AMC Update Monday 7/15/02


All My Children Update Monday 7/15/02

By Lori

Tad goes to an Arizona motel and shows the desk clerk a picture of Maria. He asks the clerk if he's ever seen someone who looks like her. He asks if this is Maureen Gorman. The clerk gives Tad a look like she recognizes the photo, but she says she's never seen the woman before. Tad leaves, thanking the woman for her time. The clerk immediately calls Maria's room and tells her about the man who is looking for her. Maria goes to the front desk and asks the clerk questions about the man. The clerk says he was a smooth talker but she wasn't sure he was telling her everything. Maria asks the clerk not to tell anyone she is
there. The clerk tells her she has nothing to worry about. Later, Tad returns with Brooke and sees that a different clerk is at the desk. Tad and Brooke pose as lovers looking for a room. They ask the clerk to retrieve some sex videos for them. When he leaves the desk, they get on the computer and Brooke says that they have found Maureen Gorman.

Adam asks Liza if she shredded his shirt. He says she was alone in the house and would have been the only one to have the chance to do it. Unless, of course, someone broke into the house. Liza asks why someone would break into the house to shred his shirt. She says she supposes she could have done it. Adam tells Liza that maybe she was angry with him and that's why she shredded the shirt. Or maybe she feels guilty about something. He asks if she has told him the truth about everything. Liza can't understand this. She wonders what is happening to her. Adam says he can't help but worry about Colby. Liza says she would never hurt Colby. Adam reminds her that she lost Colby in the park. Liza says that was different. She was sick then. She realizes that she still may be sick. She starts to worry that maybe she could hurt Colby without knowing it. Liza realizes that she cannot be left alone with Colby. Mia arrives and Liza asks her if she thinks she would do such a vicious thing. Mia tells Liza that she believes she did shred the shirt. Liza says this means that she's going to have to check herself into the hospital. Adam tells her he'll give her all the help she needs.

Jake tells Mary that the bullet is lodged in Roger's spleen and they are going to do surgery to remove it. Jack is with Mary and Mary asks him not to leave her. Simone is in tears at the hospital, fretting over Roger. Edmund is with her. Edmund tells Simone that this is a story they need to cover for Tempo. He starts to call Brooke then tells Simone that she went out of town. Simone remembers seeing Tad and Brooke kissing at the bar. Simone sees her father at the hospital and rushes t him. She is happy he's back in town. She starts to tell him how worried she is about Greenlee's father when Mary interrupts and berates Simone. Simone's father can't understand why Mary is condemning
Simone for being concerned about her friend's father. Mary tells Dr. McMillan that this man was more than her friend's father, he was her lover. Dr. McMillan asks Simone if she had an affair with Roger. Simone tearfully confesses but tells her father that she ended it. He is angry and walks away, telling her that he has patients to see. Jack is upset at Mary for talking to Simone that way. He says this is why he walked away from her and never looked back. Mary tells Jack she is just upset over Roger. She says even though their relationship ended a long time ago, they share a history and they share Greenlee. Mary says Simone reminded her of all the young women she had to battle her husband for. She tells Jack that she feels more cared for by him than she ever did with Roger.
Edmund tells Simone she should leave Greenlee's family alone. Simone angrily tells Edmund that he should save the morality lesson for his fiancée because she needs it more. She runs off but Edmund catches her and demands to know what she meant. Simone tells Edmund she saw Tad and Brooke kissing.

Anna and David are looking for Greenlee. They need to tell her about Roger. They also need to let Greenlee and Leo know that Vanessa has escaped. Anna makes a call to police headquarters because she had had officers watching the couple. She learns they are at the boathouse.

At the boathouse, Leo is worried that Greenlee doesn't like his romantic setting with flowers and candles. He tells her it is a big mistake. Greenlee says it is not a mistake. She says this is the wedding she's always wanted. She just didn't know it. She throws her fancy wedding bouquet into the water and a justice of the peace arrives. They start to recite their vows. Anna and David arrive at the boathouse and see that Greenlee and Leo are reciting their vows. Anna says she'd rather stick needles in her eyes than tell Greenlee her father was just shot. David urges her not to tell Greenlee right now. Let them have their wedding first. Before Leo begins his vows, he hears Anna and David. They invite
them into the boathouse to be their witnesses. Leo and Greenlee are married and celebrate with champagne. Just as their celebration is beginning, David and Anna break the news about Roger. Greenlee and Leo rush to the hospital where Greenlee embraces her mother. Leo is stunned to learn from David and Anna that Vanessa has escaped from Oakhaven. Jack tells Anna that she should turn in her gun and her badge for shooting Wolfe. Back at the boathouse, the justice of the peace encounters Vanessa, who asks him where Leo is. He tells her
that Leo is at the hospital. A worried Vanessa assumes that Leo has been hurt.

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