AMC Update Wednesday 7/31/02

All My Children Update Wednesday 7/31/02

By Glynis

JR is showing some girl around his place and they come to his jukebox.  She is curious about it.  He shows her that it works and some music plays. He really likes this girl and he asks her to dance. She feels silly doing that there.  They hold each other and she is uncomfortable hoping that some of his friends should be coming soon.  He tells her that they might show up or they might not.  He holds her very close to him and he is drinking beer so he is not thinking totally straight.  The music is slow and romantic and he is getting into it a little, but she seems scared.  He isn’t sure if his friends are coming over or not but who cares, steal the moment. It is just the 2 of them now and that is the way that JR likes it.  She is very aware that he is coming on to her…outside; Timmy, Maggie and Bianca are on their way in to JR’s place. they hear someone scream inside, “Get off me!” They rush in to see JR with the young woman.  She has pushed him away from her and she is covered by the beer that he was drinking.  Bianca worries that Lori isn’t okay.  JR feels that everyone thinks that he is a mugger.  Lori’s dad is going to kill her when he smells beer on her.  JR gets angry and tells them to back off. He goes running out with Bianca shouting after him.  Tim goes after JR and the girls help Lori feel better about what has happened.  Bianca tells her that she should touch up her makeup as she looks a little freaked out. She leaves the room and Bianca thinks that Tim was great about coming in right away to help.  Bianca talks about him as if he were a hero.  Maggie tells Bianca that she will cut Tim some slack now.  Bianca wants her to admit that she is attracted to Tim.

Brooke is having a time with herself thinking that she can’t handle what is happening with she and Edmund. She nearly has had a breakdown since she realized that Maria is still alive.  She spoke to the woman and she is sure that this Maureen person is the woman that Edmund grieved for.  She was the perfect wife to him and she may still be alive.  She is ready for anything now she thinks.  She has a heart to heart with God, telling him just what she thinks of all of this. She has been tested and tested and she is not giving up anyone else in her life without a fight.  She has lost her daughter, and then she lost Laura and Tom and Tad and that is all that she is going to give up.  Since Laura has been gone, she has been a saint thinking that something good is going to happen for her if she just waits and does good to everyone else.  She was happy putting everyone else first before her, but not anymore.  She looks at herself in the mirror. She is hurting in vein in her body from this ordeal. She should have left Maria alone and then she could have lived the life that she wanted. Tad was right to warn her to stop this quest to find the real Maria.  She should just act human and think of herself and lie.  Yes that is what she is going to do from now on.  She swears to God that if she gets another chance, she will do anything to keep Edmund for herself. She will sell her soul to make Maria stay dead and buried.  She makes a hard promise, but she is determined to keep it.

Tad is at the hospital in Nevada looking for Maureen.  He is directed to her and finds the woman that says she is Maureen.  This woman definitely isn’t Maria.  Tad looks her over carefully and there isn’t a whole lot of resemblance, but there is some.  Tad can see that.  The real Maria is watching from behind a corner. She is hoping that the man talking to her friend will believe what he is hearing and leave her alone.  She is listening to what is going to happen next as she peers at the two in the hallway.  The woman insists that she is Maureen and that there is no other, but Tad says that she can’t possibly be Maureen. The woman says that some woman was looking for her earlier named Brooke and she threatened to call the police over that discussion, and that the woman was having a hard time believing that she wasn’t this Maria person.  This woman says that she has been Maureen Gorman since the day she was born and that is that. The woman threatens to call the cops on Tad as he insists that she might be someone else.  She says that she has never heard of this woman before and doesn’t want to get involved in anything else that he has to say to her.  Tad wants her to prove who she is. The woman reaches into her purse and brings out some ID that proves that she is who she says that she is. He looks at it unbelievingly, but he has to accept what he sees.  Maureen thinks that Brooke is on the verge of a breakdown and should seek help for her problem.  Tad is not sure that everything that the woman is saying is true, but he is convinced for now that she is telling the truth. She assures him that she is the only Maureen that he is going to find anywhere so he should stop looking.  Tad leaves and the woman that was speaking to Tad calls Maria out from hiding.  They think that they have fooled Tad into thinking that Brooke was mistaken.  Maria tries to pay the woman for what she has done, but the woman won’t take money. They are friends and she will not treat this as a business deal.  She thinks that this was fun and she will not tell anyone about this.  She can see the fear in Maria’s eyes.  Maria trusts her but she is afraid of the Pine Valley people coming into her life and she definitely doesn’t want that.

