AMC Update Monday 8/5/02

All My Children Update Monday 8/5/02

By Lori

Trey is waiting outside Vanessa's hospital room when Leo walks in and wondering why he's still there. Trey says that he needs to be there since he's her lawyer. Leo wonders if Trey wants anything in particular from Vanessa. Leo is suspicious of Trey, but pretends that he's grateful to him. He tells Trey he knows he's there because he cares about Vanessa and he thanks him for his concern.

Kendall is talking to Greenlee at the pub about conspiring against Erica when Bianca walks in and sees them. Aidan calls her over and asks her what she would like. Bianca says she would like an explanation of the unholy alliance she is witnessing. Aidan says he'll tell her, but she won't like it. He tells her they are conspiring against Erica by having Kendall work at Revlon. Greenlee does not want to cooperate with Kendall, saying she would hire Erica before she would hire her. Kendall says hiring her will help Greenlee get her power back and together they could destroy Erica. Greenlee gets a call from Leo and rushes out. Kendall tells her to remember her offer. Bianca walks over to Kendall and tells her she's on to her. She says she'll never be able to hurt Erica. Kendall calls Erica cruel and self-serving. Aidan walks over and asks her if she tries to be this ugly or does it come naturally. Aidan tells Bianca that they'll make it another time and he'll call her. Kendall asks Bianca if she realizes he is a guy, but tells her to experiment to her heart's content. Bianca tells Kendall she just gave her an incredible idea. She thanks her and rushes off.

Brooke and Edmund are in the park when Edmund asks her if she would live at Wildwind with him. She is worried, saying that is where he made his life with Maria. She again remembers her encounter with the woman she thought was Maria. But she agrees to move in there. As they sit in the park looking at Wildwind in the background, Brooke tells Edmund to take her home to bed.

Maria is at the Pine Valley airport and asks a taxi driver to take her to a visitor's center. She leaves with him, forgetting her suitcase. When she returns for it, it is on top of a magazine featuring Pennsylvania mansions. Wildwind is on the cover. She walks into the park moments after Edmund and Brooke leave. She sees Wildwind in the background. A stranger walks by and she asks him what the building is. He tells her it is Wildwind. He offers her his binoculars. As she looks through them, he steals her purse and suitcase. She is knocked to the ground as she tries to grab them. Aidan finds her and offers to help her. She is reluctant, telling him she doesn't want to report the theft. He insists on helping her, and she follows him out of the park.

Greenlee finds Leo at the hospital and hears the story about how Vanessa woke from the dead. Greenlee tells Leo about her confrontation with Erica, then Leo tells her about his encounter with Trey. He says he knows Trey is lying. They realize they're talking over each other, then decide they need to get out of there. They go to their loft and cozy up to each other. Leo tells her no one will bring them down. He plays music from Paris and tells her he's more in love with her every day.

Adam is frantic, thinking JR took his convertible after he cut the brake line. He demands that Liza tell him where JR went. Liza plays dumb. Adam accuses her of torturing her. "Tell me where my son is," he yells. Liza tells him she hasn't seen him. Adam realizes Liza tricked him. She admits she parked the car in the back. She says she knows he cut the brake line and planned to accuse her of it and calls him a lousy excuse for a human being. She asks him how it feels to be teetering on the edge of losing his mind. She accuses him of trying to frame her and put her in an asylum. Adam says making him think he may be responsible for killing his son was one of the lowest things she has ever done. He says he wishes to God he had her put away months ago. He tells her he knows she sabotaged his company. She says the company survived. He says his anger toward her wasn't about the money. He loved her and she betrayed him. He says he'll never love anyone as much as he loved her. She tells him his idea of love is confused by his need to control people. Adam wonders where they go from there. She says she doesn't know, but she would never leave him alone with Colby, not even for five minutes. Adam says he would never hurt Colby, but Liza says if she could, she would keep him from ever seeing her again. Adam says he'll pack a bag and go to the Valley Inn. He tells Liza she and Colby can have the house. She says that was too easy. As he walks upstairs, Liza wonders what went wrong between them. She wonders how she's going to tell Colby her daddy is gone. She suddenly calls for Colby and rushes to find her but cannot. She opens the front door and sees Adam speeding away.

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