AMC Update Friday 8/9/02

All My Children Update Friday 8/9/02

By Glynis

Nessa is in her room talking to the guard.  The guard has a stain and Nessa gives her tips on how to get it out.  The guard is grateful to this new personality. The woman seems to be a very nice person.  She is much different from Vanessa.  She is being very helpful and she even offers the guard hairspray that she has in her possession in her drawer. As the guard leans over to get the hairspray, Nessa has a good look at her gun.  It is closer than it should be to the woman…Leo and Greenlee are outside Nessa’s room and Greenlee tells him that Nessa claims that she new Roger and that they were in Paris together, and Greenlee wants to believe her. This frightens Greenlee as she was determined to think that Vanessa was playing a game with them and trying to get off easy, but that might not be the case and Greenlee is afraid of that.  The court will never believe that she is faking as she is so good at lying.  But then again, she may be Nessa, who knows?…The guard realizes that Nessa could have taken the gun and she is glad to see that the woman didn’t try to take advantage of the situation.  Nessa says that bloodstains are harder to remove than clothing stains…Leo and Greenlee has an idea.  He thinks that Trey is trying to get his hands on the money.  He feels that Trey will be the one that will lead them to the money. Then they can go to Paris and live happily ever after.  Leo has been sneaking around and Mia seems to be the one that can give them information on Trey.  They will force her to help them. 

Frank and the small child in the wheelchair are near Mia and she is freaking out as Trey is there.  The boy looks like he could be the son of Frank and Mia. The son that Frank knows nothing about.  The boy has a big afro and Frank tends to him and is tender with him.  Mia asks Frank whom that little boy is that he is tending to in the wheelchair.  Frank tells her that this is Malik.  Mia is relieved to find that the boy is not her son after all, and she says nothing on the subject.  She talks to the boy explaining that she used to work at the hospital, and that she likes to get to meet the kids that are in there.  She breathes a sigh of relief realizing that she has jumped the gun.  Her nerves are a wreck.  Trey introduces himself to Frank.  He hears Frank’s name and can understand now why Mia looked like she was about to puke.  He is glad to finally meet the man.  Frank finds it surprising that Trey has heard about him.  Frank wonders what Mia has been saying about him.  Mia says that Trey was only teasing her.  Frank says that Malik's parents are coming to get him.  He is going to have new foster parents that day.  Trey wishes that he had someone like Frank to look after him.  He thinks that Frank really does have a gift with kids.  Trey says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Frank already had a Frankie Junior hanging around at home.  Frank assures him that there is no one.  Frank and the kid leave and Trey turns to Mia.  Imagine Frank’s face when he is finally told that he really is a father.  What if she calls his bluff?  Trey pretends to page Dr. Hubbard.  She gives in and tells him that he wins.  She is not going to let him ruin her son’s life.  Trey is someone that thinks that he knows Mia for who she really is.  He warns her to keep her mouth shut.  He is still running the show.  He walks off from her and asks a nurse for a little boy that was wheeled around.  His name is Malik.  Trey asks about the boy and how he is. The nurse says that the boy needs some procedures done but the state will not foot the bill.  Trey makes the nurse wait as he scribbles out a check.  This surprises the nurse.  He feels that the boy needs the help, but she is warned not to say who paid for it.

Kendall is searching through Erica’s things in her office.  She is searching for something to do damage to Erica’s business or her person.  She is digging through things on the desk when she hears a noise.  Someone knocks at the door and she hides in the back room to wait until the person leaves.  Aidan comes in and finds no one there.  He heads to the desk and dials the phone to talk to Maureen.  He is checking up on her to make sure that she is okay.  He asks her if anyone knows where she is.  No one does.  He assures her that she is safe with him and that no one will find out about her until she wants him or her to.  Kendall hears everything. Who is he talking to, and what is this all about, she wonders?  She hears him telling the person that he is on his way to see her.  After she thinks that he is gone, she figures that he realizes that he knows that he can’t be with Bianca and so he is moving on.  She comes out of the back room and is shocked to find Aidan standing there waiting for her to come out from hiding.  He knows that she was in the back room all alone.  He asks her, “What’s up!” She denies that she is doing anything wrong. She says that she is there to pick up her last pay check.  She makes up several excuses as to why she couldn’t wait till another time to get it, Aidan isn’t buying this.  She isn’t very good at avoiding him it seems. She keeps getting busted and he is always there to catch her at her sneaking around.  She tries to leave and he stops her.  They are going to pay a visit to Erica and she will decide with to do with Kendall this time.  She tries to get by him, but Aidan puts her over his shoulder and carries her out.  She screams at him to put her down, but Aidan is not going to play her silly games with her this time.

