AMC Update Wednesday 8/7/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 8/7/02

By Glynis

Myrtle comes home after having been away and she is shocked to find Simone sitting in her living room sipping tea.  Myrtle asks her what the devil she is doing there.  Simone is not Myrtle’s favourite person, not after the things that she has pulled in this town.  This woman has hurt a lot of Myrtle’s friends.  At that time, Frank comes from the kitchen and tells Myrtle that Simone is there because of him.  Myrtle suspects that they are dating and that must be the reason for Simone sitting on her couch.  That still doesn’t make it okay with Myrtle.  Myrtle wasn’t expecting to see Frank of all people in her house and she is overjoyed at that surprise. She has fond memories of he and his family when he was just a little child.  He is her darling boy.  She looks him over and he is handsome as ever.  He jokes that she is as hot as ever.  He tells her that Angie is great and the hospital is treating him great as well.  It seems to have been a good move for him to come to Pine Valley and work as a doctor.  Everyone has been great to him.  Myrtle turns to Simone and she is not very happy to be seeing that woman in her house.  Simone wants him to tell Myrtle the truth about why she is really there, but Frank stalls a little.  Myrtle tells Frank that Opal is a friend of hers and Myrtle has already heard about Simone, so she can’t be fooled.  The whole town has heard about Simone and the things that she has done.  She has juggled things to her own advantage.  What Simone does in Myrtle’s home, is Myrtle’s business and Myrtle makes that brutally clear to her.  Frank stops this talk by telling Myrtle that if anyone has been bad, it has been him.  He would like to explain by talking to her in private.  Simone goes into the shower and so Frank explains that Simone is a patient of his. She almost died from some alcohol and he gave her an empty room on the floor of his room, as she has nowhere to live now.  Myrtle knows that he has a big heart and she can see why he would want to help someone in her position.  She even feels sorry for the girl herself.  Simone returns dressed now and offers to pay Myrtle for the room and staying that night.  Myrtle changes her demeanour to the girl and tells her that she understands everything that has gone on and why she is really there.  Myrtle is fine with the girl now, thanks to Frank.  Simone needs a job and a little self-confidence.  Hers is completely on the floor and it needs a little pick me up.  Myrtle hopes that they make time to get to know each other better.  Myrtle has to go out now, but first she turns to Frank. She knows that God has to smiling at her. She waves goodbye to Simone and leaves the house.  Simone feels like a total fraud. Her references for a job all hate her.  Frank has a solution for her problems.  He likes helping her out, but she has to raise her self-esteem.  He tells her to wait there and he will be back in a bit.

Mia comes to the Chandler mansion to see Colby.  Winifred is very uncomfortable being the one that relays the news to Mia, but she manages to get out that no one is in the house right now.  Why is that Mia wonders out loud.  Marian comes up behind her telling her that she is the reason that no one is in the house. Whatever does Marian mean by that?  Marian tells her that Liza is off getting a lawyer and Adam has taken off with Colby.  Ever since Mia has come to town, there has been nothing but secrets.  Winifred comes not sure whom to go to.  She needs permission for the landscaper to do some work.  Marian starts to deal with the matter, but Mia jumps in, telling Winifred that she will be taking care of the issue with the landscaper.  Mia and Winifred are surprised to hear her say this.  Mia reminds Marian that she is the one that Liza trusts, so she will be the one to handle things while everyone is gone.  She also tells Winifred to get them some iced tea.  Mia gets to signing papers and order Winifred to do some things as Marian watches.  Marian warns her not to get too comfortable.  Mia only wants to help out in any way that she can.  Marian remembers giving Mia a place to stay when she had nowhere to go. Now she is upgrading herself.  Liza will be upgrading herself too and Mia better remember that also. 

Edmund is telling Hayley that Brooke found the woman that was a tissue match for Enzo and that the woman looks exactly like Maria.  Hayley finds that to be very strange and that is the same reaction that Edmund had.  Edmund thinks that maybe Brooke didn’t get the whole story.

Brooke calls Tad to leave a message telling him that she knows now that he was right. She has put the fears about Maria behind her and everything is right with the world.  Brooke is at SOS and she is talking to Edmund when Hayley and Edmund come in.  Hayley takes her husband off to have a talk and Brooke and Edmund touch base again.  He tells her that he has booked a flight to Las Vegas…Hayley gets a call from Trevor. She gets off the phone telling Tim, Maggie and Mateo that Timmy has been conning his father.  Hayley asks Timmy why he has been lying to his dad.

