AMC Update Tuesday 7/16/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 7/16/02

By Glynis

Still in search of "Maureen Gorman", Tad and Brooke checked into the hotel they believed she was staying at, as a couple who wanted to keep their affair a secret. They got the clerk to leave the desk by requesting a movie that would help Tad get "In the mood". After he left they typed in the name "Maureen Gorman" and found that she was indeed staying at the hotel, however, the file had no room number. When the clerk returned he found Tad and Brooke looking in his computer. Later, they went up to their room, where Tad suggested that Brooke eat something. She refused. No matter how hot, how tired, or how hungry she was, she was determined to find "Maureen" and the two set out to search the hotel. Tad took one end, and Brooke took the other. As Brooke approached the front desk, she spotted Maureen and walked toward her, after just one look, Brooke muttered "Edmund.." and then fainted. "Maureen" went to her and poured water on her handkerchief, and padded it on to Brooke's face and neck, however, when she saw Tad coming, she ran away. Tad found Brooke lying on the floor and asked if she was OK, Brooke responded "No.." Tad took her up to their hotel room and helped her into bed. She kept saying "its her." Tad didn't understand what she was saying or meant, and tried to comfort her. Just as he was stroking her, Edmund burst into the hotel room, spotted them in bed together (fully clothed) and demanded to know what was going on.

At the hospital, Jake told Greenlee that Roger was awake, and if she wanted she could see him, however, he warned that the anesthetic hadn't worn off yet. Nonetheless, Greenlee went to see him. Roger didn't know who she was and confused her w/ Simone. He was hallucinating, and told Greenlee, "Simone, get back into bed.." Not understanding what he was saying, Greenlee told him that it was her, Greenlee, and that he was hallucinating. However, when he heard his daughters name, Roger responded saying that Greenlee would never have to know about the affair that he and Simone were having. Greenlee left the room, upset, and confronted Simone. Simone was sorry, but Greenlee wouldn't hear it, and told her to leave. But before she left, she told her gal pal that Leo knew about the affair and hadn't told her-he was lying to her. Once she left Leo apologized, saying he didn't mean to lie to hear and he wanted to tell her so many times. He just saw what she was going through w/ the stress of her parents and the wedding and didn't want to add to that stress. She told him that it was OK, and that she understood.

Also at the hospital, Jack informed Anna that he believes she should look for a new job, and called her and incompetent Commissioner. David walked in, hearing this insulted Jackson, who rebutted, saying that if he had a decent Commish, he would be able to better do his job as DA.

Also at the hospital, Leo shared w/ Anna and David that he doesn't think that the count is really his father, and that the count and Vanessa were probably together sharing in the riches of her drug money. David said that he wasn't so sure about that as he saw the count approaching, and the count hugged Leo. Leo remained skeptical.

At the shows end, Vanessa wandered into the hospital, still very heavily drugged.

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