AMC Update Monday 7/29/02

All My Children Update Monday 7/29/02

By Glynis

Frank and Mia have just bumped into each other. She is at the hospital to talk to Jake more about her child and why she couldnít tell the father of her child that she was pregnant at the time.  Turns out that Jake has left and is not at the hospital anymore.  She was on her way out when she bumped into Frank.  He seems happy to see her.  She canít believe it, that he is standing before her now.  It really is him. She didnít know that he was a doctor now.  He tells her that he has finally made it as a doctor.  If she needs medication of any sort, he is now a full-fledged doctor and can help out, he jokes.  She is terribly surprised at him being there and not at all eased by his jokes. He didnít think that he would make it either as a doctor, but alas, here he is.  He calls her a nickname that he used to use with her, and she shouts at him not to call her that.  He is surprised at her reaction, but agrees not to upset her.  He knows her quite well but something happened in the past and she became very angry with him.  Apparently, she is still angry with him.  He asks her to coffee and off they go to talk.

Tad tells Liza that the tapes were erased.  She was trying to get evidence on Adam conniving to scam her by making her think that she was going crazy.  She got a hold of surveillance tapes that would have proved him guilty but they had nothing on them.  Adam must have been smart enough to make sure that the tapes wouldnít be seen.  He is very smart and they know it.  He has been playing Liza for a fool for a long time, but now the tables are going to be turned.  He is trying to maker her think that she cut up his shirt, but that is not true at all.  She canít prove anything in a court of law, as she has been ill in the past and he could make people think that what he is saying is true. She feels that she really is crazy now.  Tad warns her not to think like that or she may buckle under the pressure that Adam is applying.  Now he has to work to make her look like she has diminished capacity.  How easy is that going to be?  He has done this already to Dixie and people will remember that if all this comes to light.  He told Liza that they are the same and he is going to find out just how right he is.  She has to prove that she is being gas lighted in order to win this battle against him.  She begs Tad to play along with her for a while.  She will hope to get something on tape.  Maybe he will say something that will prove everything that she is saying.  That is a lot of ifs and what she is doing is very dangerous.  Tad warns her to be very careful as this could backfire in her face.  Liza will die before she gives up her daughter. Tad really doesnít like her saying that.  He would die for his kids but with Adam as your spouse, things can get pretty hairy if you let it.  Colby is a part of her and Adam is trying to take her away.  She just canít let that happen.  Colby is only his daughter because he changed the results of the paternity test.  Liza wants to protect her daughter and has been planning to take her away for a very long time.  Liza is sorry for what she was going to do but she was afraid that she was going to die and her tumour was a huge factor in some of her decisions. This is Adamís style all the way.  Liza is going to make sure that Adam loses this one.  Tad hugs Liza and Edmund comes in saying that Tad is never at a loss it seems when someone needs a shoulder to cry on.  He has gotten everything wrong and Liza and Tad are embarrassed that they have been caught hugging each other this way.  She quickly leaves and Edmund asks Tad where Brooke is right now.  Tad says nothing.  Tad doesnít find this amusing, but Edmund doesnít believe that. He is sure that Tad has some plan up his sleeve and is trying to confuse Brooke into being with him.  Edmund thinks that Tad was up to some funny stuff with Liza just now and he brings that up again.  Tad wants to overlook what Edmund is implying.  He is not some guy on the move for anything that he can get.  Tad tells him that Brooke loves him, but Edmund knows that Tad loves her too.  Tad tells him again that he is not in the picture here.  Tad tells him that she is off protecting her love for Edmund.  Edmund finds that to be a strange thing to say.  What is it that he needs protection from?  Why is there love in danger?  Tad assures him that he is not trying to take Brooke from him, but Edmund will only believe that if Tad tells where Brooke is.  Tad tells him that Brooke has waited her whole life for Edmund, like Dixie did for him, and he shouldnít screw it up by being jealous or overbearing.  Tad assures him again that he is not involved. People are not interchangeable.  He couldnít stand in for Edmund at all, as Edmund couldnít stand in for him if that were the case.  Tad promises to tell Edmund the second that Brooke tells him something more. He leaves and Tad goes to the phone. He calls see if Brooke has checked in.  He learns that Brooke is in Nevada.  Brooke has used her credit card there and that is how he learns of her whereabouts.  She has to get home soon or she will not have Edmund to get home to.  Tad is really worried now.

