AMC Update Tuesday 8/13/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/13/02

By Glynis

Kendall and Aidan are kissing.  The argument that they were having as proved to be foreplay for them and they grope and kiss like there has never been anyone else for either of them.  He stops as there is a part of him telling him that this shouldn’t be happening.  She knows that he is going to say something, so she puts her finger on his lips  to stop him from talking, and then the kissing starts again.  Now, things are crazier than ever.  Things get hot and heavy and then she stands back and slaps his face, cold and hard.  She wants to know more about the woman he has stashed.  He is not going to discuss anything like that with her of all people.  She heard him talking on the phone and she knows that the woman has been staying at the Pine Cone Inn.  Kendall thinks, maybe she should go over there and tell the woman what a two-timer Aidan really is.  He grabs her arms roughly telling her that if she does anything like that, she will be sorry.  She can tell that the woman that he is hiding is the greatest love of his life.  He realizes that what everyone thinks of her is true.  She doesn’t care that he thinks nothing of her.  He knows that she is homeless and tells her that he has to go, but she isn’t staying there.  She tells him that she has a room mate now.  He is sure that it isn’t going to take long for that person to chuck her out into the street.

Trey is worried that he will be found out.  He has some dirty little secrets and he can’t afford to have them come out.  Greenlee was caught by him snooping through his things.  She called in during the blackout to ask him to come and sign a lease.  He found that strange, so he got home as fast as he could and there he found Greenlee looking through his things in the dark.  He is not sure if that was something that he should be afraid of, but he knows that he has to be careful that nothing that he wants to keep hidden gets found out.  He gets the Proteus disc that he has in his possession and decides that he is going to get a better place to hide it.  There is no time like the present, so he heads to the door to get the thing out of his apartment.  Suddenly, there is knocking at the door.  She is knocking on the door and trying to get in.  He doesn’t answer for a long time.  He is hoping that she will just go away, but she doesn’t.  He doesn’t want to talk to her right now, but finally he answers.  Before he answers the door, he hides the disc in his apartment, but he really must get rid of that thing as soon as possible.  She knows that he cut their night short to sign a lease with Greenlee, so she knew that he would be in there.  She walks in as she has been thinking about him ever since he left her place earlier that night.  She would like to pick up with him where they left off, now that he has signed the lease.  He tells her that he has some briefs to finish now, but he would be glad to meet her the following night for more of the same.  He tries to push her out but she hasn’t got her car and needs a ride home.  He will take her of course, but he assures her that he will not be staying the night or coming in for anything.  He takes her out of the apartment, but he will be back.

Edmund and Brooke are alone in the motel and he tells her that he is with the woman that he loves right now. She was worried that he was going to hightail it to Nevada to try and find Maria, but that hasn’t been the case.  There is no one else that he would rather be with and he would like Brooke to know that.  Outside, Maria hears Edmund’s voice in the room next to hers.  There is something familiar about that voice. That voice pulls her into the night and lures her to get closer to it, but she knows that she has to stay hidden.  She gets a candle and starts walking towards that room again when she hears someone coming. She hurries back into her room and closes the door…Edmund makes a toast to reunions at the Pine Cone.  He and Brooke have come there to relive part of their past.  They try to capture the love and the good feelings that they had before…Maria can’t believe that she is eavesdropping on the strangers next door.  What is so fascinating about them she wonders?  Aidan said that he would come right away, but that was 4 hours ago. She is going  crazy sitting there all alone with no one to talk to and nothing to do.  She knows that she should have listened to David.  She goes to the phone and calls him.  David has been waiting for her to call him but she never did. She tells him that she is in big trouble.  He assures her that he can fix whatever is wrong.  Just then Anna comes home.  She tells him to hurry up with his call.  David ends the call as if he is talking to an associate saying that he will get back to the party as soon as possible. She starts to tell him that she hasn’t got her cell phone, so he can’t reach her, but he hangs up for fear that Anna will learn that he is up to something devious.  He turns to his wife. She has an hour off from work and has come home to spend time with him.  She is feeling very sexy, but he has to leave to check on a patient he says.  She reminds him that they are in the process of having a baby. She can see that he is not into getting with her. She knows that there is something else on his mind and she knows what it is.  She thinks that she might be rushing things with him so that they could have a baby.  She might be pushing him a little so that she couldn’t talk herself out of it.  It has been a long time since she has wanted something, and wanted her baby is scary. She is out of excuses for not having the baby. She has to remind herself that nothing is going to take her happiness away.  He assures her that nothing is going to take their happiness away. She takes that as a promise.  She has started getting dressed to go back to work, but he wants her now and he starts taking off her clothes.

