AMC Update Friday 7/5/02


All My Children Update Friday 7/5/02

By Lori

Greenlee and Leo wake up at the boathouse after a night of making love. She remembers their rehearsal is that day. She talks excitedly about their upcoming wedding, especially since her family is there and she now has a best friend, Simone, as her maid of honor. Leo leaves to run some errands and Greenlee gets a call from Vanessa, who orders her to come to Oakhaven to see her in her room. She has some news about Count du Pres. Greenlee is hesitant but wants to know what Vanessa knows about the count.

Mary is at the Valley Inn when her father arrives. She wants to talk to him before the rehearsal. She says she has kept up her end of the bargain by being the loving mother to Greenlee as she prepares for her wedding. Now she wants her money. Her father says she must keep up the act until after the wedding, but Mary doesn't agree. She wants her money now. Leo happens upon the conversation, and realizes that Mary isn't sincere in her interest in the wedding. He orders Mary to continue showing interest in Greenlee until after the wedding. He tells Mary's father that he must make sure Mary leaves town immediately after the wedding.

Simone is in her robe lamenting about her night of sex with Roger. Roger approaches her, buttoning his shirt. Simone orders him to leave. She never wants to see him again. She says what they are doing is wrong and she doesn't know why she called him. She thinks she is pathetic. Roger says they're not hurting anyone. She needed a warm body in her bed and he gladly complied. Simone repeats she wants Roger out of her loft and out of her life. Roger says he's not going anywhere until after Simone signs a contract stating she will write the book about Proteus. Simone can't believe what she's hearing. She refuses. Roger threatens to tell her father about their affair. Simone says she won't let a loser like him control her. She threatens to tell Greenlee that he seduced her best friend in front of the whole wedding party. Roger says she wouldn't hurt Greenlee like that. He holds the contract in front of her face and tells her to sign it before things get ugly. Simone walks to her door and opens it, ordering Roger to leave. Leo is standing outside the door. He is appalled to find the two of them together. He tells Simone he came to talk to her about how they can protect Greenlee from her low-life mother. Now he sees Simone is just as bad. He thought they ended their ugly little affair. He tells them that if Greenlee finds out about this, they will know what pain means. Roger accuses Leo of making empty threats, and Leo retaliates by punching Roger in the face. Roger collapses and passes out. Simone says his pulse is weak and he is barely breathing. Great, Leo says. This is just what he needs. He calls and leaves a message for David. "I think I just killed my future father-in-law," Leo says.

Greenlee arrives at Oakhaven and sees Vanessa. She wants to know what Vanessa knows about the count and why she should believe her over him. Vanessa says she sees that the count has gotten to her. Suddenly Wolfe is standing behind Greenlee, and Vanessa goes into a panic. Greenlee is confused by Vanessa's behavior. She turns around but Wolfe is gone. Vanessa composes herself and goes into her actress act. She tells Greenlee to come into her room and shut the door so they can practice their blocking. She says she can't strangle her without getting her hands around her neck. Greenlee runs out of the room. Wolfe shows up and shuts the door. He is wearing a doctor's badge. He demands to know where Vanessa has put the $10 million. She threatens to call security, but Wolfe says the badge will show staff he is a doctor from Austria. 

Greenlee arrives at the Valley Inn for the rehearsal. The only one there is her mother. She starts to worry about the evening. Why is no one there? She says everything is falling apart.

Erica is at the scene of her house fire. She remembers what Myrtle told her -- that Kendall left at 7:30. Erica doubts that Kendall could have had time to set the fire. She doesn't want to bring Myrtle into this, but she doesn't know what to do. Jack arrives on the scene and tells Erica that the evidence tests have been re-evaluated and show that no one but Kendall could have set the fire. He asks Erica again to reveal any information she has about Kendall. Erica is about to tell Jack when Bianca arrives. Bianca tells them that Ryan has left town without Kendall. Now Kendall has no one on her side. Jack again asks Erica to tell him why she doubts Kendall's guilt. Bianca is surprised that her mother is doubting Kendall started the fire. Bianca urges her mother not to feel guilty about Kendall going to jail. If Kendall gets off, she'll want payback. Bianca says she'll have to watch her back for the rest of her life. Erica says she no longer has any doubts about Kendall's guilt. The evidence proves Kendall's guilt, Erica says.

Kendall is sobbing in her room at the Valley Inn about Ryan leaving her. She remembers how Ryan caught her with her shirt off while she was with Aidan. It wasn't what he thought, she keeps repeating. There is a knock on the door. She rushes to it, thinking it may be Ryan. It is Chris, who tells her to stay away from Erica and Bianca at her trial today. Kendall says she doesn't give a damn about Erica and Bianca. The only person she cares about is Ryan, and he's gone. She tearfully asks Chris to tell her where Ryan went. Chris says he wouldn't tell her anything. She is the reason his son took off, and he doesn't even want to know what she did. Kendall says she loves Ryan and he misunderstood her actions. Aidan shows up at the door. Seeing Chris, he wonders if the boyfriend she wanted to dump is his boss. Chris realizes that Ryan's departure has something to do with Aidan. Did Ryan find them together, he asks? Kendall tells him that what Ryan saw was not what he thought, and Aidan doesn't mean anything to her. Aidan asks her if that's why she took her top off in front of him. Chris is disgusted. He tells Kendall to rot in hell and he walks out. Aidan tells Kendall that whatever kind of game she is playing, don't play it with him. He storms out. She sobs into her pillow. Trey arrives to pick Kendall up for her trial. She tells him she's not going to court. Trey says she'll be held in contempt. Kendall says it doesn't matter. No judge can do anything worse to her than she's done to herself. She doesn't care if she goes to prison. Trey can't convince her to leave with him, so he tells her he'll try to work out a plea deal for her. He leaves with her still crying in her pillow.

Erica and Bianca are seated in court when Chris arrives. Erica quizzes Chris about Ryan's departure. Chris says Ryan will be better off. The judge takes the bench and tells the gathered crowd that she is keeping the jury out of the courtroom. She understands there is a problem and addresses Trey. Trey tells her that Kendall declines to come to court today and doesn't want to fight the charge. Bianca is overjoyed. That means she's admitting her guilt and she'll be out of their lives. Back at the Pine Cone, Kendall starts to compose herself. She stands up and says she will not let them throw her away like a piece of trash.

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