JR is telling his father that he is to blame for what happened to Dixie.  Tim tries to stop JR from saying things that he will regret, but JR tells him to stay out of it.  Dixie didn’t do anything wrong but Tad made her miserable.  Tad knows that Dixie knew how much he loved her and now they are all paying the price for Tad’s love.  JR wants Tad to stop worrying about him.  Tad will put JR under house arrest if he has to, but he is not going to let him leave town.  Tad is a selfish bastard and he has lost everything and is not willing to lose his son too.  He explains that he left with Brooke to get involved in someone else’s problems. That is what JR wants to do now. He feels nothing but emptiness. That is because he has been dealing with all of this alone.  Tad can’t let him go because he is the only thing left that reminds Tad of Dixie.  Dixie thought that Tad was a really good father, but JR doesn't think that.  Tad wants another chance to be the kind of father that JR needs. He will do whatever he has to in order to help JR.  JR thinks that this is all bull.  Tad found something that JUR has been holding.  It is a tiny bridge.  Dixie always liked building bridges.  Tad and JR should think of their relationship that way. They should take things one-step at a time.

Leo and Greenlee are at the hospital discussing Vanessa and how she had a look in her eyes. She had a caring and eager parent thing in her eyes.  Greenlee will not let him get sucked into this anymore.  Leo says that he is going to move them out of there and he has a way that they can get to Paris for good.  Greenlee likes the idea of going to Paris to get away.  He knows that the police will not let them get away and he is not going to do that to her.  The doctors seem to think that Vanessa’s illness is legitimate.  Greenlee finds that this is all too convenient. She begs him not to get sucked back into all of this.  Leo has an idea.  He remembers that Vanessa and Nessa should know that same things.  Jake comes out to see Leo and Greenlee and he has no answers as to what made Vanessa flat line the way that she did.  Leo wants to go and see his mother again and he has to be careful, as they don’t know how volatile she may be.

Trey is talking to Vanessa as if she is the other personality.  He wants to know from the woman where the 10 million dollars is. This particular woman is Vanessa’s victim and she doesn’t think talking about Vanessa’s drug money is going to help.  Trey tells her that she needs him, as he is the only one that doesn’t have a personal agenda. She tells him that a few weeks ago, she remembers him attacking her brutally. That revealed his true nature, but he turns that around to mean that he is truly devoted to her.  He says that he wants to get her what she really wants in life.  He wants to get her Leo.  He says that Leo will believe in her if she gives up the money and Leo will look at her as his true mother after all.  Trey tells her that all she has to do is get the money into the hands of the DA and she will be instantly freed.  They are talking head to head, when Leo walks in. Again, he is surprised to find Trey with his mother. He asks them, “Did I miss anything?”  Trey leaves and Leo gets his time with his mother after all.  Leo wants to know if there is anything that she would like to tell him that she has been afraid to tell anyone else.  She admits to him that there is something that she would like to say to him. She is going to make everything up to him. She watched him suffer all those years when she was locked up inside of Vanessa.  Now she would like to be a good mother. She asks him what he would like her to do. He wants her to help with the Proteus mess. She has to help him find the money.  She can’t believe that he wants it too.  What does she mean? Who else has been asking her for that money?  Leo wants to know.  He gets up and leaves the room looking for his wife.  She isn’t around and Leo knows that she is somewhere, but where? He heads down the hall and Trey comes out of hiding.  Trey knows that Leo is trying to scam him out of something, but what?  He heads into Vanessa’s room.  Greenlee comes over to Vanessa’s room and tells the guard that if she hears screaming to come and get her.  Greenlee enters the room and sees Vanessa sleeping.  She gingerly walks over to the bed.  She talks out loud saying that Vanessa has a lot to prove to her.  For Leo ‘s sake, she will try to be nice to the woman.  Vanessa wakes and sees Greenlee. She is happy to see her.

Tim and Maggie enter SOS as Hayley is taking a call from Trevor. She hears some shocking news.  Hayley wants to know why Timmy is lying to his father.  Maggie and Mateo hears this and learn that Timmy has been sweet talking his father to stay in Pine Valley…Brooke wants Edmund to prove that he loves her by staying in Pine Valley and leaving the issue of Maria behind them.

Mia is on the phone in the mansion and Frank comes in behind her and looks around the room as he hears her talking on the phone. He guesses that wanna be dreams do really come true. She jumps when she hears his voice. She thought that they were going to avoid each other while in town.  She has changed. She thinks back to a time when Trey told her that if she signed the adoption papers, there would be no way that she could reclaim the baby. She was pregnant then when she was seeking Mia’s help. She gave Frank Hubbard’s name as the father but she wants that kept totally between them. Trey agreed to that stipulation.  Mia has to do something and she goes running out of the house.

Maria is sleeping and Aidan stands over her thinking very deeply about her situation.

Jake and Leo are talking when Mia runs up to them telling them that they don’t know what Trey is up to. He is a very dangerous individual.

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