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All My Children Update Wednesday 7/10/02

By Glynis

Leo and Greenlee are waking up. He has gotten up first and is watching her sleep. It is their wedding day. He touches her face and she awakes. He knows that this is the happiest day of their lives. She can't wait to marry him. The next time that she wakes, she will be Mrs. Leo Dupres. He will be hers forever. She mentions that they are going to make a gorgeous baby together as they are so handsome. Leo isn't all that happy to hear that. He seems a little freaked out by what she has said. He doesn't get into a big explanation as he is going to keep the feeling light for their wedding day. He loves her and is ready to head to the altar with her. Nothing is going to get in their way. Greenlee really has to wonder about that. There is so much that could happen but she will try to stay positive.

David, Anna and Maggie are getting ready for the wedding. They are at the location where all the ladies will be getting ready together. It is going to be a great wedding. David jokes that no one could look as good as his wife did on her wedding day, even if she was wearing her work clothes.

The count is in a restaurant and Wolfie comes to see him. The count is happy that his son has found him in time for his wedding. The man is truly happy and that can be seen in his eyes. The count is having breakfast with his son soon. Leo walks in as Wolfie is leaving. It is clear that the men do not like each other. His father wishes him a happy wedding day. He can see that there is something going on with Leo. Leo only stares deeply into the man's eyes. Something strikes his soul. Leo remembers what Greenlee was saying that morning about having children. "With our good looks, we are going to have a gorgeous child..." He gets up and leaves without any explanation to the count.

Kendall hears knocking at the door. It is dark in her room and she quietly goes to look out the window to see who is knocking. Damn it is the manager of the motel. He must be looking for money. Maybe if she ignores him he will go away. She doesn't answer and skulks behind the door. Finally she answers. It is the manager looking for the rent. He knows that Kendall hasn't paid the rent since Ryan has gone. At least when Ryan was there, the rent was always paid. He sees her suitcase on the floor. He figures that she is going to dine and dash, and he warns her not to do that, but she assures him that she is there to stay. There is no where else that she would rather be than in Pine Valley. She tries to slam the door in his face, but he puts his hand on the door to stop it closing. He warns her to pay her bills and if she wnats to save some money, she should cut her subscription to this rag. With that, he hands her the tabloid of the day. Kendall sees the headlines and freaks ou! t. "They can't do this to me!"

Alice comes to see Erica to talk about Kendall. Erica is shocked to see her. She was just talking to her daughter and her boyfriend. Erica introduces her to Bianca again and Chris. Bianca leaves and Alice is seated to talk to Chris and Erica. Alice spoke to Ryan once and she really liked him. he was strong and gentle. Alice would like Chris to call him and explain that Kendall loves him. He was the best shot at happiness that Kendall has ever had. Chris explains that Kendall screwed up with Ryan. Alice figures that it is up to both the mothers to help Kendall. Erica tells her that there is nothing that she can do for Kendall now. Kendall was eager to come back to her mother but that almost destroyed her. Erica has something to pass on to Kendall. She promises that she will stay out of Kendall's life for good. Alice doesn't want to hear that. Kendall never really fit in with her family. She feels lucky that she was able to keep Kendall. Mona and Erica always hoped that Kenda! ll was happy with her new family. Alice tried to figure out how she could protect Kendall from the arson charge but she never had enough for Kendall. Alice figures that she should leave now. She hopes that Ryan comes back to his father soon. Chris appreciates that coming from her. Kendall is going to need more help than anyone can give her. Erica tells Alice that she gave her mother a lot of heartache when she was younger. She told her mother sometimes that she wasn't worthy to be a mother. Erica worshipped her mothe rnad she hopes that her mother knew that. Alice will never give up on Kendall either. They hope that things can work out for the best. Alice leaves. Chris thinks that Erica is really a classy lady.

Vanessa is tied up again and she is crying out. She knows that this is the day that her son may be hurt by that man who works for the count.

Greenlee has arrived to change with the other girls...Mary shows up as Simone is arriving. She would like to talk to Simone alone. Mary is worried that Simone will not behave properly. Simone assures her that she will be fine. Mary will protect her dignity at any costs. Simone reminds her that she is over with Roger and that she meant it. Simone's jreputation is on the line too. She would never do anything to hurt Greenlee. Mary wants her to not get caught...Bianca and Greenlee laugh over Kendall getting dumped by Ryan. He was too good for her. Greenlee shouldn't be happy that someone else's life has gone to hell. This just made her perfect day more perfect. She tells Simone and Mary and Simone doesn't think that is all that funny. Anna leaves the room so she doesn't have to be a part of this discussion. Simone thinks that they should start on Greenlee's makeup. They are going to break out Greenlee's new products on the ladies...Maggie thinks that Bianca was really hard on ! her sister with the news just now of her cancelled wedding. There is a knock on the door and Bianca answers. It is Kendall, "You little self-righteous brat! Where do you get off?" She bitches about the tabloid and how vindictive Bianca is being to her. Bianca tells her to get over allthis and move out of town. All the women are standing around watching the fight. Bianca tells Kendall that if she goes for Erica's throat again, she will be hurt much more than she could ever hurt anyone. Greenlee comes over and comments that Kendall really didn't need that wedding dress afterall. Anna breaks up the arguing and escorts Kendall out of the room. She doesnt' make it to the door without saying more to be offensive. Anna threatens her with getting arrested. Kendall tells Bianca that this is not over, then she is gone. Bianca apologikzes for the outburst. Greenlee thinks that this was all becuase of her. she has everything that she wants. the ladies all go over to the makeup table and f! uss over Greenlee.

