AMC Update Wednesday 7/3/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 7/3/02

By Glynis

Kendall has been caught by Aidan breaking into Erica's office. She pretends that she has come there for a reason. He tells her that he is going to call security and then he is going to call Erica. I wonder how Erica is going to deal with Kendall breaking and entering wonders Aidan. She admits that she took the security card but she says that she did it to see him. She flirts and bats her eyelashes but still, he is not totally convinced. He stops his call out to security for a minute. She tries to make it seems that she is interested in him. She asks about romantic encounters in the workplace as she parks her butt on the desk and puts on his construction hat. He can see that she is working pretty hard to convince him of something. He isn't falling for her act. He grabs her purse and dumps everything out on the floor. She puts her sandaled foot over the surveillance device to hide it but she can see that he is not happy anyway with her stupid pet tricks. She tries to pick up ! her things but he wants to see what she is hiding under her foot. Instead she starts taking off her dress. She can't stop him from moving her foot but maybe she can defer his attention for a while. She unbuttons it one button at a time, nice and slow. A little dirty talk never hurt anyone while removing one's clothes. Ryan walks in and sees his future bride undoing her clothing and has to wonder what is going on, but he says nothing and watches instead of intervening. Now she has her top open and she throws it on the floor beside Aidan. She then sees Ryan looking at her as she poses standing up in her bra, but he leaves before she can say a word. She gets her top and tries to leave but Aidan grabs her arm. She gets away from him and starts walking out but the police enter and take her by the wrists. Aidan proves that he has a reason to be there but Kendall doesn't. She says that she came to see Aidan but the cop is not buying it. Aidan decides to tell the cop that Kendall is a! designer working on the project at hand. The cop should have been told that at the start of all this. He turns to Kendall who is still standing there with her top off and he pushes her into the hall. "Go on...Get out of here..."

Jake joins Hayley, Mateo and Timmy who has just arrived in town. Jake tells Timmy that he should donate some blood first in case he needs it. There are times when people get infections when they give blood. He is making a huge sacrifice. jake wants Timmy to be fully informed. He tells Timmy that he will be in the hospital for 5 days. Mateo hugs Timmy grateful for the thing that he is doing for Enzo. Edmund comes over and Mateo takes him aside to have a talk with him. They talk privately about a call that Edmund got. Edmund doesn't understand Brooke seeming to lie to him. Mateo tells him that Brooke may be planning a surprise for him. Edmund feels funny about this...Hayley gets the baby and brings him to Timmy for a little visit. The baby likes him very much. He is really cute and Timmy jokes about that...Mateo gets another call about Enzo and follows a nurse out to take it. He goes to the phone and introduces himself. He says that he already has a donor. It is Maureen on th! e other line and she says that she is glad that the news for the baby is good. Mateo wants to know who is calling but Maureen hangs up quickly...Jake goes ahead and sets things up for Timmy while Mateo tries to calm Edmund over the strange things that have been happening.

Liza comes to Mia and asks her to take a father-child trip with Adam and Colby for her. She also asks for her bankbook back. She wants to take care of her money again. Mia gives her the bankbook and Liza sees that money is missing. Mia admits to her that she took the missing money. Liza can't beleive that she did that. Why didn't she just ask? Mia says that she should have asked for the money instead of taking it. Liza thinks that she took the money and gave it to the adoptive parents of her son. Mia confirms that nothing is wrong with her son. He is fine now. Liza wants her to come to her with problems. She isn't delicate anymore. Mia can come to her anytime with anything. She says that Mia can forget about the money. Liza will replace it and Trey wil take care of the rest. She will replace the money so that nothing looks funny. Mia thinks that Liza should use another lawyer to do her work but Liza thinks that she has risked everythoing talking to Trey and can't risk talki! ng to someone else.

Adam wants to hire Trey for a job but Trey tells him that he can't work for him. He would like to work for Adam but he can't due to some conflict of interest issues. Adam laughs at that. He tells Trey to name his price. Trey says that he has no price. Adam is trying to be nice with Trey, pretending that he has a choice. There is no way that Adam is going to take Trey rejecting him. Trey says that he can't do it. Adam tells him that he should have a healthy fear of him. Adam takes out a piece of paper. He says that he has this paper and wnats to know what to do to it? Trey thinks that Adam is threatening him. Adam says that maybe his clients should know who is representing them. Adam metnions a tragic boating accident. Adam says that if Trey doesn't do as he is told, he might be a dead man. Adam isn't going to let the man rest in peace. Trey wants to see what Adam has on him. Trey sees the document and his face turns really white. Trey is upset that this particular issue kee! ps turning up. Trey tries to deny that he is the person that Adam is after. He says that the information is a hoax. Adam finds him to be vermin but not the usual type. Turns out that Trey Canion died in a boating accident. Adam tells the man that he owns him, but Trey disagrees with that. Adam wants to know why Trey is doing this. He is doing this for some other sick reason. What is he really after? He knows that Trey has been after his money. trey knows that Adam has found him out. What does he really want? Why doens't he expose his wife. Adam wants to do something else. He thought that he was going to lose the person that he loved more than anything. Exposing her isn't enough for her. He thinks that Liza wants to take his daughter and he will see her in hell first. Trey decides to help Adam out. Adam warns him that he will be in hell with Liza if he ever lets this get out. Adam has an assignment for Trey.

Ryan returns home mad as hell. He slams the door to the motel room and takes the rings banging them into the wall. He hears knocking on the door and opens to find Chris standing there. Chris is there to tell his son that he is going to be there for him wherever the ceremony is. Ryan is mad as hell and he is not going to take this anymore. He tells his father that he is out of there tonight. Chris can only stare at him and wonder what the hell is going on. Ryan starts packing and Chris tries to piece together what is going on. Ryan says that he found out that Kendall is not worth marrying. Ryan is leaving but he doens't even know where he is going. In a while, Ryan will cool down and maybe come back. He might visit his dad in the future. Chris wants to know if he can make Ryan change his mind. Ryan tells him that there is nothing that will change Ryan's mind. Chris wishes him good luck and hugs his son.

Adam comes home and finds Mia and Liza talking. He wonders if the two women are hiding something from him. Mia gets out of there quickly and Adam makes a note of that. He thinks that she is still feeling bad after being accused of betraying her sister. He remarks that a man would have to loath and despises his wife to sleep with his sister. He says that it would be hard to imagine Liza doing anyting so horrible as that. Liza gets a call on her cell phone from Trey. He tells her that they have hit a snag in the transfer of the money. Liza tries to cover from her end so that Adam doesn't catch on about what she was talking about. Chandler Enterprises is just as lucky to have her as he is.

Aidan is alone again and he goes over to where Kendall's purse was dumped and he finds the surveillance device that she was trying to hide.

Kendall gets home screaming for Ryan but he is long gone from there. She starts crying and she can see that he was angry when he left. "He can't be gone! He can't be gone!" She finds the rings on the floor and cries over them.

Ryan is on his motorbike revving it up...Inside, Kendall hears his bike and goes running out knowing that it is Ryan. He has his helmet on and it is raining. He turns to look at her when he hears her calling his name. She cries out and calls to him but he couldn't care less. He flips down the visor on his helmet and turns to the road. The bike starts moving forward. Kendall starts running after him but she can't reach him. Soon he is gone from sight that that is the end of that.


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