AMC Update Tuesday 7/9/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 7/9/02

By Glynis

Leo has spilt his drink on Greenlee to keep her from finding out about Roger and Simone. Roger has finally shown up for the rehearsal of the wedding and he thinks that Leo has told his daughter about him sleeping with the incredible Simone. Leo has said nothing as he can see that Greenlee is on her last leg with this rehearsal. Nothing has gone right for her since it started and she is worried about the whole thing going straight to hell. What if Vanessa shows up? That has been Greenlee's worst fear. She leaves the room to change and Leo explains that he hasn't told Greenlee that her father has been sleeping with her best friend. Roger is grateful for that.

Greenlee is changing and Anna is helping her. Greenlee is freaking out because everything seems to be going wrong. Was it like that for Anna? Anna tells her that marrying the man that you love is instinctively right. She only had fake flowers at her wedding but that was good enough for her. That didn't matter. She was being led by her heart and not her head. It is pretty scary but worth it. Holding on to that moment and remembering that can get you through anything when you have a problem. Greenlee thinks that they won't have the perfect wedding. She is afraid of Vanessa. Anna is surprised to hear that. Greenlee spoke to Vanessa and she sounded real for a change. In two seconds she started threatening her, but still... She doesn't want Greenlee to get married to her son. Vanessa is in isolation now. There is a new doctor that knows now what a menace she is. Anna hadn't realized that things had gone that far for Vanessa. She finds that very strange. Anna wants to leave to ta! ke care of something. Greenlee likes the things that Anna has said to her. Anna knows that Greenlee is going to have the wedding of her dreams. She is sure of that.

Vanessa has been medicated as per Wolfie's instructions. Vanessa is very upset and she has been restrained. She can only lie on her bed. She cries to the nurse that her ties are cutting into her skin. She begs and begs for the ties to be loosens. The nurse loosens the ties and leaves the room. She cries about Leo and his wedding. "I'm coming Leo...I'm coming". She gets up slowly and knocks over her IV in the process. She is still very groggy because of the sedative that Wolfie said that she needed. She pulls her hands free from the tiny nooses and sits up. She needs a plan to get out of there.

Erica and Chris are arguing about the way that the case went with Kendall. Chris thinks that she wants to take care of Kendall all alone. Erica would like to eat in public and not bump into Kendall who constantly screams at her and causes her embarrassment at every chance. Erica came forward with the truth because she couldn't be like Kendall. She could have turned her head and let her go to prison, but that wouldn't be right as it wasnt' the truth. How could she face herself? How could she face Bianca or Chris? Chris doesn't understand and he might not have come forward if the shoes were on his foot. Sometimes when you come up against someone like Kendall, it is okay to bend the rules a bit. That is how he sees things. Erica doesn't believe that Chris would have put Kendall in jail when he knows that he shouldn't. He reminds her that she has damaged all their lives. Erica was hoping that Kendall could change, but whether Kendall loves her or hates her, she is going to hurt! people that is just her style. Erica wants him to be happy and he is. He lost a son but he dodged a daughter-in-law that he didn't want. This way, at least Ryan is free of Kendall and her tricks. Ryan will contact him soon, and Chris will be there for his son. Chris is not mad at Erica, he is proud of her. She was very brave to do what she did. That only proves what a wonderful woman she is. He takes her in his lap and kisses her. Chris is worried about his son and wants him to call now. Chris hopes that Kendall will take off now. Erica thinks that Kendall will stay because she hates her mother. Chris wants to check his messages to see if Ryan has called. Why can't that Kendall just go home?

