AMC Update Thursday 7/25/02


All My Children Update Thursday 7/25/02

By Suzanne

Mia is playing cards with Colby when Adam comes in looking for his wife. He is frantic. He can’t find her anywhere. Winifred says that Liza has gone out. Adam is angry with Mia for letting Liza leave the house alone. He says that she is there to watch Liza and she should have known that Liza was trying to get out of the house. He shouts at Mia and Colby is shocked to hear her father talking this way to Mia. Adam apologizes to Colby for his outburst. He is sure that Liza is going to be fine. She must be running an errand but Colby wants to know how they know that Liza is fine. They explain that Liza wouldn’t leave her daughter alone for long. They convince her to go and get a cookie in the kitchen. Adam apologizes for shouting at Mia but he is really worried. Where would Liza go? What is happening to Adam’s life lately?

Liza has called Tad to get him to meet her. Liza meets Tad and she tells him that she hasn’t been a good friend to him lately and she is sorry for that. She tells him that she is feeling fine and she wants him to help her with a plan that she has in mind. She explains that Adam is trying to make her look crazy and she is going to let him think that she is for now. Tad is very interested in hearing the rest of this story. He loves screwing Adam over and this is going to be an opportunity to do just that. Adam has been really acting low to his wife making her think that her tumour has returned. Liza found out that Adam was confusing her because Adam has been talking to her doctor. He has been grilling the doctors trying to find out what symptoms Liza would have if her tumour were to return. Adam has no idea that she knows that he has been trying to fool him. Colby’s future is at stake and that is what is leading Liza to protect herself and her child this way. Adam is very sick to do a thing like this to his wife. She admits to stealing money from Adam’s company before she got sick. She knew exactly what she was doing then. It was after that when she got sick and things got out of control. Now she needs to prove that Adam is trying to make her crazy. She has a plan but she will need Tad to help her with it. She needs to prove that Adam has been doing things in the house to make her look like a nut. She has written down some things that Adam has done. Each of those thinks has to be proven. She is 2 steps ahead of Adam and she has to stay that way from now on.

Frank is working out fine with Jake at the hospital and he is put in charge of Simone who is out and hasn’t opened her eyes. Frank attends to her and she wakes up. She should be thankful that she has gotten up after taking the pills and booze. She is embarrassed. Her father works there and if he finds out what has happened, he is going to freak out. Frank assures her that her father is not going to find out about this. Her father’s job is to find out people’s secrets and he always knows everything. Frank doesn’t know anything about her but he can tell that she has a brain behind her pretty face. She wants him to stop the pep talk, as she doesn’t think that she deserves it. He takes her arm and does an examination on her.

Greenlee and Leo talk to Anna who is threatening to arrest him if he leaves the room. Leo can’t believe his ears. He tries to run out anyway and guards try to stop him. He is taken out of the room and Greenlee turns to Anna and David in anger. David tells Greenlee to sit down. She can’t believe that Anna arrested her husband. David explains that Anna’s job is on the line and she is doing what is expected of her. Greenlee knows that. She doesn’t know whether to dance or cry right now. David tries to offer her something to eat or drink but she wants nothing. David tries to show her that at least she got to know her father. David’s father was a fraud. His father never hurt him though. David remembers the swings. It is the earliest memory that he has of his father. He would let David swing as long as he wanted. Then when David had a bug collection, his father bought him a n ant farm. He was showing him that saving lives was better than taking them. Roger was trying to protect his daughter, but he was still different. He cared more about himself than anyone else. Greenlee didn’t really matter all that much to him. A girl expects that she has her picture in her father ’s wallet and things like that. Everyone let her down but no one ever hurt Greenlee more than Roger did. David thinks that she should count her blessings. Roger taught her that she couldn’t romanticize people. Greenlee breaks out crying. “Leo! I need Leo! I want Leo right now…” David thinks that work is going to make Greenlee feel better. She doesn’t care about work, she only wants her daddy. David comforts her. There is only one person that make her feel better and that is Leo. Why can’t the world leave them alone? She just wants to snuggle. She goes running off to another room.

Leo is taken to the station and he is furious with Anna. Anna tells him that he is going to cooperate so that he can get back to Greenlee. Jack shows up stopping Anna from doing her job. Jack knows that Anna taking care of Leo is a conflict of interest. Jack tells her that he is going to take this case over. He has jurisdiction. Leo is scared now, as he knows that he may not get back to Greenlee. Jack takes over Anna’s office so that he can talk to Leo. Anna is furious. She tries to follow him but the door is closed in her face. Anna reminds herself that she has to hold it together…Jack is with some of the police staff and he starts asking Leo questions. Leo explains that he was trying to find the money that has been missing and that he was going to return it to the police. Leo explains that Guy has nothing to do with the shooting at the wedding. Leo says that the guy is a decent man and isn’t involved in all this. Jack really wants to hear how Guy came to be. Leo only says that his mother is a very twisted woman. Leo said that he went to Paris as a quest of vindication, but if that is true, then why did he call Guy Duprés? Leo is tired of trying to help Jackson out with his problems…Anna gets a call from David and he warns Anna that she has to get the kids back together as Greenlee is falling apart. She sees Jackson and his posse coming out of her office and she hangs up. Jack refuses to tell her anything telling her only that she is off the case. Anna goes into her office to find Leo still there. She tells him that she is releasing him.

Frank reports to Jake that Simone is doing okay. Next a policeman comes in hurt and he sees Frank remembering Jesse Hubbard. He talks about Angie and Jesse and how he would have been proud of his son being such a good doctor. The cop tells Jake about Jesse and Jake smiles at that. Frank is not all that happy to hear the news but he shrugs off the compliments.

Mia is home with Adam when Liza returns. She is dressed like a nut and she comments, “Summer sizzling!” She has on sunglasses and a big straw hat and some tacky white gloves. She is fanning herself as if the heat is killing her.

Anna is outside listening to the talk inside the office…Leo can’t understand Jack giving him such a hard time when he has helped him in the past. Leo wasn’t trying to cut his mother out of any deal; he was only going to Paris for personal reasons. Jack knows that Leo went to Paris and spent money and lived in a fancy hotel. It looks like he was on a spending spree. He was just recuperating from things that he has gone through with Vanessa. Why should Jackson not believe that Leo isn’t’ sitting on Proteus’s millions right now?

Tad comes to see Liza who is dressed in her gown now. He has some proof for her to see of Adam confusing his wife. There is videotape and they pop it into the machine. Adam comes in behind them and wants to know what they are doing. They try to hide the screen and they listen as Adam tells where Mia and Colby are. After he is done, he wants to know what both Liza and Tad are doing. They don’t move from in front of the screen.

David brings Greenlee on a secret trip. Greenlee has no idea what she is doing there. Suddenly, Leo appears in a trench coat and hat. David tells them that it is time to go. There is a plane waiting and they have to go right away. Leo knows that he owes his brother forever. He puts his arm around his new wife and off they go. David turns and finds his wife standing behind him. They kiss. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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