AMC Update Tuesday 8/20/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/20/02

By Glynis

Bianca is looking through her things when Maggie comes over seeing her with all her clothes out.  Maggie was driving by and saw a light on at Biancaís place so she thought that she would drop by.  The room is covered with different things to wear.  The next day is going to be Biancaís first day at work and she wants to have the right clothes.  She is going to do the best that she can with this opportunity and would like to look her best.  Bianca is going to change her look.  Maggie thinks that Bianca would be great to compete with her mother.  Maggie isnít really Ericaís biggest fan, but she thinks that the woman is impressive on some level.  Erica is one of a kind, but so is Bianca.  Bianca thought that she was unique all her life.  Maggie thinks that Bianca might make the mistake of flaunting everything to fit in.  Bianca is different from Bianca and she has to remember that.  Bianca knows that the people that work at Enchantment are there do promote image, so she has to fit in.  Maggie thought that Bianca wouldnít try to be femme as she is gay and that isnít usually the image that is promoted about them.  Bianca is surprised to hear her say that.  Bianca tells Maggie that she is feminine. She knows what Maggie is saying.  Bianca doesnít look like the idea of gay.  Bianca took this job to help her mother with Greenlee and Kendall. She is helping her mother through a crisis.  Bianca once said that Frankie helped her be more independent.  That was true, but the way that Bianca is acting, maybe she is backsliding.  Maggie assures her that she doesnít need to break out the cha-cha bra. She can get her point across in any outfit.  Maggie would like to go swimming, but Bianca thinks that it is too late.  Maggie wants her to act free, young and crazy.  They get suits and head to the pool.

Edmund and Brooke are together and he has discovered something.  Tad brought a picture of Maria over to her to prove that the woman really isnít Maria.  Edmund holds the envelope in his hands. She doesnít want him to open the envelope as he may not understand what it is all about.  It is the picture of  Maria that was sent in.  The picture really isnít of the real Maria, but a decoy.  Edmund looks at the picture in the envelope. It is part of a wanted sign used to find the woman in case someone has seen her.  Brooke explains that she was looking for proof that Maria was dead to make herself feel better about her wedding.  She wanted to have proof that Maria was dead!  Edmund tells her that they are going to put this behind them once and for all.  He loved Maria, but she is gone.  She has been gone for many years and isnít coming back.  Brooke is not to live in that womanís shadow as she has his heart, and only she alone has his heart. She is grateful for that.  Edmund always says the right things to her.  Brooke is not uncomfortable with Mariaís memory in his heart or in his childrenís hearts, or so she says.  He tells her that the children donít remember Maria, as they were too young.  The love that he has is in his heart alone.  Edmund has so much love and he wants to give that to Brooke.  He needs an outlet for it.  Brooke can feel that he needs an outlet.  She feels that he is worried about her feelings about Maria, so she has been trying her hardest to hide her feelings.  She doesnít really feel that there is too much of a presence of Maria there, but she isnít about to say that.  Wildwind is her home, but if she is not comfortable there, he can make changes.  She is willing to live there.  She isnít about to uproot him from the only home that he has known.  She will grin and bear it for his sake.  She took chances and risks looking for Maria and he knows that was hard for her to do.  She would like some champagne before they go to bed.  He will get the champagne and check in on the kids, but before he goes, he reminds  her that there are no ghosts in that house, so there is nothing for her to fear.  He leaves and Brooke sees Addie walking in the room looking worried. She heard her father say that there are ghosts in the house.  She is afraid of ghosts.  Brooke runs to her and hugs her.  Brooke explains ghosts to Addie.  She tells the little girl that her father was only being silly and that there is nothing in that house but people.  Edmund returns and hears Brooke smoothing things over and telling Addie that ghosts donít really exist.  Edmund has brought her a picture and wonders if she would like to put the picture over her bed for the night.  The picture is of he and Maria on their wedding day. She hugs her father and is finally ready to go to bed.  The picture is going to make her feel much better alone in her room.  Addie says that after the wedding, she is going to call Brooke mommy.  Brooke loves that the child would like to do that.  She would love to be Addieís mommy.  Addie runs off, happy as a lark.  Edmund asks Brooke if she finally feels like she is home now.  Brooke feels like her whole life is there and that she couldnít be happier.

