AMC Update Wednesday 7/24/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 7/24/02

By Glynis

(partial recap only)

Simone is having a drink when Tad comes in to get on her case about telling Edmund about his kissing Brooke in the club the other night.  She tells him that there is no crowd there to laugh at his jokes like the last time.  Her life is screwed up but does she have to screw everyone else over too?  She couldnít care less what is going on with him right now. She only cares about getting some drinks into her.

Edmund comes to talk to Brooke about what is wrong in their relationship.  She isnít really interested in talking to him and has been avoiding him for the longest while.  They can either work things out or they can end it. Those are her choices.

Frank is hard at work.  He has been doing a fabulous job since he has been back to Pine Valley.  Jake is glad to have him there.  He learns that Angie is doing fine and Jake extends an invitation to her through her son so that anytime that she wants to return to town to work there, she can.  Frank is glad to hear that.

Greenlee confronts her mother.  Seems that she thinks that Mary didnít really care for Roger and is going to use this opportunity to make herself look good now that the really crappy parent is dead.  Greenlee is sure that she really had 2 crappy parents in life.


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