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All My Children Update Thursday 8/01/02

By Glynis

Kendall is in SOS and she is on the phone while Petey sits and watch. She has been trying to get another job, as the one that Palmer has given her doesn’t pay enough.  She is on Palmer’s payroll, but that hasn’t been the windfall that she expected it to be. Nothing has been offered to her yet…Erica comes into the restaurant with Aidan and she sees Kendall with Petey.  It looks to her as if Kendall has kidnapped her best friend’s little boy.  She goes over to investigate.  Kendall sees her leering at them.  Kendall explains that she is babysitting, but Erica doesn’t believe it.  She can’t believe that Palmer would have anything to do with this woman.  Kendall is Petey’s new nanny now.  Palmer trusts her. Erica doesn't know how she tricked Palmer but Erica is sure that when Palmer finds out that Kendall has taken his son to a bar, he is not going to be happy.  The place really isn’t a bar, it is also a restaurant.  Kendall is not afraid of her threats at all.  Petey tells Erica that she shouldn’t pick on Kendall. He explains all the things that she has done for him that day and he runs to Kendall to show his fondness for her.  He begs that Erica doesn’t get Kendall in trouble.  Erica is sure that she will be able to make Palmer see her side of things. She walks off and Petey demands that Kendall give him more money for helping him out.  Kendall gives up the bucks and the kid runs off to spend it.  Erica watches Petey knowing that he is a vicious little snot just like his nanny, so she takes no stock in anything that he tells her about Kendall.  Petey is starting to feel sick and he runs off to the restroom to hurl.  Erica comes back over telling Kendall that she sees that her job seems to be a bust.  Erica knows that Kendall is softening up Palmer for the big bust.  Erica tells her that Palmer has been hustled before.  She knows that Kendall isn’t fooling anyone.  Kendall tells her that she is doing a favour for Palmer. She is doing an act of friendship.  Palmer is actually Erica’s friend and she is going to talk to the man herself.  They turn to see Palmer walking in the restaurant. This is great for Erica, as she can talk to Palmer now face to face. Kendall explains that she stopped for a bite to eat with Petey.  Erica tells him that Kendall has allowed the boy to have several drinks that have made him sick.  Petey returns announcing that he had a bad stomach and his nanny helped him feel better.  Erica takes Palmer aside and has a talk with him over his hiring Kendall to watch his son.  Palmer knows that his son is no walk in the park, so if Kendall wants to watch him, she should.  Besides, this is driving Opal crazy…Kendall is looking in the paper for jobs when Aidan comes over. She tells him to bugger off, but he stays.  He brings up her stripping for him in the new penthouse the night Ryan left her. She sees that he finds her totally irresistible. He walks off.  Palmer comes over to see Kendall who thinks that she is now fired.  Palmer is not going to fire her. He is there to tell her that she is to take Petey to the beach the following day.  Palmer leaves with Petey and Aidan continues to stare at that woman.

Leo and Greenlee are back home from their honeymoon.  They have just stepped off the plane.  They have David and Anna to thank for their escape.  Greenlee is not all that happy to be back home now.  There are things to deal with there.  Anna meets them at the airport with an officer. She has to take Leo down to the DA’s office and she hates doing that, but that was the order that Jack gave her so she must do it.  Leo is willing to go quietly.  Greenlee warns him to be good while he is gone.  Greenlee will get a cab on her own and meet up with him later at their apartment.  They are still thankful that Anna allowed them to go on their honeymoon.  Both Leo and Anna think that Greenlee took the news very well. That is pretty spooky, considering how she usually is.

Vanessa is in her bed at the hospital staring off into space when Trey enters.  She is listless and looking off at nothing.  Her body hangs limp on the bed. This is woman with no cares anymore.  She is not even aware of what is around her.  He knows that she made an appearance at Greenlee’s wedding and now two men are dead, so that must mean that something has been going on.  People must be looking for the money that he has been trying to get from her.  Trey is sick of her act and he demands that she tell him where she stashed that money right now.  He threatens to kill her this time.  He takes the pillow from behind her head and he tells her that no one is going to hear her scream this time.  If she doesn’t tell him what he longs to hear, it is going to be goodbye forever.  A doctor walks in and Trey puts the pillow down and explains that he is visiting Vanessa as her attorney.  That is not necessary anymore as it turns out that Trey is wasting his time on someone that has no brainwaves.  She has been lost and she probably not going to come out of it.  The staff moves Vanessa into a wheelchair and she has no expression, nor could she care less what they do to her now.    She belongs in a vegetable patch now. They are taking tests now to see if anything has changed with her brainwaves but the fact is that she is probably going to be the same. The doctor doesn’t expect to see any signs of life from Vanessa ever again. She is wheeled out as Trey watches.  He is really pissed now.  He heads to the closet and checks her things, but there is nothing there.  Maggie walks in to find him trashing Vanessa’s room and she asks him what he is doing.  He explains that Vanessa is out for tests and he was just feeling sorry for himself.  Why is he trashing her room?  He reminds her that Vanessa is his client and he feels responsible for what has happened for her.  He really plays the role for Maggie and she buys it.  Trey says that it was his job to defend Vanessa and he should have stopped this tragedy.  Now she has been pushed over the edge.  Maggie thinks that Vanessa deserves everything that she gets. She doesn’t even apologize for the things that she does.  Trey tells her that she is amazing.  He remembers the hell that her life has been.  He tells her that he is sorry.  He goes to her and hugs her.  People that have it rough tumble, but Maggie carries on.  He believes that people make their own luck.  He feels sorry himself.  He has lost some chances and has missed some opportunities. He doesn’t want her to think that he is a flake and he cares what she thinks about him.  She is very courageous in his eyes.  He can’t see her as lonely.  She sees that he is very lonely.  Trey decides to straighten up the room before someone else sees it.  He heads to the bed to make it and Maggie helps him.  Vanessa is brought back to her room and left alone in her wheelchair.  Later she is put in her bed and she periodically jerks in her bed.  Soon her monitor is going off at a rapid rate and her eyes close.

