AMC Update Friday 6/28/02


All My Children Update Friday 6/28/02

By Lori

Erica is helping Bianca make final preparations for the prom. Bianca asks Erica if she's OK with her going to the prom with a girl. Erica says if Bianca's happy, she is happy. Jack arrives with a gift ? earrings that belonged to his mother. They walk to Maggie's room to get her. David asks what's going on and Maggie tells him she and Bianca are going to the prom. David gets his camera ready and takes a picture of the whole group.

JR is preparing for the prom and Tad is admiring his appearance. A delivery man comes to the door with a boutonniere. JR assumes it is from his date. After opening the card, he is stunned to see it is from Dixie. Tad concludes that Dixie must have ordered the flower from Switzerland before she died. No matter what, Dixie will always be with JR, Tad tells him. Liza and Adam arrive to see JR off to the prom. Adam takes pictures, and Liza tells JR that they miss him and are proud of him. She asks JR to spend some time with them over the summer. Tad goes to get the video camera and JR gets a call from his date. Adam tells Liza he loves her more than ever.

David and Anna are fighting again over his leaving town. David tells Anna he went to Switzerland to identify a body that was found to see if it was Dixie's. It was not. He says he didn't tell anyone because he didn't want anyone to get riled up in the event it wasn't Dixie. Anna tells David she was upset he wasn't there for the Day of Compassion, and David apologizes, having apparently forgotten about it. Anna tells David that even in death, Dixie will always mean more to him than her. David says she couldn't be more wrong. They make up.

Jack asks Erica why she really called him to come over. Erica asks Jack how solid his case against Kendall is. Jack says it is rock solid, but if Erica has information that could change that she needs to let him know. Erica tells Jack that she doesn't think Kendall set the fire.

Trey tells Ryan that he needs to convince Kendall to plead insanity. That way she could be treated for a year then be free to marry him. Ryan calls it an idiotic idea and pushes Trey against the wall. Ryan tells him that Kendall didn't set the fire. When Trey starts talking about the evidence, Ryan says he doesn't want to hear about the evidence. He says it's Trey's job to convince the jury Kendall is innocent.

Kendall is flirting with Aidan while he is working on Erica's penthouse. "If you want me to kiss you, all you have to do is ask," Aidan tells her. Kendall continues her flirting, and asks Aidan about the blueprints. She asks about a portion of the blueprints and Aidan tells her it's the communications system for the penthouse. Kendall comments that Erica must need a lot of security, and wonders how foolproof the system will be. Can any idiot break into it, she asks? Aidan tells her she's not an idiot, but she must take him for one. He wants to know what she's really doing there. "I am so bad at this," Kendall responds. Aidan says she's not bad at this, but she is interesting. Aidan says he needs to go and Kendall says she'll hang out there for awhile. Aidan says she cannot stay there alone. As he picks up his toolbox to leave, Kendall spots a key card, which she grabs and secretly shoves in her pocket. When Kendall returns to Ryan's room, Ryan tells her that she needs to dump Trey.

Greenlee and Leo are talking with a wedding planner for the Valley Inn. Greenlee is irate that her wedding plans are falling apart, and she tells the planner that he needs to devote all his attention to making her wedding a good one. The planner says she'll have the wedding of her dreams. Still battling a cold, Greenlee is unconsolable. The church she had planned on was hit by lightening and the reception hall could not host her party because of insurance problems. She had planned on doves to be released while they were saying their vows. The wedding planner reluctantly says they can have doves, but Greenlee is still not happy. Leo tells her that they should avoid this whole mess and elope. Greenlee's mother, who is there, tells Greenlee she cannot elope. After all, Revlon is paying for the whole wedding as part of an advertising campaign. Greenlee asks to talk to Leo in private. She angrily tells Leo that he must go along with her plans or she will totally lose it. Count du Pres arrives, announcing he has the results of their DNA test.

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