AMC Update Monday 7/8/02


All My Children Update Monday 7/8/02

By Lori

Tim wakes up a little groggy after undergoing surgery. Mateo is sleeping in his room waiting for him to awaken. Mateo tells Tim that Enzo is doing great. Mateo wants to call Trevor to tell him Tim is doing well but Tim abruptly stops him. Tim says he'll call his father himself. Mateo leaves the room reminding him to call Trevor. Tim reaches for the phone, telling Mateo he'll call right now. When Mateo leaves the room, Tim puts the phone back down. Hayley goes to visit her son, but is interrupted by Jake, who tells her she needs to leave because Enzo has more tests to undergo. Jake tells Hayley the surgery went well and Enzo should be just fine. Hayley goes to visit Tim and asks him if he called "Uncle Porkchop." Tim says he did. She expresses her gratitude for his help in saving her son. Tim says it wasn't a big deal, but Hayley says someday Enzo will thank him personally. Maggie comes for a visit and Hayley leaves. Maggie gives him a huge baseball book. Tim tells her that it feels good knowing he has made a difference. Maggie says she wishes she could have made a difference for her sister. Hayley returns with Mateo. They tell Tim that Enzo is awake.

Trey is trying to change Kendall's plea to no contest but the judge won't allow it without Kendall present. She calls the attorney's into her office. The spectators leave the courtroom and Jack, Erica, Bianca and Chris are talking about the change of events. Erica wonders what would happen if Kendall skipped town. Jack says that won't be an issue because Kendall arrives at the courthouse. Erica says hello to Kendall, but all Kendall says to her is "you royal bitch." She tells Erica that she's getting just what she wants for Kendall to lose everything. She says she has lost her man but she's not losing her fight. Trey is surprised to see Kendall. Kendall says she wants to go in and fight but Trey tells her it's too late. He has already changed the plea. He says he'll argue for leniency. Kendall demands he go and talk to the judge to reverse it or she'll do it herself. Trey says he'll see what he can do. Bianca tells Erica she is proud of her for the way she is dealing with Kendall. Erica tells Bianca she's going to tell the truth. She tells Jack to call Myrtle to have her testify about when she saw Kendall at her house. Kendall accuses Erica of getting Myrtle to lie for her to. Erica tells her that Myrtle doesn't lie. She says she wants to tell the truth that Kendall didn't set the fire. Bianca urges her mother to let the proceedings go forward so the judge can sentence Kendall and get this over with. But Erica says she cannot let Kendall go to jail for something she didn't do. She says that Myrtle will testify she saw Kendall at home at a time that would make it impossible for Kendall to have set the fire. Plus, Erica says the fact that Kendall was inside her house while the fire was raging indicates she did not set it. She would not have risked her life like that if she had set the fire. Chris reminds her about finding Kendall's lighter and fingerprints at the scene. Erica says she can't explain that, but she trusts Myrtle. "You liar," Kendall shouts. Kendall asks how long Erica has believed she was innocent and why she didn't come forward sooner. "Do you hate me that much?" Kendall asks. Erica says she doesn't hate Kendall. She has been tormented trying to find out the truth. Kendall accuses Erica of being willing to let her go to prison. Bianca yells at Kendall to shut up. She is trying to set her free. Jack tells them that Myrtle is willing to testify in Kendall's defense.

Leo and Simone are at the hospital, where Roger is being treated. Anna arrives and asks what has happened. Leo says Roger's face slammed into his fist. Leo suddenly remembers he's supposed to be at the Valley Inn for the rehearsal. David walks out of a hospital room and says there likely won't be a rehearsal dinner, let alone a wedding. He says Roger is having heart problems that will prevent him from being at the wedding. Leo says Roger will walk Greenlee down the aisle if he has to prop him up. Leo sees Maggie working at the hospital and asks why she isn't at the rehearsal. Maggie says she left a message for Greenlee that she wouldn't be able to attend. Neither will Bianca, who is at Kendall's trial. Leo tells Maggie to be sure and be at the wedding tomorrow. He and Simone leave for the Valley Inn. Anna calls the police department to have officers watch Count du Pres at the wedding. She tells David that she wants to know if the count has a tie with Vanessa's Proteus operation. She says her gut tells her this is more than just a family reunion.

Greenlee is at the Valley Inn stressing about why the groom or none of the wedding party is there. Mary says there must be a reason why no one is there. Greenlee wonders if it has something to do with Vanessa. She tells her mother that she went to see Vanessa but Vanessa transformed into her actress persona and threatened her life. The minister tells Greenlee he needs to leave because he is presiding at a wake. Mary tells him that she'll direct people through the ceremony. The wedding planner tells Greenlee that the first course is ready. She snaps at him, thoroughly stressed that the evening is not going according to plan. Mary tells Greenlee she should go home and put some cucumbers on her eyes and take a nap. Greenlee says she will not leave her own rehearsal. Mary says she is so sorry this is happening. Greenlee disputes that. "You're loving this," she tells her mother. Leo and Simone arrive. Mary tells Leo that surely he can understand her fears of being shut off from Greenlee. Greenlee apologizes to her mother and says she didn't mean to shout at her. Mary says she would never do anything to hurt Greenlee. Greenlee demands to know why Leo was late. She also snaps at Simone, wondering why she wasn't on time. She wants to know where her father was. Leo says Roger and Simone were together working on the book. Roger over-stressed himself and had heart trouble and is in the hospital. A worried Greenlee forgets her anger and thanks them both for helping her father. Greenlee sees blood on Leo's shirt. He tells her that Roger had a nosebleed. Greenlee is worrying that this wedding is turning out just like Leo's wedding with Laura. Leo assures Greenlee that Roger will be there to walk her down the aisle and everything will go smoothly. Mary approaches Simone, telling her that she must have done something to get Roger's heart racing. She accuses her of sleeping with her ex-husband. Simone pleads with Mary not to tell Greenlee.

Wolfe is threatening Vanessa with death if she doesn't tell him where the money is. He tells her she is forgetting who she is dealing with. Vanessa says that is not true she trained him. Wolfe says he'll make her pay for her crimes and make her regret she ever heard of the name Proteus. He says Vanessa works for him now. He pulls out a gun and says he'll kill Leo if she doesn't tell him where the money is. Vanessa begs Wolfe to leave Leo out of this. She says she'll tell him but first wants to make sure no one is listening. She walks to the door and looks out through the metal grate. Suddenly she yells for a guard and says the man in her room is trying to kill her. Wolfe is amused. Eventually, a guard arrives with two hospital workers. They strap Vanessa to the bed and sedate her. All the while Wolfe is standing there posing as her doctor. When the hospital workers go, Wolfe tells her that he'll let Leo live, at least until his wedding day tomorrow. That way Vanessa was there when Leo took his first breath and will be there to see him take his last one. After he leaves, Vanessa is fighting to stay awake. She says she needs to warn Leo. Wolfe arrives at the rehearsal, surprising Leo, who didn't expect him to be there. Wolfe says he felt obliged to be there since this is family. As they proceed into the bar for cocktails, Wolfe pulls out a gun in his waistband, looks at it and puts it back.

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