AMC Update Tuesday 8/6/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 8/6/02

By Glynis

The doctors are baffled as to Vanessaís condition.  First she is dead and then she is alive.  How the hell could that be?  Simoneís dad is one of the doctors that will be looking after Vanessa now that she is alive again and he talks to Jake about her condition.  They have to look at her situation with the personalities and figure out if that is still an issue.  Trey is there and he would like to speak to his client now that he has learned that the woman is alive after all.  Leo and Greenlee arrive and are a little surprise to find Trey there.  They soon learn that there has been a change in Vanessaís condition.  Vanessa has split off into another character.  She has been under a lot of stress and the new profile is completely different from the others.  Trey likes to hear this, as he has believed that Vanessaís condition has been real from the start.  She has been having personalities for years.  Her medical history has come up and they have been subpoenaedÖGreenlee takes Trey aside and she tells him that she should have known that this was all a ploy to set Vanessa free.  He says that he is trying to help Vanessa, but Greenlee reminds him that she has hurt a lot of people. She saw the white light and returned to them.  Greenlee doesnít want her to get a second chance.  Trey would like to make her a productive member of society again.  Leo wants to go to see Vanessa and Greenlee wants to go with him. The doctor doesnít know what to expect.  Trey is allowed to come to the meeting, as he is her counsel.  They enter the room and Vanessa starts gushing.  ďOh my babyÖmy baby. Thank God that they didnít get to you.Ē  Greenlee shakes her head in disgust at what she believes is a performance for their benefit.  This personality seems a lot more understanding. She says that Greenlee is the best thing that has ever happened to her son.  Greenlee is not buying this. She is very angry but that is all right with Vanessa. They are family now.  They all turn to leave, but Vanessa asks Leo to stay behind.  He is left alone with Vanessa and Greenlee watches from the hospital window.  She goes over to Trey telling him that this is his entire faultÖVanessa says that she knows that he canít believe anything that she has told him.  She hopes that he will visit her again.  Leo leaves the room and finds Greenlee arguing with Trey.  Leo asks Trey to take his case.  Trey will think about that.  Leo takes Greenlee out to get some air.  Trey is getting confused with them, but now he has an opportunity to speak with Vanessa and he enters her room.  He wants to know what she said to Leo just now.

Edmund and Brooke show up at SOS and talk to Mateo about their wedding.  Mateo is truly happy for them and their upcoming marriage.  Mateo remembers Maria for a moment and Brooke gets very quiet as he has his memory of her.  Mateo welcomes her to the family as that is the way that Maria would like things to be.  Brooke is glad to be welcomed into such a fine family.  Mateo leaves and Edmund gets pensive. He seems upset somehow.  He tells Brooke that he is going to Nevada, as he would like to follow up on Maureen Gorman, but he would like Brooke to understand why he is doing this.  What can she say to that?  He just wants to see for himself as she did.  She doesnít want him to be wasting his time.  She feels that he thinks that she didnít get all the information that she could when she was in Nevada.  Edmund isnít going to tell Mateo what he is doing even though he is her brother.  Brooke is upset that Edmund is going to recheck the research that she has done to find Maria.  Brooke leaves him standing there and later when she comes back, she finds that he has gone. She remembers Maureen telling her that she will call the police if she is bothered again.  Brooke swore to leave the woman alone.  That calmed Maureen down.  She hoped that Brooke finds the woman.

Opal is cleaning Tadís house when Hayley shows up to visit her.  Hayley wants to know what is going on with JR.  Opal is working hard and Hayley calls out for JR, but JR hasnít been in the house for days she learns.  Hayley finds that to be quite a surprise.  Tad thinks that he has been at the house.  He went to Nevada with Brooke and hasnít had any idea where he has been, or what he has been doing.  It seems that JR hasnít been around since Tad has been gone at least.  Hayley knows that Tad thinks that JR has been staying at the house and checking in with Opal, but that is not the right information at all.  Hayley is off to find out what is going on with this boy.  Some of the bus boys where JR works have been saying that JR has been sneaking out and not getting his work done.  These things can only mean trouble.  Hayley is going to smarten him up once and for all and Opal is grateful for that.  Hayley leaves and Opal is left to think on what has been going on.

Tim and Maggie are at the lake in the boathouse. The lake is calling them, but Maggie nervous about getting into the cold water.  She finds JR sleeping in a sleeping bag nearby. She shakes him and tries to revive him.  He wakes up and is surprised to have been caught by Tim and Maggie sleeping there.  Seems that he has been staying there for a while now and no one knew that.  JR is not in a very good mood and tells them that it is none of their business what he is doing there.  Timmy gets a call from his father asking hi to come home right away.  He says that he would like to come home but he canít right now. He says that he has some things in the works with the doctors in spite of the procedure with Enzo going so well.  JR hears him lying to his father about having to stay in town for medical reasons.  Maggie has gone to get coffee and isnít around to hear this conversation. 

Liza calls out for Winifred and she appears and is very frantic.  Liza says that Adam is going to be gone with her kid soon forever if she doesnít find them.  Tad shows up and learns that Adam is gone with their daughter. He has learned everything that Liza has to report and Liza is going after them to get her child out of that monsterís grasp.  Marian comes in and tells Liza that Adam and Colby are on their annual fishing trip, so she shouldnít worry.  Stuart called and said that Adam and Colby are fishing in Idaho.  Liza should feel better about this but she doesnít buy it for a moment.  Liza was sure that they were in England, and that was where she was heading when Tad and Marian came over. What phone did Stuart call from?  Marian isnít sure.  Barry comes in and tells Liza that he knows what she has been up to.  He recounts the events of Liza acting strange.  Barry knows the truth but he is doing as Adam wishes by setting some things in motion.  Barry has already filed with the courts and there is nothing that she can do. If she tells stories about Adam around town, she might risk being carted off to Oak Haven for sounding like a nut.  Adam has protected himself legally.  They donít know where Adam is.  Liza is going to go to New York and get herself the best lawyer that she can to make sure that Adam never sees that girl again.  She walks out and Tad asks Marian about JR.  Marian tells him that JR hasnít been there for days.  Tad had no idea.

Hayley comes to see Tad at her fatherís house and she learns that Tad and Adam havenít been paying attention to their son.  Hayley is mad that Tad hasnít been helping the boy mourn his mother.  JR is trying to hold on to something.  He needs his father.  One of the reasons that JR chose to live with Tad was because Adam doesnít make him feel safe.  How many chances does Tad think he gets for destroying a boyís trust?  Tad knows that he has screwed up and he has to fix that.  Tad will take the best possible care of JR that he can now.  He has to tell JR that.  Tad is going to try to fix this and get JR back to his job.  Hayley is sorry that she yelled at Tad, but she loves her brother and she cares for him.  Tad loves him too.  Tad assures her that nothing is going to happen to JR on his watch.

Tad goes to the boathouse and finds JR there with his friends.  Tad grabs JRís arm telling him that he shouldnít take off like that.  All that Tad left JR was a note telling him that he was going away with Brooke.  Tad tells him that he was sorry for leaving JR like that.  JR tells him that he too will be taking off that very day.  Tad sees that the boy has been sleeping there.  JR tells him that he is not going home as Dixie is everywhere in the house. She should be there with them.  Tad knows that and he is sorry.  JR thinks that Tad is the reason that his mother left and is dead.

Hayley bumps into Edmund and he tells her that he is going to Vegas to look for Maria.

Maria is in Pine Valley and she makes a call to her friend asking that all her things be sent to her in Pine Valley. She is going to stay there for a while.

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