AMC Update Wednesday 6/26/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 6/26/02

By Glynis

Tad is at the bar and he is fascinating all the ladies with stories from his job. The story that he is telling is of him losing his pants. The women are all standing around and laughing at everything that he says. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that he is flirting a little bit as well. He sees Simone and goes over to talk to her. She is waiting for someone and she doesn’t want to join his band of merry women. He will not leave her alone. She has heard his antics in the workplace and she isn’t really interested. He bets her that he can make her laugh for $20.00. She jokes that he will probably do something that will end like this… She throws her drink in his face. He figures that is her way of getting redemption for him bugging her. He cleans up telling her that he wasn’t hitting on her, he was only having a bit of fun with her. The girls are calling him over and he tells them that he will soon be over. He apologizes to her and she accepts it. She asks if he is always the life of the party. It seems that he is. A woman comes over to tell Tad that they are waiting for the rest of his story. He says that he will come over but only if Simone comes with him. The ladies applaud her over and she joins them at their table. Tad continues his stories of his pants coming off at work…Edmund and Brooke arrive at the bar and hear all the laughter and they see Tad with the women. They stand and watch him for a while. Tad goes on and on and soon has the attention of the whole club…Brooke thinks that this isn’t right. Tad is hiding his feelings and Edmund thinks that they should leave him alone. Brookes thinks that they should intervene. Edmund is not going to argue with her. She is the boss, at least until they are married…Tad offers Simone a drink and she apologizes for throwing her drink on him earlier. They all toast and then Brooke speaks up. "What’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?" Tad sees that his friends are there and he tells them jokes. Brooke tells Edmund that she is going to stay at the bar for a little while. Edmund kisses her head and leaves…Simone has to leave and she thanks Tad for cheering her up. Tad brings drinks for he and Brooke. He comments that there are a lot of people in Pine Valley that need cheering up. She mentions that she likes sitting at home. He continues ranting and Brooke can see through all of that. She suddenly grabs him and holds him close to her. She gave him a friendly hug but he returns it with a very passionate kiss. Simone has returned and she sees them kissing. Tad realizes that he is really drunk and Brooke says that she will take him home. Tad says goodnight to the ladies that he has met there and Brooke takes him out. Simone finds that a little weird.

Kendall wakes Ryan up. He thinks that it is for fun and games but she is telling him that they have to do something or they will not have any future at all. She heard Bianca telling Chris that she was going to lie about Kendall setting the fire. This was Bianca’s plan and if it goes through, Chris will get everything that he wants. Someone is at the door. Ryan opens it to Bianca. She storms in asking Kendall who she thinks she is hanging up on her like that. Bianca called because JR was getting in trouble and hanging gout where all the kids get drugs. Ryan of course is going to help and starts getting ready. Bianca is only interested in helping JR. Ryan and Bianca start leaving when Kendall pulls on Ryan telling him that she is not going to let him go with Bianca. Ryan has to do this. He tells her to stop being so paranoid and he leaves. Kendall slams the door and is mad that Bianca is getting everything that she wants. She grabs her coat and leaves the room bumping into Aiden. They both stop what they are doing and stare at each other. She recognizes him as the guy that she saw with Anna earlier. She thinks that he is some architect or something like that. He explains his part in the construction of the building. He is surprised to learn that she knows Erica. He tells her that he is a carpenter. She says that is a wonderful profession. She makes like the project is really great and that she is really interested. She offers to stop by sometime and watch him work. She is clearly flirting with him and he asks her why she would like to watch him work.

Stuart and Marion arrive at Adam’s and find that terrible things are going on. Marion demands to know why things look so bleak. Adam changes the subject to Enzo and learns that Timmy is going to be a donor. Enzo is going to be okay. Adam closes his eyes and is touched by the news. He leaves the room without speaking to anyone. Stuart goes off to talk to his brother. Only the ladies are left in the room. Mia says that she and Liza have some things to straighten out. Marion leaves to check on Colby. The sisters are alone and Mia tells her that she knows how Adam’s cufflink landed in her bed. Mia tries to explain things to Liza and makes her realize again that Adam loves her and dotes on her. Liza is sorry and she leaves the room. Mia looks at the picture of Adam and Liza and thinks to herself.

Stuart finds his brother in his room sitting on the bed. He has been planning on having Lorenzo work with him in his business. Hayley would hate that but Stuart thinks that she would like that very much. Adam is feeling guilty again. Stuart tells him that Hayley is happy now. Adam vows to give Colby the best life that any father could. Even if Liza leaves him, Colby will be staying. Stuart wonders what brought up this thought. Is Liza leaving to go somewhere? Stuart reminds him that Liza has been spared and so has Enzo. Adam wishes that he could see life through his brother’s eyes. Stuart tells him to relax now. Adam can’t relax now. Stuart thinks that it is time for things to get better around the house. Everyone is going to be fine. Stuart tells him that Liza is not going to leave him. Liza hears them talking and confirms that she isn’t going anywhere. Stuart leaves and she asks Adam to forgive her for everything that she has done.

JR meets up with Maggie at the park. He doesn’t look so good and she can see that. He has been drinking and he freaks out when he sees her because he used to know Frankie, but only briefly. They look exactly alike and that throws him off for a moment when he sees her. He explains that he didn’t know Frankie very well. At the time he was messed up when he met her. She figures that he was the guy that she was with the night that she died. Maggie asks about the night that he slept with Frankie cause that would mean a lot to her. He tells her that Frankie was real. She was generous but she was really messed up. He tells her that she should just forget all of this and get on with her life. A guy comes over to comment on JR being drunk. The guy is obviously the person to see if you want a drink or anything else.

Ryan shows up and give JR a pep talk. He tells JR that he was given a second chance and he is not going to screw that up.

Stuart talks to Mia telling her that Adam would be lost without Liza. He asks if she has someone special. She tells him that she doesn’t. Jake and Mia are not on good terms anymore. Stuart is sure that she will be working things out with him. She tells him that she will not be seeing Jake at the hospital anymore because Adam asked her to quit her job to be home for Liza. Stuart tells her that she shouldn’t do everything that Adam asks her to do. Mia feels that she owes them. She has to be careful that she doesn’t end up giving him more than she means to.


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