AMC Update Monday 8/19/02

All My Children Update Monday 8/19/02

By Lori

Tad is in Jake's office awaiting the fax about Maureen Gorman from the Nevada hospital when Jake walks in. Tad tries to hide the fax. Jake wonders what Tad is doing there. Tad admits he was using Jake's fax machine but he can't tell him why because it's a surprise. Jake doesn't buy what Tad is saying, accusing Tad of trying to con him. The nurse who helped Tad earlier walks in, addressing Tad as "Dr. Martin." The nurse asks Tad if he could look at her painful toe. Tad tells her to go home and soak her feet. Jake is angry, realizing that Tad impersonated a doctor. Tad admits that he lied about the fax but he did it for Brooke. He's desperate to get this information to her before the wedding. Tad leaves to go to Brooke at Wildwind.

Maria is at Wildwind ready to knock on the door when David grabs her and stops her. Maria is glad to see David and throws her arms around him. David tells her they have to get out of there. She wants to go outside, realizing that Brooke is in there and she may know about her background. David insists that they leave, but Maria says this place is familiar. She feels like she's been there before. Inside the house, Edmund tells Brooke he hears something outside. He wants to check it and opens the door but finds no one. He calls security anyway. David has taken Maria to the mausoleum, telling her that she is putting herself at risk for being here. Maria tells him that she remembers things in dreams but forgets them after waking up. David tells her that it's her mind playing games with her. David sees the tombstone with Maria's name and tries to keep her from seeing it but she looks around and sees it. She remembers this is the name that Brooke gave her. Maria demands to know who "Maria Santos Grey" is. David tell her she is not ready to know the truth, but she insists. He tells her that Maria is the woman she killed.

Edmund wants to go to bed but Brooke says she wants to go over the seating chart one more time. After he goes upstairs, Tad arrives with an envelope containing the material from the Nevada hospital. He tells Brooke that he's sorry that he went behind her back but he needs to show her these papers. He pulls out a picture of Maureen Gorman. It is not Maria. Tad tells her that he needed to show her this picture to put her mind at ease. Brooke is relieved and thanks Tad for giving her the best wedding present ever. She sees Tad out and puts the envelope away. When she returns, she finds Edmund downstairs with the envelope in his hand. He asks her why she's hiding it from him.

Anna realizes that David lied to her about the reason he was at Wildwind. Aidan arrives at her hotel room and notices the positive pregnancy test. Anna admits to him that she and David were trying to have to have a baby. She seems upset about it now. Aidan tells Anna about finding Maureen in the park after she was mugged. Something clicks in Anna's head. She asks if the woman had a cell phone stolen and Aidan says yes. Anna tells Aidan that David seemed very interested in the woman who was mugged. Aidan asks why David would be interested in a random mugging. She says she doesn't know, but remembers that someone called the stolen cell phone and wouldn't speak and the call was traced to this hotel. She says they need to find Maureen.

Trey asks Maggie to go out for coffee with him but she refuses. Trey tells her he wishes she wasn't so suspicious. He's just trying to reach out to her. She asks why, and he walks away. Leo pops out from behind a corner and asks Maggie to help him bury Trey. Greenlee arrives and tells Maggie not to do it. Greenlee tells Leo that he's become obsessed with getting information on Trey and she's tired of it. Leo tells Greenlee to listen to his plan, and tells Maggie that Trey is after Vanessa's drug money. He asks her to go for coffee with him and get information out of him. Maggie agrees. Greenlee is angry that Leo is doing this, and says he is making it too personal. She says he is trying to protect this new version of Vanessa, Nessa. Leo admits that he feels like Nessa is the mother he never had and he doesn't want to turn his back on her. Greenlee reminds him that Vanessa tried to kill her -- twice. Leo says he realizes that but thinks that Nessa is not the same woman.

Maggie and Trey go to the boathouse, where Trey opens up to her. They talk about Vanessa, with Maggie saying it will be easier for him to defend the new Nessa. Trey tells her that Nessa pushes his buttons. Maggie wonders why. Trey admits that the Kenyons are not his real parents. His real mother threw him away and he was in one foster home after another. He says seeing Nessa being so nice to her "prodigal sons" makes him think about how he was abandoned. He tells him that when he became a Kenyon, his life started. He tells Maggie to keep all this information secret.

Leo goes into see Nessa, who is sleeping. He tells her that he didn't know about this new person inside her. He says he feels like he will be able to forgive her. Greenlee interrupts him to tell him that Maggie is back. Maggie tells Leo that Trey didn't provide any revealing information. She says he mainly opened up about his family. Leo says that maybe Trey's family holds the answers he's looking for. He decides to go to Ohio to check out Trey's family. Greenlee is not happy about this, and tells him that she's not going with him. Maggie feels guilty, thinking she's conned Trey. She says she doesn't want any part of this anymore. She tells Leo not to be so hard on Trey because he's had it rough.

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