Wolfie sees when Leo leaves his father and he wonders what is going on. David arrives and thinks that Leo is only having pre-wedding jitters. He walks out after his brother. He catches up with Leo who goes to see his mother. She is tied up on her bed. He tells her to look at him. He knows that the eyes don't lie. The count isn't his father and he knows it. He hold her face in his hand, "Answer me! Answer me!" David stands by stunned by what he is witnessing. Leo demands to know what the scam is. David pushes Leo off of her and tells him that he doesn't need to do this right now. Leo wants to know what Vanessa wants from him. David reminds him that he is getting married. Leo figures it out. He knows that Vanessa doens't want him to marry Greenlee. He wants to know what the purpose is for bringing the count into their lives. Leo will not leave her. David has to fight him to get him to move from her. Vanessa cries out as they leave the room. Wolfie returns in his doctor's coat! and sees the brothers talking. He enters Vanessa's room and listens at the door. Vanessa won't say anything, as she has been sedated...Leo tells David that everything was great that day and he was going to have a great day. Then they were talking about his father and having kids and that was it. They were going to have big brown eyes. Leo tells him that he is a doctor and he should know where this is going. Guy has blue eyes and so does his mother, therefore, Guy can't be his father. David understands now. What are the odds? The odds are very bad. David is sorry to hear this. Leo tries to get back to Vanessa's room but David stops him. What if the DNA results were fixed by that woman? That is totally possible. Guy seemed like he was so excited to be his father. Anna was suspicious of the guy but they don't have all the answers yet. Leo just wanted to have a father and David can understand that. Now nothing makes sense anymore. Leo can't see Guy with Vanessa at all. You don't ! always fall for the person that is right for you. Leo knows that. Leo has to remember that he is with Greenlee and this is her day. Leo is not going to live up to anyone's crazy standards today. He is just going to keep a lid on this until after the wedding. This is Leo's day too. He will remember that. He was shafted in the dad department, but at least he has a brother. David will be there for him. David will make sure that nothing goes wrong today. They have to be careful of Guy and watch him. They don't know what he is to Vanessa. They are just going to pretend that Leo has been nervous but funny he isn't nervous of the wedding at all and is looking forward to it. David wants him to forget about Vanessa. She is too doped up to matter.

Vanessa wakes up looking for Leo but only Wolfie is there. He shows her a black suit. "Perfect...wouldn't you say? Even for a wedding, even for a funeral..." Vanessa only stares at him. She starts panicking when she figures out what the man is saying to her. "No...No...Leo!"

Kendall comes to see Erica. "You never stopped..." Why don't you call off your chosen daughter. She says that Bianca has turned into a mini version of Erica. Erica can't argue with her. She asks Kendall if she is done and then she says goodbye. Erica closes the door slowly in the woman's face. Kendall didn't understand that. Why aren't they fighting like usual? She turns slowly and leaves...Chris takes a call and Erica is alone when she opens the paper and starts reading. She sees an article and thinks to herself, "Perfect timing Greenlee..." Erica runs to her phone and dials a number, "It's time. Sink the competition."

Greenlee's makeup is done now. She gets something new from Bianca and Maggie. It is white stockings from Paris. She has some already but she loves these. Anna gives her something borrowed. It is a piece of jewelry that has been tradition in her family. Her mother has something old for her. It is a roll of ribbon that Greenlee's grandmother wore on her wedding day. Greenlee will figure out somewhere to put it. Mary thinks that they can tie it on the bouquet. Greenlee likes that idea. Simone gives Greenlee something blue. It is a garter to wear under her dress. Mary thinks that is typical of Simone to think of something like that. Simone thinks that it will be fun for Greenlee to take it off and fling it into the air. Mary thinks that is not right to do at the wedding. Kendall has returned and hears the ladies talking in the room. She can't see them but she hears them having a great time. She then walks off.

Leo returns to Guy and tells him that he had something to deal with. Guy wanted to help but Leo says that nothing is wrong now. Leo tells him that he is getting married and that is that. Excellent.


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