David is trying to pull the wool over Mariaís eyes.  David told her that she was the one that killed Maria Santos, but that is not the truth.  She has no way of knowing if anything Maria is starting to doubt David and the things he is saying. She remembers him telling her that she killed a man, not a woman. He was trying to protect her he says.  He reminds her that she was very fragile and weak so he couldnít tell her all the details of her life as that might be a setback for her.  He gave her treatment and she healed.  He was the one that saved her life.  She has a right to know what has been going on in her life, but he isnít going to tell her.  How did she kill this woman?  How did she die?  David doesnít want to tell her that.  She demands to have her life back. That is impossible as she supposedly hit the woman with her car and that took her life away.  Maria was sure that was only an accident.  She wouldnít purposely hit someone and kill them.  It wasnít intentional.  David tells her no.  Why are those people looking for her?  David tells her that the crash wasnít an accident, and that she killed Maria Grey because she hated her. That grabs her attention.  Why would she hate someone enough to kill her?  He tells her again that it is not safe for her to be there, she must get out of there in order to continue to be safe.  She wants to know about the crash.  How does David know about the crash? She thinks that he may have been in the crash with her.  He tells her that they took separate cars and he was following her.  They were in Pine Valley. She came there to be with him.  Be with him?  What the hell does that mean?  He tells her that they were seeing each other intimately. He made a big mistake and he had an affair.  She was furious with him for screwing around. She then forgot everything, even that she loved him.  The affair that he had was with the dead Maria.  David says she tried to stop driving but she couldnít.  She swerved and there was an accident.  David said that he loved her very much then.  Maria was young then and she was a mother, he tells her.  The real Maria starts crying as she thinks of the kids.  Oh my God!  David says that he didnít want her to know any of this and that is why he hasnít told her anything.  She took someoneís mother away.  That is why David says that he was trying to get her out of there.  She refuses to listen to him.  She is going to do something about this.  She gets up and walks off, but David runs after her.  She is heading to the house and he is trying to stop her by telling her that she is going to lose everything.  Maria canít live with this. She is going to go to jail for the rest of her life and she isnít afraid. She has been living a shame of a life.  She keeps walking and he shouts out to her that she had a child. She stops walking.  David says the child was just like her.  If she goes to the house and tells everything that she knows, she will never see that child again.  David assures her that if she does as he tells her, she will be all right.  He says that he is not the father but he is not willing to tell her who that father may be.  He convinces her to go back to where Maria Santos grave is.  She has questions about her child and if she is okay.  David doesnít want to tell her where the girl is as the police are guarding the house.  He says the police have been guarding the house in case she shows up. If she does, she will be put in jail, he assures her of that.  She said that she trusts him and he wonders if she still does.  He offers to arrange for her to see her child under the condition that she leaves the house and swears never to come back there.

Maggie and Bianca are finished swimming now and they are laughing like little girls.  They are at the boathouse.  Maggie tells her that she doesnít have to be scared of her anymore.  Bianca denies that she is scared. They are way pass that.  Bianca has gotten very clear as to who Maggie is now.  Maggie thinks that Bianca is scared to be close to her.  Maggie thinks that Bianca is pushing her out of her life.  When Tim is around, Bianca disappears.  Maggie reveals that she likes Bianca.  Bianca suddenly remembers that she has to be at work for 8am in the morning.  Maggie remembers that when she was young with Frankie, they used to do many things together.  Maggie looks at things differently now.  People donít really fit into boxes with labels on them.  Bianca explains that she used to play with dolls and dress up.  That is probably why her mother didnít understand why she was gay.  Maggie would like to know how Bianca knew she was gay.  Bianca liked all kinds of things and that doesnít predict a childís preference.  How did Frankie know that she was gay?  No one knows how Frank knew that she was gay.  Maggie wants to understand what her sister was feeling.  How did Bianca know that she was gay?  When Bianca was 12 or 13, she realized that she felt differently about girls than she did for boys. She liked the Spice Girls. She wanted to marry them, not be like them. She had all  the usual teenage feelings, but she didnítí have them for boys.  The feelings didnít pass.  This is as much about her as her brown eyes.  Bianca doesnít want to talk about this.  Maggie can see that she is uncomfortable.  That is because Maggie is like Frankie and talking like this is hard for her.  Bianca walks off and Frank follows.

A guard comes to tell Edmund that someone has been in the graveyard and mausoleum.  Brooke canít believe what she is hearing.  Edmund is to be told the moment anything suspicious happens.  These are the ghosts that Brooke has been afraid of.  It is time for bed and Brooke is ready.  Her wild and crazy days are over.  He reminds her that she was wild and crazy at the Pine Cone Inn.  Tomorrow, she is going to become Mrs. Edmund Grey and she is going to be perfect at it.

David has Maria at the airport and he is trying to get her on a plane.  She would like to see her daughter, but seeing her will put her in jail. She doesnít want that.  She wonders if that girl will love he again.  The world is full of possibilities.  David has been taking care of her for all these years so she should just get on the plane and trust him.  The flight to Puerto Viarta is ready and she has to go. He tells her that he is sorry for her suffering. When he had found her after the crash, she shouldnít have played God, but he saved her life.  She has no life and she canít even remember her child.  She has to take things one day at a time.  She offers up her boarding pass and David sees that she gets on that plane.  As he is leaving, he hears a man coming up asking to get on the plane to Puerto Viarta. He canít get on that plane and it is not going to stop until it gets to Mexico.

Maggie and Bianca return to Biancaís place and they change into their clothes.  Maggie wishes her luck on her new job and leaves.

On the plane, Maria is getting her memories back. She remembers being in the car and saying goodbye to her daughter.  Brooke is holding her baby and telling her that she will take good care of that child.  Maria realizes that David has lied to her. She gets up to get off that plane. The airline stewardess tells her that she has to sit as the plane is about to take off.  Maria demands that she be removed from the plane right now.

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