Maria is in her room listening to the soft music next door.  She is acting nervous and twitchy.  She remembers that man’s voice next door.  She also remembers Brooke’s voice from Nevada.  She remembers Tad’s voice.  All those voices sound familiar, why is that? She doesn’t feel that she knows these people.  David warned her not to let the Pine Valley people get close to her.  Where is Aidan?  He must have forgotten about her.  She can’t wait there anymore. She has to get out of there.  She runs to the blinds and peeks out…Edmund and Brooke are in their room at the Pine Cone dancing to soft music.  They are enjoying being together.  There is a window in the room and the drapes are open.  They head over to the champagne and she tells him how sorry she is about what he had to put up with over the past few weeks.  He understands now.  The idea was crazy, but he knows why she did it.  This curiosity is what makes them good at their jobs.  She brings up Tad and Edmund warns her not to do that.  He is going to be the only man in Brooke’s life from now on and they are going to love each other and they are going to raise their kids together.  The past is going to be the past.   She is crying now.  He wants her to stop that.  He has a surprise for her and it is in the car.  He leaves the room to go and get it…Maria writes a note for Aidan and she heads to the door.  She exits and turns to lock the door.  While her back is turned, someone comes up behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder.  She is startled and turns quickly.  Soon she is smiling, “I thought that I would never see you again.”  It is Aidan and he explains to her that he was late because he was stuck in a building because of the blackout. She isn’t sure why she is there.  He wants her to rest.  She has been busy while he has been gone.  She has made a drawing of a big house.  She has been drawing it for years.  He recognizes the house and thinks that she is very talented. She has nothing to her name, but he was kind enough to bring her some toiletries.  She can accept this from him. She is there for some answers and now she has lots of problems. She tells him that she is not staying and she tries to walk out.  She gets angry with him for trying to stop her and she shouts at him for trying to make her stay.  There is knocking on the door.  It is the man’s voice from next door.  “Hello!  Are you okay in there?  I am next door.  Are you okay?”

Trey is back  at his place now.  He has a key that he puts in a drawer.  Let them figure out where that goes.  He sees a door open into a room in his house.  He can’t believe that Leo and Greenlee are back again snooping.  Well he is not going to put up with this crap a moment longer.  He grabs a heavy paperweight.  He has every right to use it.  He is after all just protecting his home.  He holds the paperweight over his head and goes into the room to accost whoever is in there.  After a while, there is a scream!  Kendall is in  the room.  She ends up clobbering him.  She thought that someone was breaking in.  She got in the apartment through the fire escape. The window was open.  He didn’t give her a key as he forgot that she was going to be staying with him. She is sorry for what she did, but she has nowhere to go.  He wants her out in the morning as he has lots of work to do.  He wants to go to bed band in the morning, he doesn’t want to find her there.  She reminds him that he owes her or she is going to go to the Bar or Adam Chandler.  She seems to need someone to worry about her and Trey is not going to be that person.  He says that she can stay but that doesn’t mean that she is going to forget that he is a snake.  He warns her to keep her distance at all times.  He goes into the bedroom and she turns on the television.

Edmund returns to his room in the Pine Cone Inn and offers Brooke a picture that Addie drew of her family.  Brooke is in the picture.  Addie really would like Brooke to be her mommy.  That is just what Brooke needed to hear.

Maria and Aidan discuss her wanting to leave and he manages to convince her to stay that night at least.  She is confused  about him helping her.  What happened to her was none of his business, but when he saw her there upset and alone, he was going to walk away but he has done that many times in his life and won’t do it again.  She owes him nothing.  Payment would be for her to stay.  She is helping him make up for past mistakes.  He offers her the bag with the toiletries and clothes in it and this time she takes it.

It is morning now and Trey gets up to find Kendall sleeping on the couch after watching a Richard Fields movie.  Trey has never heard of the man.  The man was very famous and coincidentally, he was Kendall’s father.  Trey is shocked to hear all this.  He tells her that he has some things to do, but when he gets home, he wants her to make herself scarce.  She turns on the movie again and hears Richard Fields’ voice.  It startles her this time and she looks behind her to where Trey has gone through a door. The voice is strangely familiar.

Edmund and Brooke wake and they are greeting each other in bed…Maria is looking out the window at the door where the strangers are together.  Aidan wakes up and calls to her.  She turns to face him right at the moment that Edmund is walking about of his room.  Aidan has slept on the chair covered by a blanket.  He would like to help Maria out, but she has no idea what type of help she needs. She isn’t sure why she is there.  Maybe she is trying to forget something.  That can’t work, as she has no past. 

Anna is finished her shift now and is about to leave when a culprit is brought in. he is a purse snatcher.  Anna offers to take care of him for the officer.  She orders some coffee.  She is not in a very good mood she warns the criminal.

David is alone at home and trying to reach Maria, but no one answers.  He tries her cell phone again…At the station, the criminal’s phone starts ringing.  Anna is frustrated by this guy.  She realizes that he is in the possession of the ringing phone.  She frisks him quickly and finds the phone easily.  She hits the button and talks, “hello?…”  No one answers.  On the other end of the phone is David.  He hears his wife’s voice on the other end of the phone and is puzzled by this.  Why is his wife answering Maria’s phone?  Something must have happened to her.

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