AMC Update Monday 8/12/02

All My Children Update Monday 8/12/02

By Lori

Tad goes to Brooke's house and she greets him rather sullenly with a candle in her hand, since the lights are out. She tells him that Edmund is gone, having gone to Nevada to look for Maureen Gorman. As Tad lights more candles, he reassures Brooke that Maureen is not Maria. He asks her when Edmund is coming back, but she says she doesn't know. She hasn't talked to him. She's left 10 phone messages for him but he hasn't called back. Tad realizes that Brooke doesn't know for sure that Edmund went to Nevada. Brooke admits that she's overreacting. Tad tells her that she's losing it, and if she doesn't pull herself together, she'll lose Edmund. The phone rings and it is Edmund. He wants Brooke to meet him for a romantic getaway. Tad leaves, telling Brooke she deserves to be happy with Edmund. Brooke goes to the Pine Cone motel, where Edmund greets her, saying it seems he's been waiting for her forever. Just across the way is Maria, who is ready to walk out of her room until she sees Brooke. She has her door open and listens as Edmund greets Brooke.

While trapped in Erica's unfinished apartment, Kendall is taunting Aidan about the woman he was talking to on the phone. She calls her his girlfriend. This angers Aidan, and the two argue. Kendall tells Aidan that he wants her bad, but he tells her he doesn't want anything from her. He accuses her of continually feeling sorry for herself and urges her to give up the victim attitude. He says not every man is panting for her. Kendall starts talking about Ryan, and how she lost everything when she lost him. Aidan tells her Ryan was lucky to get out alive. A downtrodden Kendall admits that yes, he was lucky. She starts to cry. Aidan reaches for her but she tells him to leave her alone. Aidan hangs a sheet to give Kendall some privacy and hands her a bucket of ice. He sees her silhouette through the sheet as she removes her top and rubs the ice over her body. He apologizes for saying what he did about Ryan. Kendall admits that she hurt Ryan, prompting Aidan to urge Kendall to stop feeling sorry for herself. Kendall tells him he's not making her feel better. She again asks about his "girlfriend" and says all she needs to do to learn who she is is go to the Pine Cone. Ryan moves to her side of the sheet and tells her to "stay the hell away." Kendall chastises him for this show of testosterone and asks if she reminds him of his girlfriend. She accidently calls him Ryan, and when he corrects her she again accuses him of wanting her. He grabs her and kisses her.

Leo wants to go to Trey's apartment to search for evidence that could lead them to Vanessa's money. Greenlee, who's shining a flashlight in his face, tries to talk him out of it. Leo says Trey is a few steps ahead of him and he wants to get something on him. He convinces Greenlee to call Trey, who is in bed with a blonde named Rebecca. Greenlee tells him that now that Simone has moved out, he can continue to stay there as long as he wants, but he'll need to sign a lease. She asks him to come over and sign it. Trey tells her he's not at home, but he'll be there in an hour. He thinks this is strange, that Greenlee would ask him to come over during a power outage. He leaves Rebecca to go see Greenlee. Meanwhile, Leo and Greenlee enter Trey's apartment and start to look around. Leo goes into a back room and Greenlee looks through books. She sees a book of poetry from her father to Simone with an inscription reading that he has brought poetry back into his life. Greenlee says this is the same thing her father wrote to her in a book of poetry. She tosses the book aside just as Trey walks in. He asks her what she's doing there. Greenlee says she needed to check on his apartment since there was a power outage and he wasn't there. Trey tells her she should get back to Leo, but she says Leo is not home and she's afraid to walk back there in the dark. She asks him if he'll walk her home. Trey does, giving Leo an opportunity to escape. After Trey leaves to go back to his apartment, Leo puts his hand over Greenlee's mouth to keep her from screaming. He tells her he snuck out Trey's bedroom window. He didn't find any evidence, but Greenlee has a plane ticket showing Trey was in Paris at the same time they were. She says she thinks Trey is onto them. Trey, who is back in his apartment, pulls out computer discs which he says contain the Proteus files. He is happy to see they are still there and nothing has been touched. He says to himself that Leo will not find the money.

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