AMC Update Tuesday 7/2/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 7/2/02

By Glynis

Trey gets a visit by a woman named Rebecca. She is working with him on his case and is eager to meet him. She has information for him that Erica is not sure that Kendall was the one that set that fire. Trey is upset with that. He thought that he had handled everything to point the finger at Kendall as the arsonist. He has to make sure that she is found guilty of this crime so that there is no chance that he might be found responsible in the future. Trey is not going down for this. He is going to make sure that she is found guilty. He grabs his suitcase with his bandaged hand and heads out of the park to do some damage control.

Kendall wakes and Ryan surprises her with morning coffee. He has gotten up before her and has gone out already. He wishes her a happy wedding day. He is going to surprise her like this all the time after they are married. She looks over to the table and sees roses there. They are for her recovering from her nightmares. She was crying and screaming for him not to leave her in her sleep. She remembers the dream. Ryan was grabbing for her and trying to get her safely away from the guards, but they were just pulling and pulling her away. He was sure in the dream that she wasn't guilty and in reality he is just as sure about her innocence. He wants to fight for her innocence. He thinks that she should really forget about Trey. He doesn't seem to be a very good lawyer. Ryan doubts his qualifications. Ryan doesn't want to talk about the trial for another 24 hours. She has to remember that she is a bride now and that is all that matters. Ryan presents her with a ring. He picked his! up that morning. He was going to wait until later that night to give her the ring that belongs to her but he will give it to her now. It is inscribed, "...Love always trusts..." She does trust him. He trusts her and will always trust her. She wishes that everybody could see them get married but that is impossible as she has no friends. She would like to have some friends of her own to show her adoptive mother but that is not going to happen thanks to Erica turning everyone against her. Ryan leaves to tie up some loose ends. Kendall looks at the rings and hears knocking at the door. It is Trey. "Good morning Kendall!" She punches him dead in the jaw. He tells her that she hasn't got a chance to save herself. She has to just do as he tells her in order to give things the best shot that she can at being found 'not guilty'. She feels that maybe she needs another lawyer. She asks him to get her a continuance so that she can sort some things out. He tells her that will not change a! nything that people think. He would like to help her he says. All she can think of is her marriage and getting on with her life. He says that he has another idea. He shows her something in a zippered case. She opens the case and looks inside. It is a surveillance device. He tells her to plant it in Erica's new apartment and then she will be able to find out if Erica and Bianca are trying to do anything to her. She thinks that is a ridiculous idea. She wants him to hire someone to do that. That would be a way of really protecting his client. He can't do that as he will be disbarred if he is caught and that is why he is suggesting that she be the one that does the dirty deed. If she finds something he tells her that it will stand up in court and help her out. She is very reluctant. This is very risky but it maybe their only chance. He reminds her that this is her last chance. People saw her arguing with Bianca and Bianca is going to say that she saw Kendall starting the fire. Pe! ople already know that she hates her biological family. Kendall has to really think about this.

Bianca has breakfast with Chris. He asked her over there to talk about Erica. He is worried because she hasn't had a decent meal in days. It is clear that something is on her mind. Bianca knows that this has to do with Kendall. She saw her mother the day before and she was a mess and not thinking straight. Erica didn't have to tell her that she has been bothered about the trial. Bianca saw her mother with Jack the night before and knows that they have been talking about the case and how to get Kendall. Chris tells her that Kendall thinks that Bianca is going to lie on the witness stand. Bianca hadn't heard about this before now. Apparently, Kendall overheard Bianca say something like that. Bianca says that she would never lie. She thinks that Kendall deserves what is coming to her. Bianca thinks that she needs to be put away. Erica is having a hard time with this. All Erica ever wanted for Kendall was a good life for Kendall. She wanted her to have summer camp and piano les! sons. Erica is still haunted by her decision to give Kendall up and that is not going to end. Erica is convinced that she was the one that did something wrong. Bianca decides that she has to have a chat with her sister and she walks off.

