AMC Update Thursday 7/4/02


All My Children Update Thursday 7/4/02

By Suzanne

Anna is jogging in the park when she runs into Jack.  He reminds her that he is running for governor and tells her that his first platform is about police reform.  She sighs and then they bicker about her job, particularly with regard to her being married to David.  She accuses him of getting too personally involved with his job, especially when Erica is concerned.  Things get heated and she goes too far, so she apologizes.  Jack says she's right, which surprises her.   He holds out his hand and they shake on it, making up.  He thinks they could be one helluva team; she counters that she thinks they work best at odds with each other.  He asks her to listen to his speech later and she agrees, leaving.  Jack wonders to himself when he will move on from Erica.

Because it's fourth of July, a bunch of the younger people are volunteering to entertain the children.  Tim runs a wheelchair race against a little girl named Bettina at the hospital, with a large audience of kids cheering on.  Maggie and Bianca help out with the race.  Joe comes in and angrily demands to know what's going on.  Joe pretends to be angry and makes Maggie sit on Tim's lap, to even things out in the race.  Then he starts the race again himself.  J.R. chats with Joe and Bianca about all the summers they spent together and they can't believe they're all grown up now.  They joke around.  Simone shows up to find her dad.  She chats with Jake, saying she wants to get her dad to go with her to Philadelphia for the day for a father-daughter thing, even though they're not all that close.  Jake tells her that Zeke was called away to Boston for a three day trip.  There is an awkward silence.  Simone tries to make excuses and then leaves in a hurry.  Back to the racers, there is a loud crash from the direction of where Tim is supposed to be, so they all worry.  Jake wheels him in and Tim pretends to be injured for a minute, faking them all out for a joke.  Bettina is given a medal for winning the race.  Bianca tells Tim that donating his liver to Enzo is very cool.  Tim jokes around with Bianca.  Maggie disappears for a minute but then returns with bottled water (something weird there, like maybe Tim joking about the scar he'll have grossed her out, or she is jealous, or something...?).  They chat about family.  Then Maggie and Tim argue jokingly for a minute about baseball.  Bianca seems to like seeing the two of them together.  The kids return with Joe and they all go to play a game.  Joe suggests to Jake that he knock off early and spend time with Mia.  Jake knows that Joe is just trying to distract him from Leo and Greenlee's wedding, but he insists he's fine.  He tells Joe to leave instead, to spend time with Ruth.  Joe protests but then gives in and leaves.  Jake phones Mia but gets her voice mail.

Greenlee is having breakfast with Mary and Roger at the Valley Inn. They argue about the seating arrangements.  Leo phones, pretending to be someone else and disguising his voice, so that Greenlee has to rush off to deal with some wedding crisis.  Leo catches her outside and says it's Independence Day, so they will be free, even if it kills him.  He takes her to the boathouse.  She worries about wedding details so he teases her.  They joke around and kiss, and then they go swimming.  We see someone in sneakers walk into the boathouse. It is an African-American guy and he smiles as he watches them.  Anna walks up and asks him how it's going.  Apparently he's a cop and he tells her about Leo's comings and goings.  She is glad there hasn't been any suspicious activity.  Anna asks him to keep an eye on Leo and Greenlee so their fun and happiness isn't jeopardized.  Leo and Greenlee kiss some more after they get out of the water, and then they watch fireworks.

Adam and Liza watch Colby demonstrate her dance steps for the 4th of July recital.  She is wearing a costume and runs to get her "twirly stick" (baton).  Adam has a business meeting, he tells Liza.  She is annoyed that he has one on the 4th, but he promises to keep it short.  Trey arrives and Adam asks her if she remembers him.  Adam makes Liza squirm as he chats, while an uncomfortable Trey stands there.  Adam says Trey is there on Chandler Enterprises official business.  Liza is annoyed that Adam wants Trey on the board.  Adam goes to get some papers.  Liza calls Trey a "little weasel" and warns him to stop whatever he's doing or he'll regret it.  Trey's mouth falls open.  They argue.  Trey promises that Adam won't know about the bank books and says there was no way to turn him down without making him suspicious.  He also says he needs the money that Adam is paying him.  She doesn't buy it and says she'll get another lawyer.  He gets anxious when she takes out her cell and says he's already started the transfer procedures, so she'll have to start from scratch.  She doesn't mind.  He points out that she'll have to take yet another person into her confidence, so she should just trust him.  She doesn't think she can take that risk.  Trey says he's emotionally attached because of Mia and her son.  Liza is suspicious.  He says that if she can get him the bank books today, Mia and her son will be set for life in one week.  Liza does a double-take at that.  Adam returns.  He goes to get Colby, so Liza gives Trey the bank book.  Adam invites Trey to their outing but he demurs.  Liza and Colby leave so Trey gives Adam the bank book.  Adam orders him to show up at Chandler Enterprises in the morning.

At home, Simone phones her dad and gets his answering machine, so she leaves a message.  She asks if she can join him in Boston.  She is upset and crying.  She checks her machine, no messages, so she calls herself a "loser".  She stops herself from calling someone else, saying she's not that desperate yet.  Then she phones Roger, who is more than happy to rush to her aid.  He and Mary argue some more before he leaves.  Simone has mixed emotions about being consoled by Roger.  He is very sympathetic and soothing.  She says he should leave her alone because she's just a screw-up.  He begs her to let him help her as he strokes her.

Mary sees Jack standing in the doorway and drops her martini glass on the floor.  Jack says hi.  She is surprised he recognizes her and that he's speaking to her.  He says she hasn't changed a bit.  She invites him to sit down.  She says he obviously made an impression, since he made her drop her glass.  He says she's probably still "icy" and "calculating".  The waiter cleans up the glass.  It's clear that Jack and Mary had a stormy past relationship, where she hurt him.  His aid, Jeffrey, comes in and asks if he has time for a press conference before his speech.  Mary is shocked to hear that he's running for office and seems intrigued by the idea.  Jack wants to know if she's leaving town after the wedding but makes it sound like he hopes she does.  As he leaves, she touches his face and then kisses her finger and touches the finger to his lips.  He grabs her hand, clearly affected.  She leaves and we see that Anna has been watching them, looking quizzical.  Jack gives his speech, which is very patriotic and of course mentions 9/11.  Anna watches, moved.

Right after Jack's speech, we see Bianca conducting the children and others in "God Bless America", and that's when we see the fireworks.


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