AMC Update Wednesday 7/17/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 7/17/02

By Tara

The show begins with Maggie, JR, and Bianca going to the boat house after Bianca received a message to meet there. The anonymous message was from Tim, and her proposes that they have a "bang up party" at the boat house. There are no complaints and sheturns on the music. The foursome talk about love, Leo and Greenlee's wedding, and relationships. Tim asks the "bazillion dollar question" of "why would anyone want to get married..its the end of having fun." JR agrees with him and uses his dad and Liza as the perfect example of why people shouldn't get married, saying that he is just glad that Adam and Liza aren't armed with nuclear weapons. The girls have other ideas and agree that love is a good thing. They make a toast "to friendship." Bianca notices Maggie and Tim flirting a little and decides that it would be a good idea if she and JR disappeared for a little bit. They spot a canoe and go canoeing on the lake.

Alone at the boat house, Maggie and Tim are talking. Maggie asks him what the real story is and if he was really discharged. He admits that he discharged himself and claims that being there at the boat house with friends is far better than "marinating in antibiotics." Maggie laughs, asking if that was his pick-up line. Tim says that he just got cooped up in the hospital and wanted some fresh air.  He tells her that he could just get lost in the boat house; she agrees, saying that she needs a break from all of the drama in her life, and she doesn't want to talk about crazy families, death, and what might have been. They stop talking and are both smiling, as Tim inches closer to Maggie. A little later, JR and Bianca return from their canoe ride. Upon seeing Maggie and Tim lighting candles, he teases them, asking them if they are saying their own vows. Tim replies that they are and then says that he vows to never return to the boat house without bug spray. Bianca and Maggie start talking about Tim, and Maggie confides in her, that she thinks that Tim is "a pretty cool guy." Meanwhile, JR and Tim are talking about Maggie, and Tim admits to JR that he kinda likes Maggie.

Back at Pine Valley Hospital, Vanessa staggered into the ER to find Leo, warning him that Wolfe was after him and was going to kill him. After being taken to a room for doctors, Leo called David and Anna to tell that who just walked in to the ER; David and Anna had been talking and she told him that Jackson was after her badge, and she feels as if she has just given him the ammunition to go after her because she just shot and killed a man, instead of going according to the rules. Upon receiving the call, David and Anna go the hospital.  As they are leaving the park, Anna tells him she needs her job, but can't choose between her job and the man that she loves. When they arrive, Greenlee and Leo are there.  Leo says that he doesn't care about Vanessa, but Greenlee encourages him to go see her.  He doesn't want to because it is their wedding night, but she tells him that its OK and she is "all blissed out anyway". He agrees to do it and tells her to go home and he will be there soon. Mary goes with her and plans to fix her daughter a bubble bath. After she leaves with Mary, Leo explains what happened with Vanessa to David and Anna. David and Leo go see Vanessa together, and Leo thinks that she is faking the insanity. She keeps telling him that Wolfe is going to kill him and he keeps pressing her to tell him where the money is. She refuses because if he knows that information, it will put him in danger. Leo and Anna tell Vanessa what happened to Wolfe and that he isn't a threat to them anymore. Upon hearing the news, Vanessa passes out.

While David and Leo are visiting with Vanessa, Anna and Jackson talk. He informs her that he has filed a complaint with the Internal Affairs.  She replies that she will "be sure to wear lip gloss." She tells him that she doesn't understand- even though they have different approaches, they have the same goals.

After Vanessa passes out, David asks the doctors if her insanity is a ruse. They reply that it isn't- not this time. Vanessa is improving, though, because she is now responding to people. Jack tells Anna that he hopes to never have to prosecute a colleague, then he walks away.

David and Jake talk and David informs Jake that his hand is better. Jake welcomes him back and tells him he can start up again in the OR. Jake observes Anna and tells David that he always thought they were on the same side. Anna then tells David that Jack has made a complaint with Internal Affairs.

At Greenlee and Leo's apartment, Mary is fixing her tea, and asks if she wants lemon or milk. Greenlee replies, "milk". She is still very upset over the day's events and concerned about Roger. She asks Mary if there was any update on Roger.  Mary says that there wasn't- he is still in critical condition. Mary tells Greenlee that Roger always loved her, and it was her own fault, not Roger's, that Greenlee grew up feeling unloved. She said that in the beginning, Roger was a devoted father and loved his little girl dearly. However, Mary was jealous; she felt that she was losing Roger's love to Greenlee, and had to stop that. She felt that by keeping them apart, she was saving her marriage, but instead, it ruined her family. Greenlee tells her that love wasn't like money: "you spend money and get less, but when you spend love, you get more." Mary tells her that that was certainly something she never learned from her family, and that she is glad she is at least close with one parent. Greenlee gets bitter and says that her relationship with Roger was all lies. Mary tells her that she wishes she knew her better--and if she takes lemon or milk in her tea. Greenlee wants Leo. Just as she says that, he comes in the door, chiming, "hi, honey, I'm home", as he takes her in his arms. Upon his arrival, Mary leaves, telling Leo to "take care of her, for all the people who care about her." He promises Mary that he would, and he and Greenlee cuddle up on the couch. He tells her that he isn't going anywhere, because they are "hooked up forever."

Back at the motel in Arizona, Brooke tells Edmund that she doesn't want to keep things from him, he is her "happiness, and the best thing for" her. He asks her, if Maria were alive, and they went out into the desert somewhere, alone, if she would be able to trust him, like she was asking him to do. She admitted, "I don't know." Tad tells him that he has every reason to be angry, and begins to talk about being lonely and about loss. In the middle of Tad's speech, Brooke interrupts, declaring "You deserve your soul mate!" Tad covers for her, saying that she is right, and he would give anything to see Dixie one last time and that is why he and Brooke were there. He goes on to tell Edmund that about two years ago, he went to the "Queen of Hearts" diner, on a road trip, to find himself. Dixie followed him, and they reconnected. He claimed that the reason he and Brooke were there was so that, hopefully, he could feel closer to Dixie. Edmund asks why he brought Brooke, so Tad replies that she is there to pick up the pieces. Edmund is still very upset, and Tad tells him that he shouldn't be mad at Brooke. It's Tad's fault that he and Brooke are in Arizona together. Edmund tells him that he is mad at them both, and then tells Brooke that Tad is going to destroy their relationship, because any time he needs something or someone, Brooke runs to him.

Edmund admits that he doesn't think that Tad and Brooke are having an affair, but something deeper, and that it seems that Tad will always come first in her life. Brooke tells him that she wishes they could just curl up, and make the entire world just go away...but she can't do that. Edmund asks Brooke to come home with him, and she agrees. Tad says that he will settle the bill, and then they will be on their way. Edmund asks Tad where he thinks he is going, and he replies "I'm going home to my sons." Before Tad can leave, Edmund asks why there is only one room, Tad replies, "I guess there are a lot of lonely people here." After Tad leaves, Edmund tells Brooke that that Tad is killing their relationship. Brooke asks Edmund to forgive her for what happened, and if he can ever get past it. He tells her he doesn't know, and admits to her that he wonders what would have happened had he not shown up. Brooke tries to reassure him by saying that he is the only man that she loves. After a minute, he tells her that there is something she can do to make him forgive her, and that is to tell him the real reason that she and Tad are together in Arizona. She remembers seeing "Maureen" who looks exactly like Maria, and cannot tell him the truth. Angry, Edmund tells her he needs air and is going to get the car. Alone in the room, Brooke calls the front desk to find out that "Maureen Gorman" has checked out. Brooke cries to herself, "It wasn't her. Maria can't be alive."


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