Aidan confronts Kendall about lying and she doesn't care that he was nearly out of a job. He knew that she was playing games with him but he didn't think that she was a huge liar. He has read the tabloids and he knows all about her now. She hates her real mother and has been trying to sabotage her at every turn. She was using him to play her dirty game and that really pisses him off. She tells him to get out. He knows that she has been dumped. That is a pity as she is a pretty nice package. He tells her that if she shows her face at that site again, he is going to call the police. She pushes him out the door and turns to see a picture of Erica on the face of a tablloid. she throws herself on the tabloid and destroys the magazine screaming over and over, "I hate you! I hate you!" She thrashes around on the floor, shouting over and over. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Kendall rushes to the door, certain that the person there is someone that she doesn't want to talk t! o. She opens the door and sees someone that she totally didn't expect. "Mother!" Her adoptive mother is there and she would never be anywhere else. She knows that the wedding didn't work out but she wants to be there for her daughter anyway. IT is a good thing that she didn't get a tattoo. Kendall tells her mother that she was cleared of all charges. She is free to live her life. She looks at her ring and cries. She is all alone now. Ryan was the only thing that mattered to her and know he is gone. Her mother tells her that she has her mother and that she is going to be taken home. Her mother was afraid that her daughter was going to be hurt. There is only misery there. Her mother begs her to come home and have a real chance to start over. Kendall says that the only way that she is coming home is in a coffin. She blames Erica for the fact that she isn't married right now. Her mother knows that Kendall is the only one that is responsible for everything that has happenbed. Her m! other remembrs the first time that she saw Kendall. Her breath was taken away. She remember her first tooth and she was so proud. Kendall remembers that. She was her daughter's biggest fan but that is not enough for Kendall. Her mother sees the tabloid on the floor. Why does Kendall care more about Erica than what has been shared with her adoptive mother. Kendall tries to explain what Erica has done to her. There are no explanations for her mother to understand her going through this day after day when she has a family that loves her and wants her to come home. They should leave immediately and go home. Kendall would do anything for her mother but she can't leave yet. Her mother has wanted her to find the peace that she has never found. Once Kendall has made up her mind, nothing can be changed. her mother has a plane to catch, so she must run. Kendall tells her that there is something that she can do to help Kendall. she says that she has been out of work for a while and would! like some money from her mother. Her mother tells her that as long as she chooses heartache in Pine Valley, she is on her own. The woman leaves and Kendall proceeds to have a tantrum. She screams that she doesn't need anyone at all. She picks up the tabloid. "I will leave town as soon as I pay you back for all that you have done."

The nurse returns to see Vanessa and she finds that the woman is not in her bed anymore. All she sees are the restraints on the bed. The nurse panics and fiddles with her giant ring of keys to get out of the room and notify someone. With her back turned, Vanessa comes out of hiding. She is behind some furniture. She has the handpiece to the phone in her hand and she walks over to the nurse and talks to her making her turn around. Once facing Vanessa, she takes her handpiece and whacks the nurse in the face. She is going to save her Leo. She heads to the door of the cell and opens it to find Wolfie in his doctor's outfit smiling down at her. She can't believe her rotten luck. She is brought back into her room and put back in restraints. The nurse leaves and is warned not to lose her guard again. Wolfie finds Vanessa very clever. She gives such a performance. He says that he was at Leo and Greenlee's rehearsal. He is sorry that they may not have a future together. Anna is in ! the hall and she is heard saying that she would like to see Vanessa. Wolfie hears Anna in the hall and covers Vanessa's mouth before she can shout out to Ann for help. The nurse answers most of Anna's questions about VAnessa and the new Dr. Wagner that is taking care of her now. She can't go into the room while an examination is taking place but the nurse shows her to a waiting room...Anna makes her way to Vanessa's room and asks her why she wanted to speak to Greenlee. She doens't understand. Vanessa is all drugged up and can't be coherent. Vanessa falls asleep. Anna guesses that she has been drugged. She leaves the room and is met by the nurse who tells her that Dr. Wagner has left for the day. Anna leaves a message that she wants to speak with him and that she wants to talk to Vanessa when she is not sedated. What is this man afraid of? She goes down the hall. Wolfie comes out of hiding and sees her walking away. He goes back to Vanessa telling her that by the time that Ann! a learns the truth about all this, he will be all gone. He asks Vanessa again where the money is. If he didn't hate her so much, he would admire her. She is very complicated, and not like him. He only wants the money, or Leo is going to die. He touches her face. "Get your beauty sleep. Tomorrow is the big day. We attend Leo's wedding or his funeral."

Leo tells Roger and Mary that he wanted to elope but Greenlee didn't want to do that. She wanted her family there. Mary is there but for a price. They should feel guilty for the way that they are treating Greenlee. Roger tries to pretend that he has been helpful but Leo knows better. Even that Simone is using Greenlee for a job. The count is listening to Leo talk to his family and he stays silent as Leo tells the group that they will behave. Greenlee returns in the same dress but without the stain. "Is everything okay?" The count tells Greenlee that Leo has great love to her. He shouts out that he would like to make a toast to Leo. "He is the best son that any father could possibly have." Roger seconds that toast...Mary jumps in too. "Planning the wedding has brought Greenlee closer to me..." Simone has a turn. "You have shared so much with me...So much more than I truly deserve." Leo says that despite the odds, Roger, Simone and Mary have found a common bond with their lov! e for Greenlee. Greenlee knows that she couldn't have gotten through all the arrangements without her mother. She has family and friends that love her. She toasts her parents and Simone and finally Leo.

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