AMC Update Tuesday 7/30/02

All My Children Update Tuesday 7/30/02

By Glynis

David calls back Maria, telling her that he has been trying to find out about this Brooke English person.  He promises her that he will take care of her as a he always does.  She couldn’t talk to him before, so she waited patiently for his call.  Maria is very concerned that someone knows who she is.  David promised her that wouldn’t happen.  David tells her that he will find out what is going on and he will take care of everything.  As he speaks, Anna comes into the room and asks him who is on the phone.  David says that he is talking to Leo on his honeymoon.  Anna finds it strange that Leo would be calling at a wonderful time like this.  Where is he?  David says that he is keeping that a secret.  Anna wants to talk to Leo so she grabs the phone and talks away.  “…You shouldn’t be calling on your honeymoon…” She waits for Leo to respond, but no one speaks.  Maria realizes that she can’t say anything and she hangs up the phone. She will touch base with David later.  Anna finds that funny that Leo wouldn’t talk to her. She thinks that Leo is still mad at her for taking him into custody.  David assures her that Leo isn’t mad anymore.  She was the one that arranged for him to go on his honeymoon.  David thinks that Leo feels guilty for Anna’s involvement and he doesn’t want to involve her any more, so maybe that is why he hung up the phone on her.  They discuss how they feel for each other and how they came to be.  Some people may find David off-putting but she is not some people.  They make love and talk about her parents.  They were only going out for a few weeks and decided to go out on a picnic.  He wants to swim but her mother decides to stay on the shore and suddenly she is hit with panic and she was afraid that there would be an undertow and she wouldn’t be able to save him. That was when she knew that she loved him and didn’t want to leave him. Anna is telling David this because she has stopped taking her birth control pills.  She has a chart and this is her fertile time.  They might have just made a child.  She heads to the bathroom and David gets on the phone again telling Maria that she has to leave town now.  Edmund comes to the door and Edmund is there.  David has Maria on hold on the phone and he tells Edmund that he has to talk to Anna now.  Edmund tells Anna that he has a situation in Nevada. When David hears that, he hangs up the phone. He is angry that Edmund has come there to talk to his wife.  He refuses to leave Edmund alone with his wife.  That is not going to happen.  Anna is a little confused at her husband’s behaviour.

Tad is looking for Brooke, but no one answers.  He has made his way over to her hotel room and is banging on the door to get in.  Maybe no one is there.  He hears something inside and quickly breaks the door down.  He enters to find the room in disarray and Brooke calmly looking out the window. She looks a little frightening standing there.  He warned her to stay away from this woman and now she knows that he was right to do that. She is a reporter and she investigates things, so she couldn’t help herself when it came to finding out about Maria.  She realizes that she is a coward now.  Brooke has gotten closer than she ever was before to having a life with Edmund and now she is afraid that it isn’t going to be.  She started losing those fears in her heart. She had hope and all that she had to do was take it. Why didn’t she just take his love and not worry about anything else?  A drunk driver killed her daughter and that is as if it happened the day before. Tad knows that the pain never goes away but it can kill you if you let it.  Eventually you have to let go of the pain of losing a child.  She is afraid to be happy and she thinks that makes her a coward.  Tad finds her to be very courageous.  She has made some stupid choices. She hasn’t slept or eaten anything for a long time. She used to think that she could do anything that she wanted and the future was so bright.  When Laura died, the light went out.  Tad is lost and doesn’t get what is going on. She felt that the darkness was lifting when Edmund told her that he loved her.  Not now, but then.  Before Maria, he told her that he loved her and then Tad came and she thought that she could have had a life with Tad. That was a long time ago.  This is so real to her like it was yesterday. She walked out on Edmund so that Tad could walk out on her.  She sacrificed everything for Tad and all she got was nights alone while he was with Dixie. She should have chosen Edmund and she didn’t.  She is sick of being herself.  Tad finds her to be the best person that he knows. She hates being on a pedestal; she wants to be real and happy like anyone else.  She had to see Maureen Goreman and it might be Maria.  Maria is alive after all.  Tad tells her that he loves her and he wants her to stay the way that she is.  She always does the right thing.  She deserves more than looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life.  Maybe she can get back some of that happiness that she lost out on years ago.  Brooke tells Tad where Maria is.  Tad will go and find the woman.  He wants her to take things easy and eat something. She shouldn’t beat herself up for being human.  Soon Edmund shows up when she is expecting Tad.  He knows that this is about Maria. How could she keep this from him?  He knows that she was protecting herself.  She is not the woman that he thought that he knew. She fears losing him again.  He walks to the door and tells her that he is off to look for the only woman that he ever loved.  This has all been a terrible dream and Brooke gets up screaming.  “It can’t be her!  It can’t be her.”

Palmer is sitting in the park with his son when Kendall comes running towards him shouting that she needs help.  A cop comes into the picture angry with Kendall.  Palmer will listen to everything.  She explains that her car was being towed and everything that she owns is in that car.  She has nothing now and nowhere to sleep.  Palmer learns that she has been sleeping in her car.  He gave her some money but it is gone now.  Opal comes up to tell Kendall that she can save her story for someone that will buy it. She is full of it and Opal would bet the farm that the cop is phony.  Kendall probably hired the man to play this part.  Palmer will take that bet with Opal and if he is right, Opal will give him back Courtland Manor. He has a suite at the Valley Inn but he would like his house back.  Opal sends her son off with his nanny even though the kid doesn’t want to feed the ducks.  The cop tells Kendall that she has to pay this ticket off at the impound lot.  Palmer tells him that if the ticket is paid now, he will release the car.  He is a friend with Commissioner Baron after all.  The cop agrees to let things go Palmer’s way.  Palmer writes a check and Kendall has been given another break.  Palmer tells her to go and get her car and park it in a legal place.  Kendall goes off and Opal can’t believe him. She is sure that Kendall has set this up, but Palmer knows that he is probably being fooled.  Kendall amuses him as she reminds him of himself.  Opal points out that his child is being neglected like Kendall.  Kendall returns and says that Petey is a sweet kid and would never do anything bad. The nanny returns shouting that Petey hit her.  Opal goes to the nanny to see what exactly has gone one.  Palmer and Kendall share a private smile.  Palmer gets an idea and offers Kendall a job.  Opal wants her son to leave so that she can talk to Palmer in private.  Kendall takes the boy to get some ice cream.  Opal jumps on Palmer telling him that she will not allow him to have Kendall as his nanny.  Palmer knows a lot of judges and he can get the boy to spend more time with his father…Kendall and Petey are alone and Kendall tells the boy that he did a really good job back there.  He holds out his hand and tells her to cough it up. She goes into her purse and digs out some bills and pays the kid for his help with her plan.

Tad goes to find Maureen at the hospital and he sees her from the back.  Already she is starting to look like the woman that Brooke fears so desperately.  “I don’t believe it, he says.  MARIA!” he shouts as she turns a corner.

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