AMC Update Thursday 7/18/02


All My Children Update Thursday 7/18/02

By Tara

Erica arrives at the hospital, where she meets a very worried Opal. Palmer has been admitted, after a maid, that Opal hired to look out for him found him passed out in his hotel room. Opal sees Joe coming, and asks him to give it to her straight. He tells her that he isn't going to lie to her, Palmer is stable now, but the next time, he won't be so lucky. Opal, very worried, wants to see her ex. However, Joe informs her that Palmer has given him orders to not let anyone visit him, especially Opal, and also, to tell Opal, to "go home." Opal is extremely hurt by Palmer's request. Erica decided that she's going to have a little heart to heart with Palmer and make him see Opal. She goes in and declared, "You can give Joe all the orders you want, but no one gives Erica Kane orders." He smiles and turns around to face her; they hug. Erica tells him that it takes time for a broken heart to mend after being broken, and that he can't pretend around her. 

Jake walks into Liza's room and she inquires about her test results. Jake tells her he will go find Dr. Greenburg and the results as Marian and Stuart come in to visit Liza. Liza tells Marian that she hasn't eaten since before the tests and would like a blueberry smoothie. Marian exits, and Stuart gives Liza a picture that Colby drew for her. It is of Liza, Adam, and Mia. He notes that Adam's head is about the size of the house in the picture. Liza confides in Stuart that she is worried she is getting sick again and that her tumor has come back. He asks why and she tells him that she found a shirt of Adam's all torn up, and she was the one who did it. She also tells him that she has been hearing things, seeing things, and doing things that she doesn't remember doing. Stuart tries to make her feel better, by telling her that that sometimes happens to him. Liza isn't really comforted and is still worried. She admits to Stuart that she is worried she might be harmful to Colby. Liza asks Stuart to keep her secret.

 Over at the Chandler mansion, Trey gives Adam some documented information on Liza and suggests that he begin the divorce proceedings, unless he has other plans for her. Adam informs Trey that he paid him to investigate Liza and what he chooses to do with the information that Trey discovered is up to him. Mia enters and states that she cannot take Liza's place and does not want to go to the fund raiser. She tells Adam that sucking up to CEO's is just not her thing and that she is more of a "behind the scenes kinda of person." Adam tries to persuade her to change her mind, telling her that she just has to be herself and she will knock the socks off of "those stuffed shirts." Still trying to get out of going she informs Adam that she doesn't have anything to wear. He counters her by stating that he bought her a dress and shoes to wear. Then lays on the guilt trip by saying that it is what Liza would want her to do and that it is for a good cause. Finally, she gives in and agrees to go. She exits to go upstairs Over at the Pine Cone Motel, Kendall puts her engagement ring on to a necklace as she has flashbacks of when she and Ryan first met. The owner of the motel comes to collect the money for her stay. She informs him that she worked out a deal with the manager. He informs her he doesn't care, and wants his money. Chris, oversees it, and pays for a few nights stay. Kendall thanks him and he tells her he knows how she can pay him back. He hands her a one way ticket to Florida, and tells her to never come back. Kendall is somewhat hurt and tells him that he is wrong about her. To that he tells her to "get lost." Kendall refuses and Chris calls her the town pest. She tells him she doesn't care what people think, but he informs her that he thinks differently, and he is going to leave the ticket with her. Spying the necklace with the ring he asks for it back. She tells him no, because it is all that she has left of Ryan. He decided to let her keep it, because it doesn't hold the same meaning it once did. He leaves, an After leaving the hospital, Erica spots Chris in the park. He is plucking pedals from a flower, as he plucks one off, she declared, "she loves you." She tells him that she was at the hospital with Opal and she was playing matchmaker. He tells her that is good because he wants everyone to be as happy as they are. He goes on to tell Erica about the plane ticket and she asks if Kendall accepted. He tells her she refused, but he left it with her, hoping she would make the right choice. Erica is skeptical that she will do so.


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