AMC Update Thursday 8/15/02

All My Children Update Thursday 8/15/02

By Glynis

At SOS, at the pre-wedding party, Petey is there blowing spitballs. Kendall catches him and is about to give it to him when Palmer comes up behind them.  Kendall thought that he was working late and he can see that, as she has his son out very late and that isn’t good…Maggie and Bianca are talking alone, and Bianca sees Timmy and points that out to Maggie.  Maggie hates that Bianca is pushing her with Tim all the time. She has been asking Bianca why she keeps doing that, but hasn’t gotten a straight answer yet…Mateo asks Edmund if he is really happy marrying Brooke, and Edmund confirms that.  Mateo can see that Edmund is happy by looking in his eyes.  Edmund remembers how Maria used to love to party. She would love to be at an occasion such as this one.  Mateo laughs as he remembers the sister that he has lost…Outside the club, Maria and Aidan are at the door ready to go in, and Aidan is trying to convince her to go in.  She says that she is ready to confront Brooke and get the answers that she needs about who she is and what she wants…Opal and Tad have been dancing and she can see that he has found himself some new news.  She didn’t’ know that her son was such a mover and a shaker.  He thinks that he has been a lousy father, but Opal disagrees. They go over to JR and Opal demands a kiss. They order drinks and he gets them.  He offered to work the late shift that night.  Tad offers to take him home, but JR says no.  Tad offers to wait up for him because he wants to.  JR likes that.  Opal can see that things are going to work out okay.  Tad promised Dixie that he would try his best.  Opal walks off and Anna walks in.  Tad finds it funny that she is not with David…Aidan tells Maria that things are going to be okay.  Maria peers into the window and can see that this is a pre-wedding thing. She feels that this is really bad timing to be doing this.  Aidan really wants to help her to do this.  She is stalling and Aidan calls to her to come on.  She turns and runs off into the dark.  Aidan runs after her…

Inside the club, Palmer and Kendall sit as Petey goes to get something to eat.  Palmer asks Kendall to stop her revenge on Erica.  Kendall can’t believe that he is asking her that.  Palmer laughs at her. She is so sure of herself.  She seems to have everything under control, but if she did, she would have been married to Ryan now.  Palmer doesn’t want to see anyone work.  She will not get satisfaction from this.  He knows of which he speaks.  Erica is bringing Kendall’s life down, or at least that is the way that she sees it.  Kendall wants Erica to know what it is like to be kicked to the curb.  Palmer knows that Kendall needs someone on her side that can play the game as well as Erica.  Maybe Palmer is that person…Tim comes to sit with Maggie and Bianca.  The sparks are flying.  Bianca is happy that this is happening.  She can’t understand why Maggie can’t just get together with Tim, he clearly wants her.  Maggie noticed that Tim’s smile is lopsided. She thinks that is cute.  She wanted to kiss him as he is a pretty good kisser.  Bianca didn’t know all that…Tad is after Anna and she hates that he hates David so badly.  Brooke comes up and tells Tad that Anna and David are her guests and there is to be no arguing.  Tad leaves and Brooke goes to take care of something.  Anna is left to wonder where the hell her husband is…Petey finds a sucker in JR and ends up winning some money off him.  Opal comes over and talks to Petey.  She has no idea that her little boy is such a little brat.  She walks off and JR and Petey continue their little bet…Mateo and Hayley tell Edmund that they were asked to bring their child to New York to show him off in order to raise living donor awareness.  They will go to the wedding first so Edmund shouldn’t worry…Palmer wants to help Kendall out in case Erica tries to destroy her in the process.  Kendall would like Erica to accept Kendall as a daughter.  Kendall thinks that is a far hope.  Palmer tells her that because there is a chance to be Erica’s daughter again, she should end her scheme with Greenlee.  Kendall is wise to him now, she knows what he is up to…Maggie and Bianca discuss Tim and how on a scale of one to ten, the kiss that Maggie had with Tim was great.  Bianca asks if she is going to start seeing Tim.  Maggie can see that Bianca is acting like a freak now that she knows that Maggie has kissed Tim. She would like to know what is up with the girl…

