too hard.  He sent his son sailing with a friend. It was a beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky. The storm came and out of nowhere the boat capsized.  The storm was a freak.  Leo gets out a piece of paper with fake Trey’s picture on it and the old man panics.  “Where the hell did you get that?”

Maggie sees Trey stressing out over Vanessa and she finds that very strange.  Why is he so worried about her all the time?  She isn’t his mother so why should he care so much?  He says that he is lucky that he got a second chance at life.  Sometimes he wonders what it would be like to have a normal family.  It is a foster child fantasy. He thinks that she looks fantastic. She does. She is going to a wedding later and wouldn’t have time to change, so she dressed before leaving for the hospital. He wonders if she is going alone to the wedding.  She is going with someone to the wedding, she says.  He looks disappointed at that.  He has been after her for a while, but she never gives him the time of day.  The last time that he tried to speak to her, she freaked out thinking that he wanted something from her and she ran off.  She asks about Vanessa and Trey says that she is sleeping.  She wants to know everything about Vanessa.  What does she say when she is awake?  What does she tell him?  Trey thinks that she is asking a lot of questions, but she thinks that it is normal to ask questions.  The woman is her aunt after all. She has a natural curiosity about her.  Vanessa  tried to kill her sister and then she tried to kill her, why shouldn’t she want to know more about her?  Trey is still suspicious of her.  Maggie wants to know too much in his estimation.  She explains that he obviously doesn’t know when he is ahead.  He has been after her all this time and now she is paying attention to him and he can’t believe it. The boy is Ben Sheppard. He remembers the boy fondly. He was always asking questions.  Leo tells the man that the boy has been using Trey’s name and passing himself off.  The man freaks out.  He wants Leo to go. He doesn’t know who Leo is or why the man is there.  He only wants Leo out.  Leo leaves him but is sorry for his loss.  Leo looks at his picture again.  “Okay, Shep!”   What are you trying to pull?

It is Bianca’s first day at work.  Bianca sits at her desk, not sure what to do.  The staff thinks that she doesn't really have to learn anything as she is Erica’s daughter.  The business is going to be hers one day, so why should she worry about actually doing things.  A woman named Callie comes to see Bianca.  She is cold to her.  She doesn’t want much to do with Bianca as she feels that Bianca is only there to feel important.  Bianca doesn’t want anyone going easy on her as she is the boss’s daughter. She wants the whole staff to know that.  The woman sarcastically smiles at her.  Of course Bianca wants to know everything that there is to know about the company from the inside out.  Bianca gets a call and learns that there is something that she has to handle right away.  There is some kind of disaster happening and she doesn’t know how to handle it.  Erica is not around and Bianca has to figure out what to do.  She has been put in charge and has to find an answer.  She gets on the phone right away to try and fix things to the best of her ability.  The staff doesn’t seem very helpful to her. They just stand around staring at her, waiting for her to do something.  She has a file and fumbles through it to learn the details as quickly as possible.  She should have had this information earlier and learned it.  No one is helping her really. Things are just getting worse and worse.   Who can she call for help? 

