AMC Update Thursday 8/8/02

All My Children Update Thursday 8/8/02

By Glynis

Bianca is all dressed up and she comes to her mother’s office and hands her a résumé.  Her mother is shocked. Her daughter wants to come and work for the company.  Erica is shocked as Bianca told her that she would never have anything to do with the cosmetics field.  Bianca felt that the company didn’t do things there were deep enough to attract her interests.  Bianca tells her mother that she is there because Kendall and Greenlee are going to go after her.  She has heard them talking and she knows that they are going to plan something to hurt Erica and Bianca wants to be the one that saves her mother from them.  She will be a team with her mother against the forces of evil.  Bianca is someone that Erica can trust and Erica knows that.  Erica likes the idea of working with her daughter, but she has some reservations. She would expect nothing less from her daughter.  Bianca would like to grind Greenlee and Kendall into the ground. Erica is not worried at all.  Erica is turning her daughter down, but with great regret. Whatever is going on, this is not Bianca’s fight.  Erica really does belong in school.  Bianca isn’t ready for college and she doesn’t want to sit around on her trust fund.  This is Erica’s dream, but this is not Bianca’s. Where does she see herself? Bianca hasn’t realized her dream yet, but she can learn a lot from her mother.  She admires her mother’s business sense. That means a lot to Erica. This is real life to Bianca and she would like to be a part of that.  She needs the experience and she will then figure out what she wants to do when she grows up. She wants Enchantment on her résumé.  Erica gives in, but Bianca has to attend school part time to stay. That is the deal breaker.  Erica wins, Bianca will do as she has been asked. She is welcomed to Enchantment.

Simone is so grateful to Frank for helping her out that she kisses him on the cheek. She isn’t sure why she did that and Frank thinks that she has done that because he is so irresistible.  She is just happy that someone is being a friend to her.  She tells him that she has a habit of using men as a crutch to hold herself up. She has been ditching reality and trying to disappear. She ends up crawling into bed with the closest warm body. She tells him that she slept with her best friend’s father.  She felt guilty and then cut the guy loose. She felt lonely and crawled back into bed with the guy.  She tells Frank that if he is smart, he should run from her.  He understands now.  Her father is a good man, but he hasn’t been very understanding to her daughter.  He hasn’t been very warm to her either.  Simone stands up to Frank thinking that he is only talking to her like this so that he can become the new hotshot doctor. She says that she can get her help from someone else and that she doesn’t need Frank.  Frank knows that her father is not goig to give his daughter any help.  Simone makes excuses for the way that her father is.  Frank knows that she is wrong to think that he is a great man.  She knows that her father is a brilliant doctor and Frank isn’t half the man that her father is.  She finds Frank to be a waste of time.  He is going to the hospital and tells her that he will see her when he gets back. She tells him that she will not be there when he gets back.  Him taking care of her is too scary for her.  Myrtle is there now.  Frank tells Myrtle that it looks like Simone is moving on.  Frank is not going to stop her from leaving.  She thanks him for that.  He wants he to be sure that she doesn’t end up in a bad place when she leaves. There is really no harm in her sticking around if she thinks that she may need some more help.  Frank leaves and Myrtle wants to talk to Simone first. She feels that the woman is making a big mistake. When you are drowning and someone throws you a life preserver, you should hold on to it with all your might.  Myrtle thought that she was using Frank, but he has seen something in Simone and so there must be something worth saving.  Myrtle tells her to plant herself right where she is.  Simone is smiling at her now.

Greenlee goes to see Vanessa and talk.  Nessa is glad that she has returned as she can see that Greenlee doesn’t believe that she is who she says that she is.  Nessa says that Greenlee’s love saved him.  Leo had a miserable childhood because of his mother.  Nessa tried to help in the past, but all that she could do was hope. She sees that his eyes light up now and she knows that he is finally happy.  Nessa remembers when Vanessa held the knife up to her throat.  Nessa asks for forgiveness for not stopping Vanessa.  Greenlee tells Nessa that she owes her, her life.  Nessa wasn’t expecting to hear this.  Greenlee says that Nessa would give Leo anything to help him get the life that he deserves.  She asks Nessa to tell her where Vanessa hid the 10 million dollars.  Nessa says that she has no idea where the money has actually ended up.  That is what she thought that the woman would say.  Nessa has more to say to Greenlee, but she listens anyway.  What is the big deal?  Nessa tells her not to hate her father. She knows that he loved her with all his heart.  Greenlee’s eyes get big as saucers.  Nessa reminds her of a time when she was with Roger in Paris. They went to see the Mona Lisa and Roger looked at her and said that the woman in that picture doesn’t even hold a candle to my little girl.  Mary got a hold of him then.  He did exactly as Mary told him in order to protect Greenlee.  In a roundabout way, Roger gave his life for her.  Nessa knows that Greenlee might not believe her, but Nessa tells her that she is not a liar and she would never, ever hurt the young woman.  Greenlee wants to go, but Nessa wants her to come back again so that they can be friends.  Greenlee walks out. She is crying now. What the woman said had a strange ring of truth to it.