Anna congratulates Brooke on her marriage.  Brooke is glad to talk to her.  She is getting a man that she can depend on and that is a wonderful gift.  Ann leaves to make a phone call.  Brooke sees something on the floor and she recognizes it as an earring that has to do with Maria.  Maria’s mother comes up behind her and can see that Brooke has found the earring that she has been looking for…Opal tries to talk to Palmer, but he will have nothing to do with her…Bianca denies that she has been trying to hook Maggie up with Tim.  Tim returns with drinks for the ladies.  He was late as Petey ripped him off for $10.00…Mrs. Santos tells Brooke that the earrings that Brooke has found was her favourite.  Mrs. Santos feels really close to her daughter when she wears the earrings. She would want Edmund to be happy.  Edmund comes up and asks Mrs. Santos to dance with him and she happily does.  Tad comes over to Brooke and can see that she may not be all right…Anna has been trying to reach David, but he is no where to be found.  Maggie comes over to see her and they discuss the cute guys. The party isn’t have bad. It must be all the love in the room.  Maggie can see that something is up with Anna.  Anna says that she might have something to be happy about.  She is horrible at keeping secrets.  Maggie is sworn to secrecy.  Anna tells her that she is late.  Anna hasn’t had a test yet. She will do that later tonight.  Maggie will tell no one until Anna is ready.  Anna is dying to tell David.  Where is he anyway?…Tad makes a toast to Brooke and Edmund.  All the glasses are raised for them…Tim comes over to Maggie and asks her if she has ever experienced his two left feet. That is an invitation to dance and off she goes.  Bianca is left alone and Opal comes over to congratulate her on her new job.  Opal knows that Erica is proud of her daughter.  Bianca knows that Erica can’t fight Kendall and Greenlee all by herself. That means a lot to Erica that her daughter would come to her rescue…Tad wants to know what is going on with Brooke. She says nothing. She is marrying the man that she loves and she is starting a wonderful life.  She says that she is no longer freaked out about Maria coming to spoil everything.  She changes the subject but he will not let her.  Tad demands to know what is wrong with her. She wants him to let her just be happy.  He wants her to be happy. She would like him to go off and find his own happiness.  Edmund decides to make a toast to Brooke.  Her uncanny ability to make him laugh at 2 in the morning.  “To the love of me life…Brooke English!”  Everyone claps and coos.

David is off in the dark sneaking around. He has been trying to get information on where Maria is.  He had no idea that she was in Pine Valley.  He comes to a door and finds it open.  He is at Wildwind.  He goes into the house and calls for Maureen, but no one answers.  He looks around a bit and calls out again for Maureen, but nothing.  He checks another room, but no cigar. He walks through the whole place, but finds no one there.  He sees a picture of Maria and Edmund from their wedding on the table.  He picks it up. He has to find this woman.  He hears a woman’s voice calling out.  It is the housekeeper thinking that someone is in the house. She sees no one, but she sees that Edmund and Maria’s picture has been put face down.  She puts it upright again and leaves the room.  David remembers 5 years earlier.  He gave her a plane ticket and money and he got her a part-time job.  He tells her that she is in trouble and her life depended on her getting out of town.  David is deep in his thoughts when a security guard for the grounds comes up to him and asks him who the hell he is and what he is doing there.  David says that he is a doctor and he received a page to come over there.  He got in through the front door and he remarks that Edmund won’t be happy with the security tonight.  The guard tells him that the whole family is at a party.  David laughs it off and turns to leave, but the guard tells him that he has to call the police first, so that Edmund will be happy with the security.  The guard goes to the phone and David stands by trying to figure out how to get out of this one.  The police are called and as they wait for the cops to arrive, David spouts off about how the security guard has made a terrible mistake.  The police arrive and David turns around to find his wife quickly walking towards him.

Maria has run all the way to the room at the Pine Cone Inn.  Aidan follows her and can’t understand why she is afraid of finding out who she is.  These people are her friends and family. She is afraid of hurting someone.  Aidan thinks that she should really speak to Brooke first.  Things are not that simple.  She has been running away from who she was and what she did.  Aidan would like to know what she did.  He makes her sit down.  Why is she so spooked? Whatever she did, he can help her.  She wants to trust him, but she can’t.  He can’t help her unless she levels with him. What is she so scared of?  Maria looks at her image in the mirror.  What did she do?  She tells Aidan that she killed a man.  Aidan has had contact with killers and she is not one. She doesn’t remind him of a killer at all.  He thinks that something has gone down and she has had the wool pulled over her eyes.  She remembers 5 years earlier.  David told her that she had to leave.  She doesn’t remember things happening the way that he told her, but he was so sure.  They were sitting in a car and he is trying to convince her to go.  He tells he that if she doesn’t go, she will end up in jail. She takes the envelope from him telling him that he will never see her again.  Aidan doesn’t believe any of this. She has no choices she thinks. She will not go on TV or crash anyone’s party.  He would like to be there for her.  She knows that he wants to help, but she swears him to secrecy.  She is overexcited and she needs a minute to calm down.  Aidan knows that she is not just anyone. She goes into the bathroom and Aidan get on the phone to make some private arrangements.  She comes out of the washroom and she really would like a cheeseburger.  He will go and get her something to eat, but he warns her not to open the door to anyone.  After he leaves, she heads to the phone and gingerly picks up to dial.  She hears ringing and she gets the police department.  She slams the phone down and thinks that Aidan has lied to her.  He is on their side.  She knows now that she has to run off.  Thank heavens for *69.

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