AMC Update Friday 7/12/02


All My Children Update Friday 7/12/02

By Lori

Adam is alone in his study. He sees Mia coming and starts acting like he's depressed. Mia wonders what is wrong. He tells her he found something disturbing stuffed in the back of his bedroom closet. He goes to a desk drawer and pulls out a shredded dress shirt. "Oh my God," Mia says, asking if
Liza did it. Adam nods. Mia wonders what this means. Adam says it means he's losing his wife. Mia says Liza would not intentionally do such a thing -- there must be some other explanation. Adam says there is no other explanation. He says Liza is acting out because of her surgery. He says she
still thinks he and Mia are having an affair. Mia says that's crazy. She says they should give Liza a chance to explain. Adam says he's going to call Zeke McMillan. Mia is surprised he wants to call a psychiatrist about Liza. Adam says he has a daughter to protect. Mia says Liza would not hurt
Colby, but Adam says she can't assure him that wouldn't happen.

Liza is meeting JR at the park. She asks JR where he got the silver-plated pen he gave Adam for Christmas because it's lost and she wants to replace it. JR doesn't know what she's talking about. He says he didn't give his dad a pen. Liza says Adam specifically told her that he was looking for the
pen and said it came from JR. Liza tells JR the story about how she thought Adam first said he was looking for cufflinks but later said he was looking for the pen. JR leaves and Liza decides she'll ask Mia about this.

Adam is continuing his act with Mia, pretending to be very broken up. He acts emotionally, prompting Mia to go to him and hug him to comfort him. Just as she's hugging him, Liza walks in. "What did I walk in on?" Liza asks. Mia tells Liza she was depressed because today was her son's birthday and
Adam was comforting her. Liza sarcastically tells Mia that she's lucky to have Adam to comfort her. An angry Liza demands to talk to her husband alone. Mia excuses herself. Liza accuses Adam of lying to her. She confronts him about the pen, telling him that JR didn't give him a pen. Liza tells
him she knows he was looking for a cufflink, not a pen. Adam tells her he's not sleeping with Mia, and he suggests they call Dr. McMillan. Liza wonders if he wants to have her committed. "I pray to God it will never come to that," he says, adding he doesn't know what else to do. Adam shows Liza
the shredded shirt. Liza asks what happened to it. "I was hoping you could tell me," Adam says.

Greenlee tells Leo that they shouldn't go through with their wedding because her perfect wedding just isn't going to happen. Leo tells her their day will be perfect because they deserve a perfect day. Leo gets down on his knee and again asks Greenlee to be his wife. She kisses him and they go tothe wedding.

Meanwhile, friends and family are gathering at the Valley Inn for the wedding. Greenlee's grandfather, Woodruff, ordered yellow roses much to Mary's dismay. Woodruff says he got the roses because they're Greenlee's favorite. He tells Mary and Roger that at least someone is showing genuine love to Greenlee. Roger brags that he is giving Greenlee a bracelet just before he walks her down the aisle. Wolfe is outside the wedding site holding a gun to Vanessa, whose mouth is taped shut.

Anna wakes up at Oakhaven. She tells a doctor that she was drugged. The doctor can't understand whowould have drugged her, since Vanessa did not have access to any drugs. Anna asks the doctor about Dr. Wagner and wants his credentials faxed to police headquarters. It is determined that he is a phony. Anna remembers a groggy Vanessa trying to tell her something about Leo. Anna heads to the wedding and asks the guards to call for police backup.

Leo and Greenlee arrive at the Valley Inn. Roger greets them, much to the displeasure of Leo. Leo tells Greenlee he'll see her at the alter. Roger gives Greenlee the bracelet. She is touched but she thinks it's too expensive for Roger and says she cannot accept it. Roger says her refusing the gift will make him feel like a complete failure. He says he already knows he failed her as a father. He says he never gave her what she wanted. Greenlee says she always dreamed about him walking her down the aisle, and now it is going to happen. Roger says he gave her away a long time ago. He tells her not to be ashamed of him when he walks her down the aisle. As Leo walks to the front of the room, he hears Greenlee's grandparents degrading him. As he waits at the front for Greenlee, he imagines seeing members of Greenlee's family talking negative about him. He panics and decides he cannot go through with this wedding. He runs to Greenlee and grabs a hold of her and they leave together. They go to the park, where Leo tells her he had to pull the plug on this spectacle of a wedding. Greenlee thinks he is having second thoughts about her. He assures her he hasn't changed his mind about her, but he doesn't want this wedding. He asks her to wait here while he goes to do something. When he returns, he tells Greenlee he will love her always. He takes her to the boathouse, where he has lit candles and placed flowers. She is touched.

Back at the Valley Inn, Wolfe tells Vanessa this is her last chance to tell him where the money is or he will kill Leo. Vanessa refuses. Wolfe points his gun inside. Roger is preparing to tell the guests that the bride and groom have taken off. Before he can get out the words, Wolfe fires the gun and Roger is hit. He falls to the floor. A frantic Simone rushes over to him and starts crying. David approaches him and offers medical attention. Mary goes to Simone and tells her to get away because she is embarrassing herself. Mary tearfully tells Roger that he can't die on his daughter's wedding day.  Anna arrives with police officers. She sees Wolfe running out. She orders him to stop but he keeps running. She shoots him in the back and he is killed. Jack chastizes Anna for shooting Wolfe in a crowded hotel lobby while she was under the influence of drugs. He says her supervisor must be called and she must be held accountable. Anna tries to defend herself, saying that he was armed and he was going to kill Leo. Paramedics arrive and take Roger to the hospital. Anna notices that Vanessa is gone.

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