Edmund has come to see Anna and he needs her help. He wants to know what is up with Brooke lately. She has lied to him and now he needs to know the truth.  He wants to know what Tad and Brooke are chasing in Nevada.  David does everything to stop them from talking further.  He has been talking to Maria and he is trying to keep her hidden for some reason only known to him.  Anna agrees to talk to him and so Edmund enters the room.  David doesn’t appreciate this one bit.  Anna tells him that this has nothing to do with him but that doesn’t make him go away.  Edmund tells what has been happening with Brooke and Tad and how they have been taking off together.  Now Tad is missing too. The last time that they were missing, they ended up in Nevada.  David feels that he knows enough about Tad to be able to give the answer as to what has been going on.  David makes a mistake saying that Edmund should drop this as this is only going to end up in misery.  How does David know that and why does he care?  Anna turns to her husband curious about the answer to this as well.  David says that he has a good thing with Brooke and that he should pursue that in spite of what Martin might do to thwart that.  David feels that Tad may be trying to control Brooke somehow and tries to convince Edmund of the same.  David’s phone rings and it is Maria asking him to help her again.  She is freaking out now as Tad has just been there and it seems like the walls are closing in on her.  He can’t talk now so he covers the phone with his hand.  She demands that he help her now.  Anna comes over to him to see who is on the phone. He says that he has to talk to some patient that has gotten his private number. He leaves the room to talk further with Maria and give she and Edmund more privacy.  “What has been happening?” he asks Maria.  He tells her that she has to leave town now. If she leaves without a trace, everything will be fine and back to normal.  He has apparently been helping her out with things and she trusts him with her life.  He re-enters the room where his wife and Edmund are talking and the talk is over.  Edmund seems much better now that Anna has given him new perspective and he leaves.  David tells her that she has to forget about helping Edmund as her career is already in the dumps. Jackson is after her job and she should really be playing ball with him to save herself and this isn’t the way to do it.  She is sacrificing her career and her life.  She points out that he needs some help. She is going to do anything that she can to make things right again.  David should have known better than to think that he could change her mind. She wants to help the wounded. She didn’t’ think that Edmund would ever get over his wife and she feels that she has to help. She can’t think what she would do if something happened to David.  They get back to the subject of conception of a child.  David Junior.  They hold each other.

Tim finds JR at the boathouse throwing rocks into the water.  Tim is glad to be in town as he has friends there.  JR used to have friends when he used to get high.  Now he has no one. Half of his friends went to the hard stuff and the others are clean now.  JR thinks that people treat him as if he has fangs now.  JR says that he isn’t cynical and sarcastically says that he loves being Adam’s child.  He thinks that Lori feels that he is a freak.  JR feels that he doesn’t measure up to Tim as Tim has donated his liver and is the town hero.  Tim has a plan for him to get Lori.  He thinks that JR should try to get Lori back for himself.  Tim has two foolproof steps for JR to follow.  He tells JR the tips and JR tries to remember what to do.  Tim knows that JR messed up with the girl and he probably did that because his mother just died and he has things on his mind.  They hear the girls coming and Tim hopes that JR uses the tips that Tim has given him. JR apologizes to Lori about the way that he acted.  She only wanted him to ask before touching her.  He can do that.  Now what are they goig to do?  Bianca says that she is hungry and they need a munchie run.  They all start leaving but Bianca says that Maggie and Tim have to stay as the car only has 4 seats. They know that they are being set up but they deal with it.  When they are alone, Tim jokes that Maggie was the one that begged Bianca to clear everyone out because she wants him.  She can pick up a man if she wants one. She doesn’t need help from anyone.  Tim knows that she turns down every man that asks her out.  JR told him everything that he knows about her.  They discuss pickup techniques. She tells him that if she wants a guy she looks him in the eyes and she shares heat by getting closer to him.  She does both of these things to Tim and then she kisses him.  He likes that.  He technique is very effective. 

