AMC Update Friday 7/26/02


All My Children Update Friday 7/26/02

By Lori

Simone wants to make sure her father doesn't find out she's in the hospital. She talks to a nurse, who tells her her records are in the computer. When the nurse leaves the station, Simone gets behind the computer in an attempt to delete her records. She is caught by Frank, who accuses her of hacking into the computer system. At first Simone tells him she wants to find her bill. Then she admits that she wants to delete her records so her father doesn't learn she's there. Frank tells her her father would not have access to the records of patients who are not his own. She is not convinced and continues to search the computer. The nurse returns and asks her what she's doing. Frank grabs Simone and pulls her away, telling the nurse that Simone has had a hard night. Just then, Simone's father spots her. "What were you thinking?" he asks her. Simone apologizes to her father and admits she let him down. He gives her a card with the name of a therapist, telling her that since he's failed with he, maybe this other doctor can do a better job. He walks away, telling Frank to never get emotionally involved with a patient. Simone is dejected and reminds Frank not to get emotionally involved.

Adam asks Liza and Tad what is on the videotape they're hiding from him. Liza shuts it off and tells him it is a tape of candidates auditioning for an anchor job at the TV station. Adam doesn't believe her and picks up the remote to turn the tape back on. Liza tells him he can't do that. Tad pulls Adam into the hallway away from Liza. Tad tells Adam that Liza is fragile and grilling her is not what she needs. Adam asks Tad what's on the tape. Tad says he doesn't know. He says he was getting ready to leave and Liza asked him to watch the tape. They return to Liza, who is prepared to show him the tape. She warns him he's not going to be able to deny the truth after he sees it. Liza plays the tape. It is their wedding video. Liza says she wanted to show it to Tad to ask him if he thought whether she would ever be that happy again. Adam asks Tad for some privacy, and he prepares to leave. Liza tells him to remember his shopping bag. Tad is confused, and Liza points him to the bag on the desk. Tad catches on and takes the bag with him. Adam tells Liza that he blames himself for the way Liza is acting. Liza, wondering if Adam is going to confess his misdeeds, asks him what he means. Adam tells her that he pushed her too hard after her recovery and didn't give her the time she needed. The next morning, Adam is watching the wedding video again when a security guard tells him the alarm system has been turned off. Adam suspects that Liza is on to him. "I guess it was just a matter of time," he says.

It is Mia's son William's birthday, and she is lighting a candle and praying for him at the hospital chapel. She also says a prayer for Liza. Jake sees her and walks in. She is angry that he barged in on her prayer. He says he came to apologize. He admits that he loses all objectivity when it comes to Adam. He tells her the story about Colby's parentage and how Adam was involved in that. Mia admits that Adam can be ruthless. Jake tells Mia he was devastated when he learned that Colby was not his daughter. He says she has to feel bad when she sees Trey, because he is a reminder of the son she gave up. Mia admits that she has been lying to Jake. She tells him that Trey is not the father of her son. She says she told him that because she didn't want to tell him the real story. She says the real father never knew she was pregnant. That upsets Jake, who says the father deserved to know. Mia says she didn't tell him because she wanted two parents for her son and she knew he would not want to be involved. She says she did what she had to do. Jake tells her this reminds him of what Adam did to him. He says Adam took away his chance to be a father. Mia says what she did was totally different. The next morning, Mia goes to the hospital looking for Jake, who is not there. She runs into Frank, who tells her "long time no see."

Edmund tells Mateo that he and Brooke plan to get married Aug. 23. Mateo says that is awfully close to the memorial service for Maria. Edmund suggests that they not have the service. He says having a service to remember Maria's death every year doesn't help them move ahead. He says Maria would not want them to continue with it. Mateo is angry, and says his family will never forget Maria. Edmund tries to calm him down, saying he is not forgetting Maria. He says his children remind him of Maria every day. But he says he and Brooke need a clean slate. Brooke is with Hayley and Maddie and is very distracted. She spills some water and says she simply has the jitters. Maddie says her mother had the jitters too when she got married. Her father told her so. But she says her mother is happy now because she is an angel. She asks if her mother will be at the wedding. If so, she'll have two mothers there. Brooke remembers the plane crash where Maria was trapped. She remembers Maria insisting that she save Maddie from the plane. Hayley sees that something is bothering Brooke, and she asks Maddie to go upstairs. She tells Brooke she knows what is bothering her. It is Maddie's constant talk about Maria. Brooke tells Hayley that Maria is back. She tells her how she saw her in Arizona. She tells her that she is afraid of losing Edmund. Hayley tells Maria that the only way Maria could be back is if Brooke lets her come back. Hayley says deep down, Brooke doesn't think she deserves happiness, so she is making up a reason why she shouldn't be happy. Brooke begins to wonder if maybe she imagined seeing Maria. After all, it was hot there and she did faint. Hayley leaves after reassuring Brooke. Brooke makes a call to tell the people she had looking for Maureen Gorman to stop their search. She is surprised to be told that Maureen Gorman has been found. She gets on a plane to go see her. The next morning Edmund goes to Brooke's house but sees she is gone. Brooke is at the hospital where Maureen Gorman works. A nurse points Maureen out to Brooke, who taps her on the shoulder. A woman turns around and it is not Maria. Brooke is relieved, thinking that she really did imagine seeing Maria. Suddenly, Maria walks from around the corner. Brooke turns around and sees her face to face.

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