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All My Children Update Thursday 7/11/02

By Glynis

The guests are arriving and David and Leo are trying to hold things together. A waiter walks by with a tray of glasses with champagne in it and they both grab a glass as he passes by. They see the count come in and he greets them both. This is going to be some event. David has promised his brother that he will keep things together and he is going to do just that for him. The count has brought something for Leo. It is a ring with his family crest on it. Leo wishes that the man didn't do this for him. It is such an exravagant gift. The count's father used to own that ring. Leo tells him that he cannot accept the ring. The count will not take them back. Is there somehting that he should know about? Leo tells him that there is nothing that he needs to know at all. He keeps the ring and the count walks off. Guy wants Leo to call him dad from now on. Leo has been better than this. He wnts to find out the truth of what is going on, but he can't let this day be ruined.

Mary has glasses of champagne brought into the dressing room. The girls are all getting ready for the big event and everything is going well so far. Opal is glad that something has been brought in to drink. She swooops down on the tray and gets herself a glass. Mary wouldn't expect anything less than that from someone like her. Opal tells her that it is not too late to get what only Opal can give her. Mary has no idea what this crazy woman is talking about. Opal would like to assist her in looking her best for the wedding. She can't believe that the woman would attend the wedding looking like that! Opal would like to put a little pouf in her hair or some feathers or somehting to make it a little more interesting. Opal can't believe that Mary has been paying money to get her hair done in New York...Greenlee comes out of her dressing room and Simone tells her that it is time to get into her dress. She runs off to get it. Anna comes to Greenlee and sees that she is worried. Gr! eenlee wants to be told that she is being stupid for worrying. Anna assures her that Vanessa is heavily sedated and there is no way that she can get out to make it to the wedding. Greenlee thinks that she might be faking being doped up but Anna says that doesn't seem to be the case. Anna tells her to focus on the day and her wedding and nothing else. She is only to think beautiful thoughts. Mary comes over with a jewelery box thinking that her daughter would like to wear her jewelery. Greenlee is happy to get these earrings. Ever since she was a little girl, she has wanted to wear the specail earrings that belonged to he mother. Greenlee thinks for a moment that the jewelry is Opal's when she opens the box, but they are really Mary's. Greenlee can't believe this...the pieces are so gaudy. These are not the earrings that she wanted to wear and her mother knows that. Greenlee wanted to wear some other earrings that her mother has, but her mother didn't bring those as she wanted ! to wear them for herself. That is just like her mother to be thinking of herself first, even on Greenlee's special day. She runs off to get the earrings for her daughter after realizing that she js being selfish and petty. Anna comes back to Greenlee to tell her that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about...Simone is ready now and Opal does her makeup. Simone manages to escape without getting tons of glop on her face, but only barely. She moves over to Bianca offering to give her hair a little lift. Bianaca still has rollers in her hair and panics at the thought that Opal is going to make it 10 feet tall if she gets the chance. Opal would like to use her eiffle tower look on Bianca, but actually less is more...Maggie tells Greenlee that bridesmaids' dresses are usually hideous things but these are really beautiful and the girls will want to actually keep them after the wedding. Greenlee is still worried about the wedding and Opal overhears and learns that Green! lee has seen Leo that day which is terrible bad luck. Opal goes on and on about seeing the groom before the wedding and she really can't believe that Greenlee has broken this sacred rule. Mary tells her that they are not superstitious so seeing the groom is not a big deal to them. Greenlee believes in her man and nothing is going to go wrong. Mary gets a call from her friend. She wants to make sure that her earrings are covered by insurance befoee she lends them to her daughter as she is very careless. She ends the call and turns to find Greenlee behind her taking in every word. Mary explains that she was only checking on her priceless heirlooms, what if one of her earrings were to fall off, they have to be practical about this. Opal finds a necklace and it is beautiful. Greenlee tells her that the necklace is Anna's. Opal has a strange look on her face. Opal has been known to see things that were not really there, but Greenlee wants to know what Opal has seen. Opal denies tha! t she has seen anything. Greenlee wants to see Leo. She wants to see him right now.