Adam is remembering Liza talking to Trey and hearing Trey talking to his wife about his getting power of attorney over her money. Hayley sees Adam in deep thought and wonders who is on his hit list today. He leaves and Ryan shows up and tells Hayley that he is getting married to Kendall that day. Hayley reminds him that he has just started living again. He says that Kendall has changed everything for him. Ryan says that she is not going to jail because she is innocent. Hayley isn't sure that she is worth it. He compares his relationship to hers with Mateo. Now she understands everything that he is saying. After they get married and Kendall is cleared, Ryan is going to take her away from there and they are not going to look back. His pager goes off and he leaves to make a call. Adam returns to Hayley and they decide to hang out together. He remembers a time time he spent with Mia and suddenly everything is very clear, He calls out: "Mia!" Just at that moment Mia and Liza arr! ive. Mia asks if someone called out her name just now. Adam was just about to come looking for them. Ryan returns and sees Liza. He is glad to see her as he has some very good news. Ryan takes Liza off to talk and Mia and Adam discuss Liza's progress. Hayley leaves to take a call from Mateo. Mia tells Adam that everything is okay. They have nothing from good news from the doctor. He is thrilled to hear the good news but he tells Mia that Liza is not the woman that he married. He doesn't really want to burden her with this. Mia tells him that Liza hasn't changed that much. She still loves her family. He can't get over the cufflink incident. He can't beleive that she accused him of having an affair with her sister. Maybe this is too much. Perhaps God is punishing him. He hopes that he can continue talking to Mia openingly and honestly. She assures him that she will be there for him. He needs her now more than ever. She hugs him and Hayley returns to find his father in an embrace! with her aunt. Adam stops the hugging and leaves the area. Hayley starts in on Mia again. Hayley liked her before but not after she started throwing herself at Adam. Mia tells her that she isn't sleeping with Adam. Hayley doesn't buy any of what Mia is saying. She thinks that Mia is really paying her father. She guarantees that Mia will lose if she is playing a game. She should remember that she is dealing with Adam and he will throw her in the garbage when he is done. Hayley is going to be watching Mia day and especially at night.

While Kendall is talking to Trey, Bianca shows up telling her that they have to get a few things straight. Bianca asks Trey to leave but Trey refuses. Bianca knows that Kendall thinks that she is plotting against Kendall. Bianca repeats what she says which doesn't exactly sound like revenge on Kendall. It doesn't matter whether Kendall likes them or not. She had good parents and she doesn't even care about them. Kendall warns her to shut up. Kendall tells Trey to go and he dutifully leaves. He leaves the zippered case on the table for Kendall to look at later. Kendall tells her sister that Bianca was a little girl when she left town. Kendall explains that she is Erica's daughter no matter what. Bianca thinks that Kendall will never know her mother. Kendall tells her that they will not forget that she is a part of them and that is why she is sure that they can't put her in prison. Bianca leaves the house and gets on her cell phone. She says, "I will do anything to get Kendal! l away from her." Kendall has opened the door and hears what her baby sister is saying. She returns to her room and makes a call to Trey who is in the park. She tells him that she heard Bianca saying again that she will do anything to get rid of her. She has decided to go over to the construction site and plant the bug. Trey asks her to call him when she is done. Kendall swings into action.

Ryan and Liza go out to the park and Ryan tells Liza that he is getting married that day. Liza thinks that she is invited but she isn't. The affair is going to be a small one. She is still excited for him. She knows that he is talking about marrying Kendall. He waits for her to comment on his marrying Kendall but she doesn't do that. Look who she is married to. They remember when he first came to work at the station. They laugh over that but then they get back to he and Kendall and the way that they love each other. With Liza having brain tumour issues, she can tell that love is the most important thing. He wonders what might have been with he and Liza. She thinks about that sometimes. He is going to make a wonderful father one day. Gillian would have been happy for him. Ryan knows that. Kendall has the same spirit as Gillian. He is telling Liza goodbye. She wishes him good luck and he walks off.

Ryan goes to see Gillian's gravesite. He tells her that he is getting married. Kendall reminds him of Gillian but Kendall isn't Gillian and that is a good thing. He tells how Kendall has been hurt all of her life and he would like to make things nice for her from now on. He is going to make Kendall as happy as Gillian made him. Ryan loves it in town but Kendall deserves some other place where they can start some memories together. He has a flower with him and he promises her that he will be back. He puts the gardenia near the tombstone. He loves Gillian and will always will. He touches his lips with his fingers and then touches her stone. "Goodbye princess..."

Trey gets on his cellphone to the police. He says that he knows that there is going to be a breakin at Erica's new penthouse. Trey hangs up and turns to find Adam Chandler standing behind him. Adam tells him that the next time that he hears that Adam Chandler has called, he should pick up the phone. Trey wants to know everything that Liza is up to. Adam tells Trey that he is the perfect man for this job.

Kendall has dressed and has gotten herself over to the construction site where Erica's apartment is being worked on. She opens her purse and takes out the bug. Then there is a voice. "I knew that you stole that pass key...Why don't you confess? What are you really doing here?" Kendall turns to find Aidan standing behind her with a very inquisitive look on his face.

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