AMC Update Wednesday 8/14/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/14/02

By Glynis

Kendall is watching television and there is a show on about love. It is Hayley’s show called ‘The Wave’.  She has on that day people that have been in love for a long time.  She mutes the sound not wanting to think of the man that got away. She remembers running after Ryan that night as he drove off into the night.  He just wanted to get away from her.  Things were really bad for her at that point.  Trey comes into the room wondering if she ever turns the set off.  She has it on, but there is no sound.  There is knocking at the door.  Greenlee comes to see Trey and is very surprised to see Kendall there.  She wants an explanation from one of them as to why Kendall is there.  Greenlee heard a woman’s voice and that is why she came over. She was checking to see if Trey was being nice to Simone and letting her stay in spite of the fact that Greenlee had evicted her.  That is not the case.  Trey tells the ladies that they have to figure this out on their own and he leaves.  Let Kendall fend for herself on this one.  Kendall says that she is a great tenant and she can pay her rent as soon as she starts getting a check from Greenlee for a new job.  Kendall has no intention of giving Kendall anything.  She can barely stand her.  Kendall has made some mistakes in the past and that is why Greenlee isn’t’ going to let her anywhere near her.  The woman used to hate her once and Greenlee has a hard time forgetting that.  Maybe Greenlee will change her mind if she gets something from Kendall that she could really use.  Kendall offers her access to Enchantment.  She shows her the passkey to Erica’s offices.  That is like gold and Greenlee knows that.  Greenlee has to think that over for a moment.  Should she trust Kendall or shouldn’t’ she?  Kendall thinks that Greenlee can find the perfect way to use the pass card against Erica.  Kendall thinks that Greenlee is smarter than Erica and Erica knows that, that is why she tried so hard to keep Greenlee under her thumb.  Greenlee can tell that she is being buttered up and tells Kendall so.  Kendall says that she has learned that some times you have to learn that you can’t get everything that you want and that is her explanation for trying to get along with Greenlee all of a sudden.  Greenlee takes the card from her.  Kendall knows that they can get every formula of every fragrance that Erica’s company comes up with before Erica can do anything with it.  They will always be a step ahead of her this way.  Erica doesn’t even know that Kendall has the card.  That is the beauty of it.  If something happened, Erica wouldn’t even know who to accuse.  Greenlee soon learns that someone saw Kendall at Erica’s office when she stole the security card.  She promptly gives the card back. She isn’t going to jail for someone as stupid as Kendall.  She tells Kendall not to get too comfortable in the apartment.

Maggie and Bianca are having breakfast together, and they are talking about Bianca’s job with Enchantment.  Maggie is sure that Bianca can pull this off…Mateo is glad that JR came in early to help.  JR is glad to be there for him.  He is not going to let Mateo down again.  Timmy comes in and Hayley tells him that she wants to spank him as he has lied to her again.  Turns out that she has spoken to Trevor again and he seems to think that Tim has some other medical condition.  Why is he still there?  He is only having fun.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Timmy doesn’t want to tell his father that he just wants to stay for a while, but he promises to tell his father the truth soon.  Hayley thinks that would be the adult thing to do. She walks off.  Mateo thinks that this may be about Janet.  Timmy says that it has everything to do with Janet. She is getting really weird and Trevor isn’t seeing it.  Mateo knows that Hayley is right.  This has to stop. He can’t lie anymore about it…Bianca is worried that the job may be too big for her.  This is a huge company.  Everyone is going to think that the only reason that she got the job is because she is the boss’s daughter.  Maggie knows that Bianca is smarter and not like Greenlee and Kendall. She hasn’t got an inflated ego.  She is beautiful and smart and ambitious.  The more time that Maggie spends with her, the more she understands what Frankie saw in her.  Bianca sees Tim and points that out to Maggie.  Maggie wants to know why Bianca keeps trying to put her with Timmy…Tim talks to Hayley and they both come to a solution as to how he can deal with his parents and get what he wants…Bianca tells Maggie that she knows that the girl hasn’t’ been putting herself out there and Bianca was trying to help.  Maggie reminds her that she has no girlfriend either, so she shouldn’t talk.  Kendall walks up to their table and she tells her sister that she is the one that needs help.

Brooke is watching Hayley’s show and she hears of a couple enjoying their 50th anniversary.  Edmund comes in with stuff to eat and is glad to hear that Brooke has been watching happy things.  He has brought them some bagels to eat in bed.  She wouldn’t’ mind if he brought her there after they are married. She still has some kinks in her yet.  Edmund hasn’t’ been this happy in a long time.  He is her second chance at love.  There is so much to plan for this wedding.  Before the party, before the wedding, he would like to spend some time with Brooke.  She is the woman of his dreams.