Greenlee gets home and Simone is there. That doesn’t make her happy at all.  Simone starts explaining that she didn’t know that Greenlee was going to be back so soon.  Greenlee wants to hear nothing from this woman.  “What are you doing in my house?”  She returns her key to the apartment.  Simone says that she got Greenlee’s mail for her and watered her plants.  Greenlee didn’t want her to do that.  Simone is last on her list of people that she likes.  Simone knows that there is nothing that she can do to make things right, but Greenlee’s friendship has meant the world to her.  Greenlee tells her that they are not going to be friends ever. She is as dead to Greenlee as her father is to her.  Simone apologizes for letting herself in.  Greenlee tells her to enjoy the apartment while she can. She wants Simone out of that apartment in 24 hours.  Simone tells her that she can stay out of Greenlee’s way if that is what she wants.  Greenlee remembers her doing this to her advantage.  Simone says that is not the way that things really were.  The idea of writing the book was Roger’s idea, but Greenlee doesn’t want to hear that.  Simone only wants to explain things her way. She tried to end things with Roger, but Greenlee can’t explain that.  Roger was desperate for the money the book would bring.  Simone tells her that there is no book now anyway.  Greenlee got a reality check and the reality is that Simone is a traitor and she is glad that she is the one that gets to kick her out.  If Simone isn’t out in 24 hours, Greenlee will call the cops. She opens the door and slams it after Simone leaves.

Leo shows with Anna at Jackson’s office.  He tells her that he would like to talk to Leo alone.  There are other cases that she should be working on.  She knows that she has to leave and she warns Leo not to let Jack bully him.  Leo sits and the talk begins.  He looks around to see if there are any hidden cameras, but there are none.  Jack would like to keep the meeting friendly.  Leo was cooperative by returning to town from his honeymoon.  Jack knew that Anna would let him go out of town and she did that.  Leo learns that Leo was followed on his honeymoon.  Jack recounts events from the honeymoon trip.  Jack felt that he was protecting his resources.  What else has he done to him and his bride?  Leo is not sure what Jack wants from him.  Jackson tells him that he wants Leo’s full and total cooperation.  Leo wants his life back.  His mother stole it from him.  Vanessa is not in any shape to do anything.  Leo doesn’t believe that.  Leo wants Vanessa out of his life and that is the truth.  He just wishes that Vanessa was dead sometimes.  Some loving son…eh?

Simone heads over to SOS to have a drink and Frank comes up beside her telling her that too much sodium is bad for her health. She has had a hard day and he tries to lighten her spirits. He would like to be her guru.  He says that in 30 minutes, he will have her back there ready to waste herself on drinks some more.  They get up together and leave the bar…Greenlee walks in and sees Kendall, but that is not whom she wants to speak to. She finds Erica sitting with Aidan and she goes over there waving the article in her hand and with the reporter following her. She asks Erica, “Don’t you ever stop?”  Erica looks surprised at Greenlee’s outburst.

Trey and Maggie go to see the doctor and they learn that there is no change for Vanessa.  A nurse calls the doctor saying that Vanessa has had a code blue. She is in full arrest.  Trey shouts that they can’t let her die. She has to be saved. She has to be saved!

A journalist shows up at Greenlee’s house and she doesn’t want to talk about anything.  The reporter tells her that her company is being trashed.  He reads some of the articles that have been written about her.  They refer to her makeup line as, “Death Becomes You…” She tries not to be afraid of the news, but she is. She offers the journalist a response. She rushes off and he runs to keep up with her.

Anna comes to get Leo from Jackson’s office.  She hurries him out. The meeting is now over.  They arrive at the hospital…the doctor has just finished working on Vanessa and she is dead. He couldn’t revive her. He goes to talk to the family telling them that he is sorry.


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