Erica and Chris are in the new penthouse and he has set things up for them to have a celebratory time together. He asks her to marry him.  If she says yes, they will show the world how perfect things can be.  Erica looks down at her shoes with a not so happy face.  Chris has put the engagement ring on a string hanging from the ceiling and he takes it down and asks her again to marry him.  She says that she can’t do it. He doesn’t understand her answer.  This has nothing to do with the full moon. She is sorry that she has to say no.  He wonders if he has done something wrong to her. She tells him that there is so much more to being married and sharing a life, than a dangling ring from the ceiling.  Chris knows what is involved in being married.  For her, this is a serious proposition and he doesn’t understand. She thinks that she is acting in both their best interests.  He knows that she loves him, so why doesn’t she say yes?  She is sorry and she runs from the room.  Erica runs to a safe place where she can be alone and she sits crying by herself. There is knocking at the door.  She opens to find Chris there.  He tells her that she is not going to get away from him that easy.  He wants to make things right for her.  How bad can it be? She doesn’t want to find out.  She is afraid that this marriage will not work for her either.  He was so sweet and romantic just now with the ring on a ribbon. That is an old tradition in his family. His grandfather started it.  His grandfather decorated the whole place for his grandmother and she saved the ring and used it to mark her place in her bible.  How Chris feels for her and how determined he is to be all that she needs is all that he needs for her.  He gets all that he needs from her, he gets by being with her.  She is more than he ever dreamed that he could ever have.  He knows what he is getting into with her. He likes danger, remember? When she saw the ring, she was terrified and she was so scared.  It is his pleasure to propose to her all over again.  He tells her that he will wait until she is ready to marry him and he will meet her at the altar. He really means that.  Thunder strikes and Erica jumps into his arms.  He likes that.  The night when Richard Fields raped her, it was a terrible stormy night too.  The lights go out.  They talk some more and that is when Erica decides that she has to marry this man. She lets him put the ring on her finger. 

Leo and Greenlee are home now.  Greenlee finds him marvellous.  They said that they wouldn’t’ talk bout Vanessa anymore but that is all that they are doing. The storm rages on outside.  They decide to have sorbet, but he will decide where it will ultimately be served.  He leaves to go and get them some and Greenlee relaxes in the home with the television on.  Greenlee goes into the other room to get more comfortable.  A Richard Fields movie is on the television.  Leo returns to the apartment and hears the television on in his apartment. He thinks that Trey is in his apartment.  He shouts out, “Trey! What the hell are you doing in there?”  He finds his key and enters the room to find nothing but darkness. The lights have gone out.  He shouts out for Greenlee and she suddenly appears coming from the bedroom.  He didn’t’ turn off the lights, he thought that he heard Trey’s voice.  The television has gone off and the voice is gone now.  Leo has left the ice cream outside and Greenlee goes to get it.  Leo is sure that he has heard Trey’s voice, but Greenlee tells him that what he heard was something from the television . That is weird.

Trey comes to see Nessa with his cup of coffee.  They look at the storm through the windows. He tells her that he has made progress on her case. She has to lead them to the money and he is sure that he can get her probation if she cooperates.  Nessa says that she has tried to remember where the money is but she can’t.  Trey says that she has to work to stay out of jail.  Trey is sorry to frighten her, but she needs to tell him everything. She has trusted her son, Leo and he is worried that the money was given to him.  Nessa says that he hasn’t been given the money as far as she knows.  Trey asks if she or anyone else in there has any other children.  The lights go out and suddenly they are in the dark.  The generators for the hospital kick in and Trey is back on Nessa like white on rice.  “Do you have any other children?”  She assures him that she has no more children.  David and Leo are it.  That is all that Trey can deal with now. He is going to leave. Once outside, he is upset with her.  He refers to her as, ‘mother…’

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