Maria is up  and talking to Aidan.  He has been thinking about her past and wants to talk about that more with her.  She tells him that there is nothing for them to talk about.  Aidan thinks that maybe they should go public with her story.  She shouts at him, “NO!”  She doesn’t want that as there are 2 people that are trying to find her. She would like to know what the people know about her before they find her. If she goes public they will know that she is there.  She apologizes to Aidan for biting his head off.  He would like to help her on her terms instead of his.  She is really grateful for the things that he has been doing for her.  He would like her to stop thanking him for every little thing.  She can’t let anyone see her before she figures what is going on.  He can see now that she doesn’t know who she is.  He is figuring it out now.  Maria doesn’t want to talk about this.  He has been good to her and hasn’t pushed and that has been fabulous, but he has to let this go.  Aidan thinks that the person that is looking for her may be able to tell her who she is.

Brooke is leaving her apartment and she has forgotten her keys. She shouts to Edmund that she can’t find the keys.  Maria hears Brooke’s voice and she looks out the blinds to see Brooke standing there.  She hurries back to Aidan telling him that she has seen the woman outside that is following her.  She hears Edmund talking to Brooke and she tells Aidan that this is the woman. She knows that the woman’s name is Brooke English and that she is with a guy named Tad.  Aidan tells her that he has an ides to find out who the people are. There is a party there later that night and he thinks that they should go to it and confront Brooke as to why she is following Maria around. Aidan will be with her and they will get the answers that she needs.  She is worried that they may know something about her.  He promises her that he will not let them hurt her. She wants to believe in him  but she wants to know more about t the club that he is talking about.  He tells her that the club is called SOS.  He tells her that Mateo Santos owns the club.  Maria recognizes the name Santos.  Brooke told her that her name was Santos when she came after her in Nevada.  Aidan tells her that they are going to go to this place and they are going to find out what is going on.  She is starting to see that his suggestion may be a good idea.

Anna has been trying to talk to the culprit who has been brought in for purse snatching.  While he sits in front of her handcuffed, a phone starts ringing.  It is David calling to talk to Maria.  Anna finds the phone on the man and answers it.  “Hello!”  David is shocked to hear his wife’s voice on the other end of the line.  He continues to say nothing.  She tells the listener that she can get a warrant to find out who is on the other end of this line.  That is when David panics and hangs up.  What the hell is his wife doing answering Maria’s phone?  He heads to the door and is out in a flash.

Anna turns to the purse snatcher and she asks about the caller just now.  He tells her that he would like to see a lawyer.  While talking, he blurts out that the phone isn’t even his.  Now she has him.  She starts asking him about the phone. The criminal tells her that he got the phone from some girl that was in the park.  David is outside listening to the man talk about Maria and how he came to have her phone.  Anna can tell that someone is outside the interrogation door and she goes over to open the door. She finds her husband standing sheepishly outside.  She goes to talk to David in private.  David tells her that he has been worried about her.  He manages to turn the conversation around to learn about the purse snatcher.  He starts asking about the woman that got her purse stolen and that is when Anna asks him what is up.  Why is he suddenly so interested in the woman who has had her purse snatched?  He fakes interest.  She tells him that they have no idea who the woman is but they are trying to track her down. She leaves him alone as she has some work to do.  He will wait for her to get off work.  Now he has to figure out where Maria has gone.

Edmund and Brooke show up at SOS and are greeted by Edmund and Hayley…Trey walks in and finds Kendall fighting with Bianca.  Kendall is telling Bianca that she and Greenlee have some things up their sleeves.  Greenlee is in SOS too and overhears Kendall talking. She tells Kendall that they have nothing going together.  Bianca and Greenlee snap at each other and then Greenlee leaves.  Kendall follows and Bianca is happy with her performance. She leaves the table and Trey comes over to talk to her. What does he want with her?  He tells her that he has no family and no friends and he would like to hang out with her.  He would like someone to be his friend.  Maggie thinks that he is weird and she doesn’t know what he is up to, so she doesn’t want him around…Kendall has a way that they can get back at Bianca.  She saw the way that Bianca reacted when she thought that Greenlee and she were working together.  Greenlee tells her emphatically, “No!”…Edmund and Brooke talk to Tim and he says that his parents will not be able to make the wedding but he will be there.  Hayley wants to get their opinion on the quiche as she has some prepared, but Edmund pulls his bride to be from the other to tell her that this is what happens when you have a wedding, things get out of control.

Anna is finished with work now and she comes to get David, but he is not there.  Where did he go?

David has parked his car in town and he is going to stay out all night to find Maria.

It is night now and Edmund and Brooke are at SOS getting ready to enjoy their little party.

Outside of SOS, Aidan and Maria are standing and talking.  There are going to go inside and confront Brooke to ask her what she wants from Maria.  Aidan asks her, “Are you ready?” She answers him, “Ready!”    

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