AMC Update Friday 8/2/02

All My Children Update Friday 8/02/02

By Glynis

Greenlee shows up at SOS and finds Erica there. She is furious after reading the article that was in the paper.  It is obvious that Erica has been behind the whole thing and Greenlee is not happy with her at that moment.  She would like to know why Erica trashed her.  She walked out on Erica and she should expect that something would have happened to her.  Chris shows up and Erica just ignores Greenlee and talks to him and Aidan.  Greenlee walks away and Kendall tells her that she can’t let Erica get away with this.  Greenlee hurries over to Erica and her posse and tells her that she will sue.  Erica thinks that she crashed and burned in her job.  Greenlee thinks that Revlon really loves her, but Erica points out all the problems that Greenlee has be through in the public eye.  What she has done is only business.  Erica feels that she treated Greenlee exactly as she deserved.  They are both right.  This is business and this is payback.  Erica is not even with her yet.  Greenlee has no idea what Erica has in store for her.  One newspaper article is not enough to make Greenlee pay.

At the airport, Brooke arrives home and she stands confused.  The attendant offers to help her but Brooke says that everything is going to be fine when she gets home.  Edmund is behind her and he tells her that he knows everything. She has to talk to him and he feels that he doesn’t need her telling him what has been going on and he turns to leave. She stops him wanting him to listen.  He tells her that they should get a little privacy and go home.  She runs after him.

Adam wants Liza to eat with him but she doesn’t eat.  Liza remembers Colby telling her mother that she wants to watch the wedding video later that night.  She slices him a piece of coffee bread after he asks her to.  He eats it and goes on and on about how good the cake is.  Liza goes to the window to watch Colby with her swimming lessons.  Once her back turns, Adam grabs the knife that she was holding and wraps it up in a napkin.  He then puts it in his jacket pocket.

Leo, Vanessa, Trey and Maggie are there at the hospital when the doctor tells them that Vanessa is dead.  David arrives and hears the news.  Leo is suddenly upset.  “She can’t!  She can’t be dead.”  He turns desperately to his big brother and asks him to do something.

Liza is on the phone leaving a message for Tad to call her when Stuart comes in.  He is dressed for the beach as he has been out by the pool with Colby.  Liza fakes being depressed.  Stuart tells her that Adam is whistling and looking as happy as a clam.  Liza thought that he was somewhere else.  He is by the convertible and that concerns her.  Why that car?  Stuart leaves the house by the back door and Adam enters from the front door.  She asks if he is finished with his spreadsheet as that was the excuse that he used to get out of the house.  He tells her that he has finished his duty. She sees grease on his shirt.  She tells him that some work had to be done and he wanted to take care of that himself.  She knows now that she can only count on herself.

Edmund and Brooke are in the car and she wants to know what happens now.  He is not sure what is going to happen now. She was the one that lied to him and he doesn’t know how this is going to work. Why has she been lying to him?  She blurts out,  “Maria!”

Trey talks to Maggie surprised at the way that Leo and David are acting now that Vanessa is dead. They hated her but they still pay their respects.  Maggie thinks that her aunt was lucky to have Trey as a lawyer.  Trey says that Vanessa was more than a client to him and he wishes that everyone would realize that.

David and Leo are in Vanessa’s room talking over her body.  The alarm on her monitor is blaring as they talk about making a life for themselves now.  David has freed himself a long time and now Leo is free too. There were other good memories and now Leo can laugh at them…sneaking out of the hotel without paying and other things.  David says that he has no good memories of Vanessa, but still he finds one. She was very beautiful and she could make people feel very important. When she did decide to notice you that made you feel like a king.  David remembers that she liked Burgundy Cherry ice cream.  Tears come to his eyes.  David turns to her and says, “Goodbye mother…game’s over.  Looks like we won” He leaves and Leo leans over her to kiss her goodbye, when Vanessa takes a breath.  She inhales just as Leo is over her about to touch her cheek and Leo jumps a mile high, but manages to keep quiet by holding his hands over his mouth.  He jumps around the room as if on hot coals.  His mother moves around as if she has been in a deep sleep and she is slowly waking up.


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