Greenlee shows up to her office and Kendall is there sitting in her chair.  She was on the phone and hangs up when she sees Greenlee entering the room.  Greenlee is livid at seeing that woman in her chair, much less in her office. Who does she thinks that she is?  Greenlee knows that Kendall has been after a job with her for a long time, but Greenlee is going to have nothing to do with this girl.  She is only trouble.  Greenlee calls security to get her out of there.  Kendall has something to tell her, but Greenlee is too upset at seeing her to care what she has to say.  She chases the woman around the desk.  If she can only get her hands on Kendall, she could make minced meat out of her.  Turns out that Kendall has dirt. In fact she has hit pay dirt.  She has stolen information from Enchantment that could greatly assist Greenlee in her competition against Erica. She has Alanis, and she got it from Erica Kane’s company. That does catch Greenlee’s eye for a moment.  She got Alanis?  Kendall made all the arrangements and has really pulled off a coup.  This is going to make Greenlee look like queen of the world.  But then Greenlee remembers that she really hates the person before her and she gets back to telling Kendall that she will never have a job with her at Revlon.  Kendall demands that she get a job.  She shouldn’t even have to ask after what she has done for Greenlee.  Greenlee doesn’t see things that way at all.  Greenlee will not hire her.  Greenlee will never give  her a job.  It doesn’t matter what Kendall has done for the company.  Kendall tells her that she is not getting rid of her that easy.  A woman that works with Greenlee enters the office and gets on her knees bowing repeatedly in front of her.  Greenlee is shocked!  The woman has found out that Greenlee has gotten Alanis and she thanks her for doing that. That puts Revlon way ahead of the rest now.  She knows that Kendall was involved and she gives Kendall a hearty, welcome to the company.  Greenlee smiles but looks likes she is listening to someone scratch a chalkboard with their nails.  She can’t possibly throw Kendall out now that she has ingratiated herself into the company. She would look mean and ungrateful.  Besides, Kendall looks like she has done something good for Greenlee and Greenlee should be appreciative of that.  The woman goes running out and Kendall has to wonder how it really feels to be a genius.  She did all the work, but Greenlee is actually the one that is getting the credit.  Kendall is glad to be working for Greenlee.  Greenlee wants her first to gets some new clothes.  Kendall will become Greenlee’s fashion clone, but she will not wear anything that Greenlee wears.  Kendall assures her that this is a good thing.  They are going to kick Erica’s butt.  Funny, Greenlee thinks that Kendall is just like Erica.  It is all set.  Kendall goes prancing out and Kendall can’t believe this.

Liza has returned from her trip and finds Mia running things for her.  Mia has She demands to know how long Mia knew about Adam planning to steal her daughter.  Mia finds her paranoid. She didn’t know anything about Adam taking her daughter.  Liza finds it interesting that Mia has upped her style of dress.  Mia says that she only went out and bought herself a couple of things to wear.  What is the big deal with that? She is the same person.  Marian comes running into the room to report that she has just heard from Stuart.  He reports that they are having a wonderful time.  Liza wonders if Stuart knows that Colby is there against her wishes.  Marian didn’t tell Stuart anything about that she didn’t want Stuart to worry.  Liza is worried that Colby is not fine as she is not with her mother.

Winifred comes to get Marian and take her to the kitchen for a moment.  After she leaves, Liza freaks out.  Mia tries to calm her down. She is with her sister.  She knows now that Adam has gone too far this time and she would like to help her sister.  Even if he isn’t planning anything, what he has been doing has been very cruel.  Mia will do anything to help her get her daughter back in the house.  She is Liza’s sister and she can be trusted.  Mia tells her to go upstairs and rest and she will bring up some tea later.  Liza needs her sister with her and Mia assures her that she is not going anywhere.  Liza leaves the room to go and rest and Mia goes to the desk and sits.  She gets out a piece of paper and a pen and she writes. “Dear Adam…You were right.  Liza did exactly as you said she would…”

Bianca call Maggie from her office. She is living through some type of disaster and she needs help.  Maggie tells her that she will be right there for her.  Maggie tells Trey that she has to go, but she would like to do this again with him.  Trey really hopes that they can meet up again.

Maggie shows up to help Bianca with her job, but she hears the staff telling her that she has done a fabulous job taking care of the disaster that had occurred. It seems that Bianca really didn’t need her help anyway.  Bianca explains that Alanis was hijacked and then it suddenly occurred to her what she should do. She made some calls and threw her mother’s name around and presto!  Chango!  Maggie is proud of her and she gives Bianca a gift.  Bianca opens the gift and finds a tiny leather card holder for her business cards.  They look into each other’s eyes and there is something there and Bianca turns to hide from it. She doesn’t want to go to the wedding now.  She tells Maggie that she doesn’t think that would be a good idea.

Trey makes his way into Vanessa’s room again.  She is sleeping.  He leans over her and says that he bets that she never thought that she would see him again.  At that moment, her eyes open and she stares directly into his.  That frightens him and he takes a step back from her bed.  Nessa is glad to find him there. She thinks that he has been just like a son to her and that is much better than she deserves. That is the first time that he has heard her thank him for anything. He has been doing his job brilliantly.  He is wise and she trusts him.  Trey is glad to hear that.  She thinks that they are going to have a better relationship than he had with Vanessa.  She thinks that their relationship has already started.  Suddenly, Trey has to go.  He runs out of the room and knocked over some meal trays.  “Why now!  Why now?”

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