AMC Update Thursday 6/27/02


All My Children Update Thursday 6/27/02

By Glynis

Brooke makes a call to a Fran Chapman. She is trying to find Maureen for the donor. Brooke asks for description of Maureen and pales when she gets it. Edmund comes to her table and sits with her in the restaurant. Brooke says that she has a meeting and gets away from Brooke. He can see that something is wrong. She pecks his cheek and takes off but Edmund knows that something is up.

Ryan and Bianca talk with Erica and Chris and they all decide to keep their distances. Bianca is sure that she is going to be in jail any time soon. Ryan canít understand how Erica can let Kendall go to prison if she is innocent. Erica is sure that Kendall is guilty of some other things. Erica knows that her house burned to the ground and Ryan was almost killed as well. Kendall was right there. Erica heard her say that she did it. They would be fools to think that she didnít do it when she says that she did. Ryan thinks that she needs help and he canít give it all to her. Even if Erica hates her, she should make sure that she is the right person that did the crime. Erica is sure that Jack is going to make sure that Kendall gets a fair trial. Bianca and Erica leave the room and Chris talks to his son about the both of them. He wants them to work together. Ryan likes that. Ryan sits alone and sees Edmund across from him at another table. He goes over saying that he has been meaning to call. He has news for Edmund saying that he is getting married again. Edmund congratulates him. Edmund has been where he is and it is hard to say goodbye to someone that you love.

Kendall talks to Trey and he tries again to show her that Ryan doesnít love her. She canít compete with a long lost parent he thinks. She has to imagine what this must be like for Ryan. She shouldnít trust him. Trey wants her to be smart and he thinks that he will be unable to properly take care of her case with him around. How many people has she got on her side? Only Ryan. She is sure that he loves her. Trey tells her that if she goes her way, Ryan will love her through jail bars. He thinks tat Ryan is going to try to get her to fire him. Kendall is going to save herself and she has a plan. Trey wants to hear about it. She was going to drop her plan but now she thinks that she has no choice.

Anna come home and gets a note off the mirror. She crumples it up and looks at herself in the mirror. She is trying to keep her cool and tells herself that she can handle this. Maggie comes running into Annaís room begging for help. The prom is that night and nothing works for her to wear. Anna plays with her hair but Maggie is frantic. She skipped her own prom and thinks that she was smart to do so. Anna wishes that she had been there for her daughter when she went to her prom. Maggie was thinking of wearing something sassy. Anna has never seen her like this. Who is her date? Maggie explains that she is going to the prom with Bianca. They are going as friend and Anna thinks that is not weird at all. Men can be a pain sometimes. Anna starts applying lipstick to her mouth. Maggie finds some shoes and Anna goes off to find something else that will help. Bianca shows up and tells Maggie that she can back out of going to the prom is she wants. Maggie is looking forward to going. They joke about who is going to pick the other up.

Brooke goes to see Tad and she is frantic. She thinks that she is insane. She shows him a picture asking what he thinks. It is hand drawn and Tad sees nothing but a castle. He looks a little closer and sees Wildwind. Brooke reminds him of the little girl that they met when they went to find Maureen. That little girl sent the picture for Enzo but Maureen was the one that drew the people. Tad finds that to be a weird coincidence. Brooke says that it is all very strange that this woman is the only donor for Enzo that can save him. Brooke has to know who it is. Who is it? Tad finally clues in and canít believe that she is thinking what he is thinking. It is insane and he has to agree with her. How can she be thinking that Maureen is Maria? What if it is Maria? Brooke calls Edmund telling him that she has to go and reach her plane. She is going to find Maureen. What else is she supposed to do? Tad thinks that she should tear the picture up and forget about that woman. She only has to be happy. Brooke canít live with that. She asks him to keep their little secret. When she gets back she hopes that he will tell her how crazy she has been. Tad knows that she isnít crazy at all. Sometimes she really hates being herself.

Maureen gets a call about the child needing her as a donor. She is given the number to call the family.

Edmund gets a call from Maureen. He thinks that it is Brooke calling back and he answers the phone, "Hey beautiful! Call back to tell me that you love me?" Maureen hears the voice on the phone and says nothing. She just stares into space and listens to that voice on the other end.

Aiden is hard at work with no shirt and the sweat is dripping off him. Kendall shows up sipping a drink mentioning that he looks hot.

Anna finds has Maggie ready for the prom. Anna gives Maggie a bracelet that she bought for her daughter. Maggie looks great. She is decked out in her fancy gown when David bursts in telling Anna that she couldnít get any lower than this. She had her husband arrested.


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