AMC Update Monday 7/22/02


All My Children Update Monday 7/22/02

By Lori

Mia tells Jake that she is not sleeping with Adam. Jake warns Mia that Adam is a master manipulator, and he would seduce her in a New York minute if it suited his purpose. Mia is offended by what Jake is saying, and asks why he would even think such a thing. Adam, who has just entered the room, says Jake would have every reason to think such a thing. He says that he knows Liza has told Jake she suspects they are having an affair. He tells Jake that Liza is convinced he and Mia are sneaking around behind her back. Adam tells Jake that Liza is becoming paranoid and is slipping away. She is acting out then has no memory of it, he says. Adam asks Jake if he can help. Jake isn't falling for what Adam is saying and tells him to "take some acting classes." Adam says he doesn't appreciate Jake's attitude. Jake says he doesn't appreciate Adam's attitude in believing he would fall for such garbage. Jake says there is nothing wrong with Liza. He says he could list Adam's schemes one right after the other. He tells Mia that Adam is using her. Just then, Liza enters with Adam's suit jacket ripped to shreds. She asks Adam why she would do such a thing. Adam looks stunned. He asks her why she did this. Liza says maybe he asked her to have the jacket altered and she got angry at him. She asks Mia if she's crazy. Mia says she's not crazy, she needs some sleep. Mia takes Liza upstairs. Jake starts to talk to Adam but his phone rings and he is called to the hospital. Before he leaves, he tells Adam that he knows he and Mia haven't slept together, but he wouldn't put it past him. He says he doesn't know what's going on, but if he hurts Mia, he's coming after him. Liza tells Mia she doesn't understand what happened. Mia tells Liza she needs some sleep, and Liza starts to lay down on the floor. Mia urges Liza to get in the bed. Liza asks Mia if she loves her and if she would ever hurt her. Mia assures Liza she would never hurt her. Adam walks in and tells Liza good night. She says she wants to say goodnight to Colby, but Adam says she's sleeping and he'll look in on her. Liza says she knows he would do anything for Colby. After he leaves, Liza tells herself it's been a great night. While sleeping, Mia dreams that Adam gets into bed with her and kisses her. She wakes up sweating, realizing it was just a dream.

Anna is at the hospital, where Jack approaches her with Lt. Riley from internal affairs. Riley tells Anna she must give up her service revolver because she used it dangerously when she shot Wolfe. Jack tells Anna that the people in the room were in as much danger from her as they were from Wolfe. He tells her that Anna has impeded his investigation and let Count du Pres leave without questioning him. Anna says she knows the count isn't involved in the Proteus affair. Anna reluctantly gives her gun to the lieutenant, telling Jack she'll never forget this. Jack tells her that her personal life has interfered with her performance on the job. He says he knows she married David to keep him out of jail and flooded the evidence room. He wants her off the job.

Greenlee waves a small knife in front of Vanessa, who is non-responsive in her hospital bed. Greenlee tells her that her father is dead because of Vanessa. She also taunts her, telling her she survived and she and Leo are now married. She says she wants to see how Vanessa reacts to not being in control of a situation. Leo and David walk in and Leo asks his new wife what she is doing. Greenlee tells Leo she's trying to get through to Vanessa. She continues holding the knife to Vanessa's throat. Leo urges Greenlee to put the knife down. Dr. McMillan, who has entered the room, tells her that there is no need to make a report if she puts the knife down. Greenlee gives the knife to Leo, who hugs her. He tells Vanessa that any misguided feelings he had for her are gone. He and Greenlee walk out of the room, and Greenlee apologizes for scaring him. Greenlee sees her mother, who is crying. Greenlee asks if she is crying because of Roger, but Mary says she is crying because of her. She apologizes to Greenlee for not being the mother she should have been to her. Greenlee tells her she loves her. Mary tells Greenlee not to say that to make her feel better, but Greenlee says she means it. Mary asks Greenlee if she will let her be the mother she deserves. Greenlee cries and hugs her mother. As Leo and Greenlee prepare to go home, Greenlee asks her mother to come along. Out of Greenlee's earshot, Mary thanks Leo for not telling Greenlee that she was helping with the wedding just to get money. Leo tells Mary that she needs to be thankful that he loves Greenlee as much as he does.

Dr. McMillan tells David that Vanessa is genuinely catatonic. David walks out of the room and finds Anna. He tells her about the drama that just went on inside. Anna tells David she has her own drama to tell him about. They go to David's cabin, where David tells Anna she must fight for her job. He presents her with divorce papers and urges her to sign them. He says he is hurting her career and she doesn't need him. Anna refuses to sign the papers and tells him she does need him. He is the best thing she has right now. They begin to make love.

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