AMC Update Monday 7/1/02


All My Children Update Monday 7/1/02

By Lori

Second half only today

Ryan and Kendall discuss her wedding and the fact that her mother is going to be there for it. She is happy for that.  The wedding isn't going to be that big.  Soon they are going to be Mr. and Mrs. Lavery.  He plans for them to leave town when she is cleared. She likes how he has faith in everything in spite of all that has happened.  She hopes that he is not being naive.  He thinks then that he wouldn't be with her. She is the only person that he cares for.  She cares for him in the same way.  He has given her everything and she wants to do the same for him.  He assures her that she does everything for him.  They make love and Ryan goes to sleep.  Kendall thinks of her lies to Ryan lately and knows that the only way for her to be free is to do this behind his back and prove that Erica and Chris are conspiring against her.

Erica calls Jack over to discuss Kendall's case.  She doesn't know anything and senses that he is angry with her.  He doesn't want to be played.  He is going to do his job and make sure that Kendall doesn't fall through the cracks.

Liza and Adam chose a restaurant that Mia and Jake are at and the four see each other.  Adam has a bad reaction to seeing Mia and Jake together.  Liza explains that a lot has been going on for Adam and he probably went outside to process everything.  Liza thinks that he has been happier than he has been in a long time.  Liza tries to be reassuring but Mia isn't buying.  Liza says that Adam has been really attentive lately.  Liza is glad to see that Jake and Mia are a couple again.  Mia corrects her saying that they are not a couple again....yet.  Jake leaves to make a call to the hospital.  Mia and Liza talk about things at home.  Liza feels that things are getting better for everyone.

Adam has gone outside to rant and rave about his company's money.  He remembers learning of Liza taking their money and doing things with it that he wasn't privy too.  He told Stuart that he wasn't mad but that was a lie.  Stuart slipped up and told Adam of the bank books.  Adam gets on the phone and asks the operator to find Trey's phone number for him.  He leaves a message for Trey telling him that he will get $100,000 to help Adam out.  He will pay more than Liza is paying him.

Bianca and Maggie are at dinner talking like two schoolgirls when Greenlee and Leo walk in with Leo's father.  They join the crowd and get a table together.  The count chooses the wine and Anna walks over with David who learns that the man with them is Guy du Pres.  David learns that this man is Leo's father and can only stare.  This is the day that Leo finds out who his father reeally is.  Maggie and David only stare with their mouths open.  "Cheers..."  Anna finds this a little too incredible.  Greenlee and Leo are in the clouds over this.

Vanessa is on the phone demanding that something be done. She is mad as hell.  Someone is listening at the door.  Vanessa continues to rant, "Trust me...You do not want to make me mad."  The man outside Vanessa's door is really the count's assistant.  A nurse finds him about to enter Vanessa's room and she asks him what he is doing as she doesn't recognize the man.  He shows her a doctor's coat with a security badge on it.  The nurse immediately corrects herself, "Oh...Dr. Wagner,  we have been expecting you."  He smiles down at her.

Bianca comes home to find Erica home alone after seeing Jack. She sees that something is wrong with her mother.  The trial is going to start soon and Erica has some feelings that she can't resolve.  Bianca reminds her mother that Kendall needs to be put away.  Bianca doesn't want Kendall to get to her mother.  Kendall should get what she deserves.  Erica hugs her daughter knowing that one day Kendall is going to be out of their lives.

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