Brooke is in her room when she hears knocking.  It is Tad and she wants to hear the news.  Tad tries to calm her down. She will not listen.  He has news that she wants to hear.  He asks her to think back and remember.  He tells her that she has driven herself to distraction and that is because she is afraid that Maria is coming back to take Edmund.  Tad makes her listen to him.  He found Maureen and he talked to her and looked at her square in the eye and she is not Maria.  Not al all.  Maureen Gorman is not Maria Santos Grey.  Brooke turns to him dumbfounded.  Brooke thinks back to the time that she first saw Maria and she is sure that she knows that she saw the woman that she has been afraid to find.  How does Tad know that the woman isn’t Maria?  Tad is sure that the woman that he saw wasn’t Maria.  He even looked at her ID. She is a bloody mess. She is hot suddenly.  Her heart is playing tricks on her and he is sure of that.  She wants him to be sure about this.  He makes her sit with him as he talks.  She has to remember when Jamie was young and was worried about monsters under the bed.  She looked through the whole room to prove to him that there was nothing to be afraid of.  She has to believe in Tad and not her fears. She has to put this behind her and go home to Edmund.  She is getting an order to put this whole thing behind her and enjoy the happiness that she deserves.  Her prayers have been answered finally.  This has been what she has been talking to God about.  Tad knows of no one else that would make a trip like this. She must really care for Edmund.  Brooke feels that she is finally free now and she is looking forward to marrying Edmund.  Tad gives her the phone telling her to call Edmund.  She dials the number and Edmund answers. He is at SOS. She is sorry that she has taken off again but she is coming home the next morning. She assures him that she will never leave him again.  He hears something in her voice. She assures him that she is fine and will tell him everything in the morning.  She loves him completely and he loves her.  Tad wants to know what she is going to say the next day to Edmund.  Brooke stops to think that over. She isn’t going to tell Edmund why she was there.  There is nothing to tell she thinks. She loves Edmund and if he knew why she was there, that would break his heart.  Brooke has caused Edmund a lot of pain with these trips. God has given her happiness and she is going to run with it.  She will meet with Tad the next day. They are going to leave for home at dawn.  Tad leaves and Brooke knows that Tad never met Maria and that she is still out there.

Maureen is alone now after having spoken to David. She remembers Brooke telling her that she was in an accident.  Brooke explained who she was and why she was there.  She was looking for someone.  That name Maria rings a bell in her head.  It echoes over and over in her mind. 

Edmund is in SOS when JR, Lori and Bianca enter.  Lori leaves to call her dad.  Bianca and JR discuss what to order for food.  JR knows that she had a plan by getting them over there.  Guys are not pea brains.  She wanted to leave Maggie and Tim alone.  Maggie seems to JR to want some one on one time. That is not exactly what Bianca was going to say, but …okay.

Bianca and the kids return to the boathouse and can see that Tim and Maggie have been getting on well while they have been alone.

Edmund gets another call while he is at SOS.  Someone calls with information on Brooke. He is told that Tad and Brooke are at a hotel in Nevada.  He wants to be told if there is any more news on the both of them. What is Brooke doing and what is drawing her to Nevada?

Maria is sleeping and she is hearing the voice of Brooke. The voice says, “…and I will come back for you…I promise…” Maria wakes from her dream shocked at the voice and what it said.


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