Adam talks to Barry, his lawyer, and tells him that he realizes that Liza knows that he is playing a game with her. She is too smart and sneaky for him to jump in and try to take advantage of any opportunity.  Looks like Adam has met his match again.  Adam hates that Barry thinks that Liza is a match for him.  Barry is there to help in anyway he can, but he is not sure what he can do at this point.  Liza has Adam off balance and he has no idea what her strategy is.  He has to act quickly and quietly. He is sure that a judge will find her unfit to raise a child.  He is going to have Liza committed to Oakhaven and he will then get custody of Colby. He is going to put her away permanently.  Barry reminds him that he has tried to do this before with Dixie.  He had her committed to the same facility.  The courts might find a similarity to what he did before.  This is not the 1800s and you canít just throw your wife away.  Adam has loved Liza and has been devoted to her for.  Liza was plotting to steal his child and Adam found out. She was embezzling funds to prepare for her escape.  That might be a result of the tumour but the doctors canít be sure.  He trusted her and treasured her, but she has been lying to him day after day.  Her betrayal really hurt him.  Adam is angered and she can go to hell but not with Colby.  Barry canít just check Liza into the hospital, as she isnít a danger to others. She wasnít the one that cut up his shirts.  Adam says that she must be trying to kill him.  That is perfect as there will be no court that will give her the child.  Barry tells him that he is getting into dangerous territory. Barry might not be able to get him out of this one.  Adam is going to leave her defenceless so that she will get herself in trouble.  Adam doesnít want to tell him anything to keep him safe from criminal charges if there are any.  Liza walks in and the men quickly change the conversation.  Adam hugs Liza telling her that she is going to be fine, as he will take care of everything.  Barry leaves and Liza tells him that she is taking Colby away. She wants to take Colby with her to England or somewhere else.  Adam says that he will clear his calendar. She tells him that she will meet up with him later.  He hugs her and tells her that he will make sure that she and he are together.  He doesn't want to be without her for one minute.  Both are pretending to be in love still and wanting to be together.  They remember the past and vacations that they took together. Money canít by happiness, but when he saw her walk through the door the first time, that was priceless to him. She cried and she looked just like an angel and he fell for her all over again.  It was then that she realized that he was the most wonderful man in the world.  He gets an idea.  Maybe they should have spent more time away. That might have held the magic a little longer.  Colby comes in and she grabs the remote and turns it on.  It is mommy and daddyís fairytale.  It is a tape of Liza and Adam getting married.

Brooke has come face to face with Maria.  She only says that she remembers Brooke as the woman that fainted in the motel the other day.  Maria knows that Brooke is following her. Why is she following her?  Brooke realizes that Maria has no idea who she is.  ďDonít you know who I am?Ē Brooke asks.  Maria wants to know what is going on.  Brooke tells her that she knows who Maria is.  Maria tries to get away from Brooke but Brooke follows her.  She asks Maria is she remembers being in an accident.  Maria remembers that.  It was horribly painful for her.  She tells Brooke some stories and Brooke can see that things are not jiving.  Maria is upset that people are following her around.  Brooke tells her that she is a reporter and she is from Pine Valley.  Brooke says her name, ďMaria Santos GreyĒ.  Even the initials are the same.  Maria warns her to back off of she is going to call the police and have her arrested. She doesnít like to be bullied or spied on by anyone.  Brooke needs to back off now.  Brooke promises that she will not come anywhere near her in the future.  Maria likes to hear that.  She hopes that Brooke finds this woman, but she has to look for that woman somewhere else.

Frank and Mia go to a restaurant for coffee and he learns that she used to work at the hospital too. She was a physical therapist in training and then she quit to help her sister.  He didnít know that she had a sister.  Liza Colby is her sister and Frank starts putting things together.  She never told him she says because her relatives were sort of a secret.  She asks what he has been up to.  He used to make films but after a while things got old.  Nothing really stays the same.  His dream changed as his life turned out differently than expected.  He notices that she has no wedding ring.  She tells him that she is living at the mansion with the Chandler.  He asks why she dumped him.  She skirts the issue.  She didnít tell him about Liza because she didnít know about Liza back then.  She says that she left him because things got too wild. She didnít say anything and that was because she thought that he wouldnít listen to her. She admires his dedication and work and then something changed. She just took off and he wants to know what happened to them.  A child at another table with his mother calls out, ďLook Mommy!Ē  When Mia hears that, she knocks over her coffee cup.  This reminds him of the night that they had dinner at Marioís. She remembers that. There were 15 of them at the table and right across from them were kids having a French fry fight.  She remembers him not liking that at the time.  Frank only wished that the parents had controlled their children better.  He has mellowed since then.  He used to be the angry young man with a camera.  He is different now.  He was different back then too.  He did lots of things that he was not proud of back then. He takes responsibility for them breaking up.  They both were partying a lot. If anyone found out what happened with him in the past, especially Jake Martin. She jumps when she hears his name. She thinks that no one should hear about their past. She suggests that they pretend that they donít know each other so that they can get along better.  This way they can start with a clean slate. That means a lot to Mia.  People will get involved and talk about them.  That seems to make sense to him.  His beeper goes off and he has to run.  He is glad that they ran into each other.  She pays the bill as a welcome back for him.  He is going to like living there after all.  He leaves and Edmund comes in and sits at a table.  He gets a call from Brooke.  She is sorry to run out on him but she got a call from a woman. She lies about what she is doing and Edmund assures her that he will not ask her anything else.  She tells him that she loves him and she quickly hangs up on him.  He knows that she is hiding something. 

Brooke is in her hotel room and she looks out the window. She remembers Maureen telling her that she is not the woman that Brooke is looking for. She said that she was born in Southern California.  It is possible that this woman is just a dead ringer for Maria. That doesnít prove anything.  Why should Brooke disrupt this womanís life anymore?  The initials are the same.  Brooke freaks out and grabs the lamp throwing it to the wall, and flinging herself on the bed.

Maureen calls David Hayworth and she tells him that the woman has come back and she tried to talk to her.  Maureen asks him what she should do. David has to think.


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