Chris comes to see Aidan and tells him to go home early that day.  He gives Aidan some money telling him that he should take the boys at work with him.  Chris has been plans for the area tonight. The guys clear out and Chris is alone. He thinks of his son.  He sends the boy an email.  “…Tonight is the night where I take my life into both hands and never let it go…”

Kendall is playing cards with Petey and Trey comes up joking that Kendall is playing Nanny.  Trey meets the kid and turns to Kendall to see what she wants from him. She tells him that he owes her big time and it is time that he pays up.  She sends Petey off to get some ice cream and then tells Trey that he owes her.  He reminds her that she owes him.  She remembers his lousy defence of her.  Her life wasn’t in great shape, but now she has no future.  That is not Trey’s problem, but he offers to go 10 rounds with her. She doesn’t want to fight; all she has to do is call the Bar Association to tell them about the type of advice that he has been giving her.  He will lose his licence.  She wants justice from him and a place to crash. She is living in her car and she can’t afford first and last months’ rent.  Trey has troubles as his own as Simone has been kicked out of the apartment.  Kendall finds that to be perfect.  He thinks that she is crazy. What is in it for him? She tells him that he is the one that owes her remember?  Trey tells her that she can move in temporarily, but now she owes him.  He leaves patting Trey on the head.  Petey likes that guy.

Mia comes to Jake and Leo and tells them that Trey is not to be trusted. That is all that she says to him.  Jake gets her to walk with him to another floor so that they can talk.  Jake wanted only to get her from Leo so that she can come clean about Trey.  Nothing that she has said lately has been making sense.  Jake knows that there is more to this.  Jake is trying to help her but he needs more clues from her.  She tells him that Trey was the one that found a family for her son, and that he is a lying user.  That is it.  Jake knows that she is telling the truth, but not about everything. She denies that she is holding anything back. He has had enough.  He turns and heads back to work.  She shouts after him to call her and he shouts back sarcastically, “Sure!”  He leaves and Leo comes into the room telling her that he has been eavesdropping.  He thinks that Jake was coming down on Mia too hard.  She tells him that this really isn’t his business.  He wants something and she can see that. He would like to have some freedom.  He is being stopped as he has to be a witness against Vanessa and that is where Trey figures in.  Trey is Vanessa’s attorney and he is doing something to Vanessa…trying to get the money.  Mia is not sure of Leo’s intentions either.  This isn’t Leo trying to get rich, but Leo trying to start a new life with Greenlee.  If she knows anything that can help him bury Trey, he would really appreciate her telling him.  Mia says that she will give up the information that he needs.  Trey walks in and sees Leo with Mia.  “My aren’t we looking cozy?”  Leo leaves and Trey grabs Mia. He demands to know what was going on with she and Leo.  She tells him that she is sick of him threatening her and bullying her. She tells him that this is over, right now.  He reminds her that she is going to ruin her son’s life now if she doesn’t behave.  Trey knows that Frank doesn’t know that he has a son, and if he knew that he had a son he would try to get custody of the boy. Does Mia really want to do all that? She warns him to leave the boy alone.  Mia turns to leave the room and finds Frank wheeling in a little boy with a really big afro into the room.

Chris is bringing Erica to a surprise in the penthouse.  He brings her up blindfolded and shows her the sky through the ceiling.  If it is a fight that Bianca wants, then it is a fight that she will get.

Leo finds Greenlee in front of his mother’s room and she is crying.  Greenlee says that the woman is so good in there.  Leo thinks that maybe the woman really is Nessa.

Kendall has gotten into Erica’s office with a passkey.  She heads to Erica’s desk and starts searching through Erica’s things.

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