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All My Children Update Tuesday 7/23/02

By Tara

Greenlee and Leo are getting ready for Roger's funeral. She tells Leo that Jake has made all the arrangements and the funeral will be held in the chapel of the Pine Valley Hospital because it was the only place that was available on such short notice. Leo tells her that she is a very compassionate person and Roger was lucky to have her as a daughter. She tells Leo how much Roger loved parties and how disappointed she is that the best she can do for him is a quickie funeral that no one wants to go to.

Mary shows up at the apartment as Greenlee goes to freshen up her make-up. Mary asks Leo if there is anything that she can do for Greenlee, and he tells her "Make Roger a popular man." Mary informs him that she and her parents are going, not for Roger, but for Greenlee. Leo phones David and asks that he and Anna come to the funeral.

Before they receive the call from Leo, Anna informs David that she does not want a divorce. He tells her that a divorce will give her the freedom to be the woman he fell in love with, not waste all her energy on defending him to Jackson. Still, she refuses. He tells her that it wouldn't be the end for them, because they make their own rules. She says, fine, "rule one: no divorce, rule two: make love to me." Just then, the phone rings. It's Leo. David agrees to go to the funeral because they are family and have to stick together.

Jake and Joe prepare for the new interns. They go into a waiting room and are greeted by an intern who addresses them as "Dr. Jake" and "Dr. Joe." Joe is impressed that the intern has "done his homework". The intern smiles and tells them that he is really Frank Hubbard. Joe and Jake ask about Angie, and Frank says that she is great and still treating patients. They welcome him to Pine Valley Hospital. Later, Joe tells Frank that he is delighted to have Angie's son at the hospital. He tells Jake and Joe that he is going to have to call Angie to tell her how much the hospital has changed since she left, and jokes that he's going to tell her that it's amazing what electricity can do. Joe leaves, and Jake asks Frank why he changed from directing to medicine, but before he can answer, Jake is paged and has to leave.

Also at the hospital, Simone meets up with her father. She tells him that she found out the funeral is at the hospital. He questions her, asking why she would want to be anywhere near Roger. She tells him that she isn't going to go to the funeral, but she wants to say goodbye. He is obviously angry with her and she asks what she has done that is so unforgivable. He asks her why she and Roger kept their affair a secret. She doesn't answer, but just says that she has to say goodbye. She goes to where Roger has been laid out and cries over him. Greenlee walks in. She is furious and tells Simone not to touch him. Simone tells Greenlee that if she knew Greens was going to be there, she wouldn't have come. She also tells her that she didn't want to lie about the affair and never meant to hurt her. However, Greenlee doesn't want to hear it and throws Simone out.

As Simone leaves, Mary and her parents arrive. Her father realizes that Simone was Roger's mistress. Jack then shows up, saying he is there to offer his support. Mary's father misunderstands and scolds Mary for bringing a date to the funeral. He goes on to tell Mary that she was never a mother to Greenlee and never loved her the way that she was supposed to. Mary admits that that is true, but she is paying for it now.

At that moment, Leo, Anna and David arrive. Leo tells them to stop fighting for Greenlee's sake and that if they cannot control themselves to go out into the parking lot and beat some sense into each other. Anna sees Jack and wonders why he is there. He says "for Mary" and she, too, assumes that he is Mary's date for the funeral. Leo, David, and Anna go inside. The minister asks Greenlee if she can remember anything special about her father. She cannot really think of anything and says that he loved to dance and loved flowers.

Outside, she can hear Mary and her grandfather fighting. Leo says he'll handle them, but Greenlee follows him. Outside, Mary tells him that she wants to be a the mother that she never was to Greenlee and even though it started out as an act, she and Greenlee connected. As he opens the door, they overhear the argument and that the only reason that Mary is a part of Greenlee's life now is because she would have been written out of her father's will.

Still at the hospital, Simone requests that she see her father. He has to leave a session. He is angry about her demanding to see him. She asks him if he thinks that she is a bad person. He replies that he thinks she is only looking for pity. Frank overhears them. Simone leaves and goes to the Valley Inn bar. She orders vodka after vodka. After having a few drinks, she takes the prescription pills that she got from her father.

Over at the Valley Inn, Kendall finds Palmer having breakfast. She tells him that she was looking for him because she wanted to thank him. She also tells him that she knows his secret, that he is actually a kind man. In order to show her appreciation, she presents him with a framed photo of Dixie as a little girl, at the Pigeon Hallow Pig Roast. He tells her that Dixie was the prettiest child he had ever saw and asks how she got a hold of the picture. She tells him that it was Del's and because of her relationship with Del, she got to know Dixie and knew what a good person she was. She also tells Palmer that Del always wished that he and Dixie had grown up together. He assures Kendall that he will always treasure her gift, but he wants to know what she wants. She simply says not to mention it to anyone.

Just then, Opal arrives, telling Kendall that she is "like a fly to honey." Palmer asks Opal if she has more people spying on him, and she says no.  The reason she is there is to give him a card from Petey. Palmer promises to go see his son and Opal agrees that would be a good idea. Opal then sits down. After she does this, Palmer informs her that what is going on is none of her business and hints that she should leave. Opal tells him that Kendall is playing him for a fool to get a hold of his money, and that she is watching out for him for Petey, and for Dixie's memory. Palmer then asks her to leave when she tells Kendall to. As she does, she announces "You haven't heard the last of me!" and to that, Palmer replies, "no truer words have ever been spoken." Palmer gets a phone call and goes to the bar to take it.

After he leaves, Kendall gets a call from her credit card company, and she assures them a check is in the mail. As she hangs up, she looks over at Palmer and to herself says, "or it will be." Kendall then goes to sit at another table. From her table she calls the host, requesting to know when Palmer leaves. After he is done on the phone, Palmer goes to her table and asks why she ran away. She tells him that Opal is right about her. She's a liar and not a good person. He replies that, "It's difficult for a person to change when no one will give them a chance."

While having breakfast, also at the Valley Inn, Aidan comes over to Bianca's table. She invites him to sit down and he does. He begins to ask her about her room in Erica's new apartment. She tells him that she doesn't really care because she isn't planning on living there. He continues to talk, eventually asking her to dinner. She asks if it's a date. When he says it is, she tells him that she is gay, and he replies "so am I. So, will you have dinner with me?" She laughs and tells him that he needs to get out more. He tells her that he likes that she doesn't play games, not like her half-sister. She tells him that she feels sorry for him because he has met Kendall. After seeing Kendall sit down, Bianca decides she wants to leave. Aidan asks if she would be interested in seeing Erica's apartment. She says yes and they leave together.

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