Wolfie is with Vanessa and he pretends to take care of her and another doctor comes in to say that a police chief wants to talk to Vanessa and she has to be alert and sober. Wolfie insists that he has to continue his work and he will deal with this later. The doctor leaves. Vanessa is losing every chance that she gets to get out. He brings out a syringe and plans to dope her up some more so that she will enjoy her son's wedding or death. Whatever it may be. She looks over at him horrified. He is going to dress her and take her to the wedding with him. He has her doped up perfectly for the wedding. Wolfie hears Anna in the hall saying that she needs to see Mrs. Courtland right away. She tells the doctor trying to assist her that she would like Dr. Wagner's credentials faxed over to her office right away. She is going to check this guy out. Anna goes into Vanessa's room and finds her alone. Anna tells her that there is information that she needs, but how is she going to get i! t out of her? Vanessa is lying there completely doped up and out of it. She tries to prop Vanessa up and she asks about the count and Dr. Wagner. Vanessa talks in choppy sentences. Anna's phone rings and she answers. She learns that there is no Dr. Wagner. She sends police over to the wedding and she gives orders to the staff that Dr. Wagner is not who they think he is. She works on Vanessa some more. She wants to know about the count and his assistant. Vanessa looks over Anna's shoulder and groggily she says, "That's him." At that moment, Anna is grabbed from behind and she turns her head slightly to see a syringe at her throat. She has a shocked look on her face. She should have kept out of his way. He sticks her with the needle and she falls to the bed. Vanessa manages to wake herself now. It is time to go to the wedding. Wolfie tells her that he is going to ask her at the wedding where the money is and she better have the right answer of the wedding will become a funeral. ! Vanessa only has to look down at Anna to see that he is not kidding. Vanessa changes and then Wolfie doesn't know what to do with Anna. They discuss how they are going to deal with her answer to him at the wedding of whether or not Leo is to be killed. He gets tape and puts it on Vanessa's mouth to stop her talking. Next he takes out a hate with a black veil. He puts it on her head. " she is a woman of mystery"

Leo and David head to the park for a while to talk. Leo wishes that he had eloped. He feels that Guy is very open and happy to be his father. They don't know if the count is in on Vanessa's plan or not. He has been the perfect gentleman. David wonders why the count would tamper with the DNA results? Leo has no money so this must be for a bigger plan but what? Maybe they want to neutralize Leo to get to Vanessa. David feels that the count seems sincere to everyone. Leo might be able to count on this guy. They are forgetting the number one rule. "The only thing that you can rely on, is that there is nothing that you can rely on." David has been learning to trust Anna. Leo trusts Greenlee but he doens't wnat to be stupid. She used to be so strong but now she hasn't been herself since the wedding. She has changed. He doesn't like the change. She has been really gullible lately. Mary being around doesn't help either. Simone is banging Roger and Greenlee doesn't see any of this b! ut she is going to have to find out about all of this and that is going to kill her to find out that you can't trust people. David reminds him that she can always trust him.

Greenlee is in her dress now and she still wants Leo to come right away. She begs people to go out and find Leo. She doesn't care about superstition, she wants to see him now. Mary returns with her earrings and offers them to her daughter. Her great grandmother wore this many, many years ago. Mary is vrey proud that her daughter will be wearing them. she looks wonderful in the earrings. Opal is strangely silent. Bianca whispers to her that something did appear. Opal saw Anna Devane and she was shocked...Bianca and Maggie are ready and they leave to go out and check out the reception. Simone is left with Greenlee. She wants positive thoughts and prayers. Greenlee needs nothing else. She looks stunning but still goes to the makeup room to apply some more makeup. Simone takes a glass of champagne and then Roger walks in. She warns him to stay away from her. He is sure that she will need a father figure again real soon. She slaps his face and is ready to do it again when Greenl! ee walks in. She wants to know what the hell is going on...Bianca and Maggie find Leo and David at the reception. They tell him that Greenlee is falling apart as she is worried about things going wrong. Opal started a rant on bad luck and then things went south from there. Greenlee is really nervous. Leo will go and take care of things for Greenlee. David learns that Anna has gone to Oakhaven and hasn't been back since...Roger pretends that he has come into the room to see his daughter before she gets married. He is glad to be walking her down the aisle and giving her away. She really wants to see Leo now. Suddenly Leo is there. They run to each other as her father looks on. Leo tells her that she is going to be great. She wants to have more confidence but she doesn't have that luxury. He tells her that nothing can go wrong. she tells him that everything has gone wrong. she should have made him sleep somewhere else the night before. She says that she is not going to the weddin! g, as she is sure that tragedy is going to hit. She tells of Opal grabbing Anna's necklace and saw something that she will not talk about. She loves Leo but she can't marry him. She has a feeling in her gut that this is the wrong time to be marrying him. He tells her that they have security guards everywhere and no one is going to get in especially Vanessa...Undercover security is everywhere at the reception as Wolfie arrives with his date...Greenlee still thinks that she shouldn't be doing this right now. she can almost see it. Leo knows that she loves him and they should go out and get married right now. He promises her that nothing eventful is going to happen at this wedding...Vanessa stands around with Wolfie who constantly reminds her that her son can die at any moment for her sins.

The doctor that let Anna into the room comes into Vanessa's room looking for her and finds a body covered by the blanket on the bed. He uncovers the body to find Chief Devane unconcious in the bed.


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